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Vadim Abdrashitov: Filmography, biography, photo

Vadim Abdrashitov is a Russian film director, whose films pierce and brightly tell about people, their fates, fantastically built up by Time and himself broken. In the talented works of Abdrashitov, the viewer recognizes himself, his life and acquaintances, with his moral, serious problems, taking place against the backdrop of complex dramatic processes in the country where a person becomes a grain of sand in a whirlwind cycle that sweeps everything in its path. Vadim Abdrashitov, whose films are laureates of numerous film festivals and were awarded with various prizes, is constantly looking for himself. Tearing in these searches, the author difficultly and boldly talks about the surrounding modernity, doing it creatively and innovatively.

Vadim Abdrashitov: Biography

Abdrashitov Vadim Yusupovich was born in Kharkov on January 19, 1945 in the family of a serviceman Yusup Shakirovich, who fought in the Great Patriotic War on the Belorussian Front and took part in the restoration of the destroyed economy of Western Ukraine. Mama Galina worked as a chemical engineer.

The son of an officer, Vadim along with his parents roamed the whole country: Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Vladivostok, Leningrad, Barabinsk (where Yusup Shakirovich was appointed military commandant of the railway junction). Staying exactly in Barabinsk had a negative impact on Vadim's health: the boy was seriously ill, and doctors strongly recommended a change of climate. From despair, his father decided to write a letter to the Minister of Defense Malinovsky R. Ya. Describing the difficult family situation and requesting a transfer to the south. The request to everyone's surprise was satisfied that the Abdrashitov family was perceived as a huge miracle. In 1956 Yusup Shakirovich was transferred to Alma-Ata.

In Search of Your Way

In the Alma-Ata school, the boy was given an easy study. In the seventh grade he was very interested in chemistry. Vadim studied the entire school course for this year. The young man read a lot and was fond of practically everything in a row: from physical and mathematical circles to theatrical studios. It is with these directions at a certain time stage that Vadim will bind his life.

1961 year. Physics and space, the impetus for the study of which will be the flight of Yuri Gagarin into the open space, which turned the minds of many Soviet citizens, including Vadim Abdrashitov. The young man passed the external examinations for secondary school and moved to the capital, to look for himself in a direction that was closely interested in him. Becoming a student of the famous Fiztekh in Dolgoprudny, Vadim was fortunate to learn from such great scientists as NN Semenov, LB Kudryavtsev, IE Tamm. Younger brother Igor also followed in the footsteps of Vadim and devoted his short life to nuclear physics; At the age of 34 he died of radiation.

The world through the lens glass

The time spent in Fiztekh coincided with the years of "thaw": Vadim and his friends sang a lot, read. The period of Vysotsky's voice, the songs of Okudzhava and Vizbor, the poems of Voznesensky and Yevtushenko, the birth of KVN demanded the search for his "I" and maximum self-realization. Television - something unknown and alluring, in which Abdrashitov dreamed to show himself, as if life itself directed to the world of the film industry. Gifted in childhood cousin, the camera "Komsomolets" carried the boy into the world of photography, persons, acquaintance with the outside world through the lens. In his early years, while still very young, Vadim, along with Igor, his younger brother, sawed out pieces of fairy-tale characters with jigsaws, built sets, removed filmstrips and showed them in the evenings at an entrance, an improvised cinema where children from all over the yard ran. Then there was a theater studio at the Alma-Ata Youth Theater, which the future director had been visiting for several years. It was here that Vladimir Tolokonnikov, who played the role of Sharikov in the movie "The Heart of a Dog," and the People's Artist Alexander Filippenko, started in a big movie.

What forced professional and successful physics to devote his life to cinema? To this frequently asked question Vadim Yusupovich always says that he always knew about the future of the film director. After all, everything led to this: a test of the pen, viewing of numerous movies, hobby for photography, work in the institute's multiparty. Acquaintance with Rozovsky Mark G., meetings with Gerasimov S. A., Khachaturyan A. I., Romm M. MI - it seemed that life itself directed Vadim to the world of the film industry. The young man began to work hard to get into the VGIK.

After the termination of Fiztekh Vadim Abdrashitov (photo of the Soviet period) was transferred to MHTI, graduated in 1967 and, as a graduate of this institution, worked out his education at the plant for the production of color picture tubes. Abdrashitov ended his career at the enterprise with the shop manager.

Study at VGIK

In 1970, Vadim finally entered the VGIK, the workshop of MI Romm - a major artist, a great director, a man who had a huge baggage of encyclopaedic knowledge. Romm Mikhail Ilyich was no more when Abdrashitov was in his second year; To the diploma students led LA Kulidzhanov.

The first film, highly appreciated by M.Romm, is "Reporting from Asphalt" - a six-minute mute documentary sketch, filmed during his first year of studies, capturing the whole world with his model of life and system, and awarded with many awards of student film festivals.

In the third year, Vadim Abdrashitov, whose filmography numbers more than one dozen successful films, made a course work on G. Gorin's work "Stop Potapov!", Which became a sensation for VGIK, the diploma work of a talented student and a trip to the world of television, namely, "Mosfilm" , In the studio under the guidance of the coryphaeus of the national cinema Y.Ya. Raizman. Next to him Abdrashitov happened to work for about two decades. And over these years Vadim Yusupovich managed to absorb all the best that was in the creativity of the teachers with whom he was brought to life, and also develop his own principles of vision of art and realization in it. After the death of Yu. A. Rayzman, Vadim Abdrashitov became artistic director of the ARK-Film studio of the Mosfilm Concern.

Creative union with Alexander Mindadze

In 1975, while in search of a suitable script for his film, Vadim Abdrashitov met a young and at that time still unknown playwright Alexander Mindadze. This acquaintance has developed into a full understanding and interaction of a long creative union of two people close to the worldview and soul. For 11 years, 11 films were shot with Alexander Mindadze, among them "Plumbum, or Dangerous Game", "Magnetic Storms", "Servant", "Armavir", "The Word for Defense" - the first film work, judicial drama, immediately appeared Under the close attention of critics and spectators. A piercing story of two women's destinies, recognized in the realities of the time, was viewed by 35 million people, and none of them left indifferent. In the film, the creators of which were awarded the Lenin Komsomol prize, the young at that time were shining O. Yankovsky, M. Neelova, S. Lyubshin.

Film work of Abdrashitov

The heroes of Abdrashitov's films are ordinary people living in small provincial towns, working in mines, railroad depots, factories and factories. All of them subtly feel the rapid flow of time, involving them in their unthinkable, often unpredictable cycle, and the director tells about the very difficult life of these ordinary people.

In 1980, the screen came out with the picture "Hunting for the fox", expressing complete distrust of the prevailing ideology and full confidence of the present reality. The film became an event in the domestic cinema: no one has ever told such a truthful-painful man about the worker like Vadim Abdrashitov.

In Abdrashitov's paintings, the deep-seated problems of citizens' lives are raised to the surface, boldly posed questions that concern every person, but often hidden deep inside. In the film "The Train Stopped" the catastrophe was honestly and sullenly predicted: the train stopped not only. It shows all the depreciation of the infrastructure of the Soviet system and all its components.

High points of observation of people in the frame and what is happening as a whole are shown in the "Parade of the Planets" and "Servant", where the social turns into an infernal, which is a sign of decay and an end. "Servant" is a picture telling about slavery: spiritual and internal, and the power creating this slavery. Party boss and his personal chauffeur, suddenly turned into a conductor of a large choir. The material for the film was not an abstract material, but extremely recognizable realities. The duo of the Servant and the Boss under the direction of the director became canonical. Actors Yu. Belyaev and O. Borisov managed to expressly demonstrate the ambiguous, complex dependence of deep categories of human existence - slavery and freedom. Vadim Abdrashitov is a filmmaker who created a creative and civilly courageous film, which was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

In the film "Plumbum, or Dangerous Game", it is told about the problem of power that has got to a person who is not ready for it either spiritually or spiritually. The story of a boy with a strange nickname Plumbum, which does not feel pain, who at the same time is 15 and 40 years old, has become a parable that has become known far beyond the borders of the USSR.

Vadim Abdrashitov: family

In the family life, the director also took place. A wonderful husband and a caring father is Vadim Abdrashitov. Wife - artist Natella Toidze - a representative of the famous creative dynasty, awarded the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. Grandpa Natella was a disciple of Repin himself. Son of Vadim Yusupovich - Oleg has proved himself to be a professional in information technology and working in America. Daughter Nina followed in the footsteps of her mother and works as a theater artist.

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