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Analog to Baby Bona. Advantages of your favorite toys

Baby Borns Pups - one of the most popular and sold toys all over the world.

Since 1997, she has received many distinctions and titles at international competitions. It is by right considered the most successful toy for girls and the most functional doll.

Its main advantages are high quality of used materials, simplicity in handling, functionality and extraordinary realism. The only disadvantage of these cute dolls is the high cost. The price increases in direct proportion to the baby's needs: he needs food, fresh diapers, new clothes depending on the season, additional accessories. Some models can be bathed in water, and for this you need to buy a bath. Well, there are a lot of things for comfort and proper care for the baby: a crib, a stroller, furniture, a pot and even a little book.

Good buy, but for less money

Modern manufacturers learn to love and respect the interests of their consumers. Today the market presents a huge number of dolls for every taste and purse. An analogue of Baby Bona - Baby Dol was also invented. Judging by the reviews, he looks like a real babe. This kid drinks milk from a bottle, eats porridge, "walks" on a pot, he is bathed, swaddled, diapers are changed, his eyes are closed and his eyes open, he can cry and calm down if given a pacifier.

You can feed the doll

When buying a doll you get a package with a mush. In the composition of ordinary flour and starch, which are absolutely safe for the child's body with accidental ingestion. To cook a porridge, you need to pour cold water into the bowl to a special mark, add a dry mixture of porridge and mix thoroughly. Feed the baby with a spoon and only in a lying position.

An analogue of Baby Bona likes to swim

Many models function without batteries and they can be safely bathed in a bath. Little "mummies" adore this ritual - the baby splashes in the water, then it is swaddled and laid to sleep. Everything is like in real life.

Pups can be watered with water

Surprisingly, this is not the end of miracles. Such an analog of the Baby Bean doll, it turns out, is drinking water on its own. To do this, a special valve is used to drink in the mouth of the doll. To make it work, you need to insert a drinking valve into your mouth, squeeze the bottle slightly, and the "baby" will start to drink. Do not use other drinks, just water. You should drink such a baby in an upright position or sitting, otherwise the water will immediately fall into the diaper.

Proper care is mandatory

Pupa can "walk" on the pot. Daily navel requires maintenance. All the porridge eaten for the day must go outside. To do this, use a soap solution. It is enough just to feed the "child" several times from the bottle and sit on the pot. It is desirable to conduct such procedures daily, otherwise the analogue of Baby Bona will fail.

And laughter and tears

This adorable kid knows how to laugh and cry real tears. Of course, if before that it is as it should be watered with water. Special sensors are built inside the doll. When you touch the left hand, tears flow, on the right - she laughs. Handles and legs of the doll are movable, it can easily be seated at a table or in a stroller. And if you want to sleep, you need to put it in a crib, and he will close his eyes.

Many parents praise Bebi Bean's analogues. Reviews once again prove the popularity of this toy. Girls are delighted, because this is the best gift and the most favorite toy. The quality of the doll does not cause complaints. No foreign odors, the material is pleasant to the touch, smooth and quite elastic. In addition, you can play with him, as with a real baby.

One hundred clothes

One of the advantages of the original pups is the presence of several sets of clothes that can be changed depending on the season and mood. In addition, you can buy new outfits for the baby. But they are expensive. If you choose the equivalent of Baby Bona, which is much cheaper and no less loved by its owners, then why not buy things at a more pleasant price. Since the pups are divided into boys and girls, it is necessary to select the appropriate clothes. There are many options. Analogues of Baby Baby's clothes can be easily found on the Internet. There are many ads about the sale of finished products with photos. Also there is an opportunity to order the sewing or delivery of shoes and hats.

In a nutshell, Baby's Bean Bean and their counterparts are the most successful invention in the world. Doubt? Ask your child.

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