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Svetlana Kopylova: biography, personal life, creativity

Svetlana Kopylova is a unique woman. She is the author and performer of songs of her own composition, she created a new musical direction of the song, - parables. For her work the singer was awarded the title of laureate of international and Russian artists' competitions. Known not only in musical circles, but also as a talented actress Svetlana Kopylova.

Biography of the future celebrity

She was the creator of a new musical genre in the harsh city of Irkutsk on the night of February 22, 1964. The girl's family was very simple. Her mother, Alya, worked as a draftsman, and she did not know her own father. When the baby is 5 years old, a man appeared in the life of her mother, and the girl has a real father. Although Pope Sergei was not his own, he loved her very much. My father was also a simple worker. All his life he worked as a turner. Up to five years Sveta lived with her grandmother Valya, great-grandmother of Manya and Aunt Luce. The people simply did not like the soul in the girl. Grandmother liked to pamper her granddaughter. She worked at a seismic station and often brought home white and black balloons that could be inflated the size of a room.

Since childhood, she began to show musical and artistic talents. Already in two years she performed the song "If a friend was suddenly" by Vladimir Vysotsky by heart, demonstrating an excellent ear. Little Sveta liked to perform before the guests, standing on a stool, like a small stage. Very early Sveta began to compose small rhymes, and after growing up a little, she wrote a great poem about her childhood. When the girl was five years old, she was taken to her mother. Now they lived a full-fledged family. Soon she had a brother, Sergei. And they went to live in Ust-Ilimsk. After staying there for three years, the family decides to return home.

After the eighth grade Sveta comes on the advice of aunt to the aviation technical school. But this specialty will not become for her the main thing. Studying in the third year, she accidentally gets to the play of the Theater for Young Spectators and is fond of theater, as well as a young leading actor. The theater was then run by Vyacheslav Kokorin.

New hobby

Everything that was connected with the theater and this young actor, completely absorbed Svetlana. She dreamed of playing on the same stage with her lover and did everything for it. Attempts to enter the theater school in Irkutsk were unsuccessful. Inspired by the desire to prove to her beloved that she is worthy of it, the girl goes to Moscow. This time luck is smiling Svetlana. She enters the theatrical school. BV Shchukin.

Debut in the cinema

Almost immediately, they notice her and start inviting to act in films. A new actress is born in Soviet cinema - Svetlana Kopylova. The films, in which she first appeared, was released on the big screen by the famous director Valery Rybarev. She made her debut in the film "Witness". However, her film "My name is Harlequin" brought her fame.

As a star of Soviet cinema, she traveled not only throughout the country, but also visited New Zealand and Australia. The whole world has learned who Svetlana Kopylova is. Her biography during this period of time is filled with new events and a lot of impressions from the trips, which is reflected in her songs and poems. By the way, the graduation performance for the girl was staged by Vladimir Etush under the guidance of Yevgeny Rubenovich Simonov. Svetlana Vadimovna Kopylova played in the play "Love" Sveta. And with a hard five graduating from the theater school, she throws the career of an actress. It was a time when, together with perestroika, the cinema disappeared.

During trips around the country the audience began to learn that the girl is not only playing in films. Very beautifully performed various musical ballads Svetlana Kopylova. The songs of her own composition, with which she performed on trips, became her calling card. After all, in one trip she did not part with her best friend - a guitar.

Return to the cinema

In 1991 Svetlana marries Yuri. A year later, their son Dmitri is born. When the boy is a little older, she decides to go back to school. A woman goes to the two-year courses of the Moscow Linguistic University. A year later she was invited to screen test for Vadim Abdrashitov at Mosfilm. Successfully passing the selection, she gets a role in the film "The Time of the Dancer." By the way, in the same film debuted the son of Svetlana, who played her child and in the cinema. Returning to the big screens inspired Svetlana to take up the pen again. She writes songs, but so far only for herself.

A helpful introduction

At the same time, quite by accident, her husband gets acquainted with the famous poet and composer Valery Zuykov. н был в восторге, п ро читав стихотворения и прослушав композиции , которые создавала Светлана Копылова. He was delighted to read poems and listen to the compositions created by Svetlana Kopylova. ему понравились больше всего. He liked the songs the most. However, while they were only suitable for playing with a guitar by the fire, and not on stage. He explained to the girl the difference between bardic compositions and variety. And Svetlana began writing for the big stage.

The first singer, who sang Svetlana's song, was Kristina Orbakaite. Further, she actively collaborates with well-known composers: Sarukhanov, Ukupnik, Malezhik, Zuykov. She wrote many songs for youth groups called "Reflex", "Arrows-International" and many others. Her poems, put on the music of famous composers, are performed to this day. However this life span of Svetlana is far in the past.

A new period of life

Now this is a completely different, sincerely believing person. Svetlana Kopylova became an Orthodox Christian. Her life's biography has taken on a new turn. It happened just recently, after meeting with his spiritual mentor Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov. Fateful meeting significantly affected the work of the poetess. She completely left the stage. Now in her repertoire are serious, life-meaning songs, revealing the different qualities of the human soul. Most often you can hear ballads and parables of Svetlana. Kopylovs - the family is quite simple. And a woman, tired of show business, again glad to return to her quiet nest, to the old way of life. Everything that interested her before became alien.

The changed repertoire required new performers. But it was not so easy to find them. And realizing that no one can sing her songs better than herself, Svetlana decides to perform them. To date, four solo albums have already been released. The most significant was the first disc called "Gift to God. Songs-parables »Svetlana. Kopylovs all rejoiced at the success of their beloved relative. Later the continuation of this album came out: "A brush in God's hands. Songs-parable 2 ". The albums "God-bearing Russia. Songs-ballads "and" Incense of Somalia. " Just songs. "

Svetlana Kopylova, whose biography was described in the article, is a very striking woman. She, by her example, teaches us to change and understand that we can not stay in one place. It is necessary to constantly improve.

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