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Becoming the basis of evening dresses, laces occupy a leading place in the list of fashion trends. Blouses from a lacy fabric harmoniously combined with grid fabrics, or translucent models were hotly received by fans of seductive and sensual outfits.

Fashion Squeak

Laces not only broke into the fashion world and became the main mast-hev for any girl's wardrobe, but also pleasing their variety of models and styles. Today fashion designers decorate lace with classic and rebel pants, smart blouses, dresses, sarafans, business suits. Such a variety is pleasantly pleased by the fact that, in a wide range, everyone will be able to find a good option for themselves.

If previously patterned mesh fabric was associated with feminine and romantic evening dresses, today fashion has long extended these standard frames. Now from this material are created and everyday things, such as shorts, pants, skirts or blouses.

For example, a lace blouse as a good complement to the business image, and perfectly in harmony with comfortable things for everyday wear. You can choose a model, either completely created from a patterned fabric in the form of a grid, or with inserts.

Casual and business

A strict office dress code dictates us to wear boring things, which in the end create a faded and uninteresting image. The necessary femininity, appropriate for business style, will be able to provide a lace blouse. But attention should be paid to models made in neutral colors of patterned mesh fabric, while complementing them with a pencil skirt or classic-cut pants. To finish this business, but elegant image you will be helped by shoes-boats and a small amount of ornaments.

Versatility is the main advantage that a lace blouse possesses. Every day it can be complemented by leggings with ballet shoes, shorts, a playful skirt-sun with high-heeled shoes. This case does not put any restrictions: models can play with contrasts or, conversely, harmonize.

Evening image

Smart blouses from this lace fabric can be an excellent choice for those who are going on a date. Just choose a pastel color scheme, it will add romanticism to the image.

For a friendly gathering or visiting a club party, you can make more bold combinations. For example, for a spectacular image you can wear a slightly translucent top, seductive leggings and classic shoes-boats. For the summer season, the perfect solution will be a total bow, where the shoes and blouse must be of a similar color scheme.

The onset of cold weather is not an excuse to give up parties and patterned mesh fabric. If you will have a leather blouse with lace sleeves, then this image will definitely not go unnoticed by the party-goers.

Fashion on openwork fabrics

Skirts and dresses from this fabric are no longer surprising, but pants make you think, and many of them look not only smartly, but elegantly. Dark shades of trousers are more suitable for evening outings, and light - for everyday wear.

2 years ago, the new season became trench coats. Many experts in fashion will say that designers have long been creating outerwear from patterned fabrics, and this can not be disagreed. But it was only just coats or raincoats. In 2013, the brand Burberry surprised the fashion world, sewing and presenting on the podium lace trench.

Evening openwork dresses are an established trend for Hollywood beauties. In recent years, they have given preference to more intense shades, but a black dress trimmed with a patterned net fabric will never go out of fashion. It's a classic!

Bags, clutches, scarves, collars, bandages and hair bands - and this is not the whole "lacy" list. But most of all hit the sunglasses, trimmed with this patterned fabric. It looks unusual and vintage.

Romantic style

Delicate azhur - that's what emphasizes the girl's simplicity, femininity, sexuality and innocence. The traditional sphere of patterned fabric use is evening and cocktail dresses. Lace helps the image to find more feminine and romantic notes. But designers suggest moving it into everyday life. A dense lace blouse in combination with lace skirts (no matter how long, only the lining should be opaque) - this version of the image will set the romance not only for you, but also for those around you. And if you can complement the outfit with the correct decorations and accessories, then be sure that you will receive compliments and admiring looks.

You can also experiment with lace collars, which are perfectly combined with silk or satin, and sometimes with a woolen cloth. But remember that when creating any image, you should feel a measure of the patterned fabric. Otherwise, instead of a romantic and elegant image that is driving the crazy male part of the population, you will turn into an uninteresting barbie.

Modest outfit turns into white lace blouses

Every girl at least once, but dreamed of becoming a Cinderella with a prince on horseback and a beautiful ball gown. Many remember that this outfit is the result of a successful transformation of her old robe and apron. Soon the New Year, and this is an excellent occasion to update the wardrobe, but what to do to those who do not have enough money for shopping?

Each girl or woman somewhere in the bowels of the cabinet was covered with a white blouse. So this modest element in clothes can become an excellent field for experiments. If this is a lace blouse, then add it with vintage accessories and ornaments. For example, rhinestones, brooch, clutch. As for the bottom, then create an evening image will help skirt-maxi, and absolutely any color. Evening dress is ready!

If the blouse is not lacy, do not be sad. Find the nearest store of goods for cutting and sewing and get the openwork fabric. When you come home, just decorate the cuffs, collar or completely the sleeves, and then follow the above scheme to create an image. Lovers of bright colors can add to the image of a clutch, belt or shoes saturated shades.

The patterned mesh fabric is more than 200 years old, and it has long been of value for creating fashionable images and collections, so a lace blouse will always find a place in the women's wardrobe.

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