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The film about the vicissitudes of love "Painted veil"

The film "The Painted Veil" was shot by director John Kerran on the classic work of the famous English writer Somerset Maugham "Pattern Cover" (1925), which was later reprinted in Russia under the same title as the film released in 2006. The main roles in the film were performed by Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. For the first time the film "The Painted Veil" was shot in 1934. In this adaptation of the novel, the role of the main character Kitty Fein was performed by the magnificent Greta Garbo.

The plot of the painting "The Painted Veil" unfolds in the 20s of the 20th century. Young spoiled aristocrat Kitty, who dreams of quickly getting rid of her mother's excessive care, at one of the evenings organized by her father, a well-known lawyer, gets to know the young scientist Walter Fein. A doctor who fell in love with a girl at first sight and who has received consent for marriage takes her husband to Shanghai, where he plunges headlong into work. Kitty, who had never felt tender feelings for her husband, had an affair with Charlie Townsend. However, the fact of betrayal is soon revealed. Disappointed in the marriage, Walter decides to go into the depths of China, in a small village, where cholera rages. Kitty, who expects her lover to divorce for the sake of their love with her husband, receives a refusal and is forced to go with her husband.

Arriving in a practically abandoned settlement, whose inhabitants die after a terrible illness one by one, the doctor devotes all his time to fighting the disease, while his wife, abandoned by her beloved and disappointed in life, misses four walls. However, gradually patterned cover, painted veil of dreams flies from Kitty's eyes, love adventures and frustrations go to the background when she sees with what devotion to her cause her husband helps sick people. Unexpectedly for herself she opens it completely from an unfamiliar side. This is not the bore who gives himself entirely to the laboratory, to experiments and treatment, it is a man respected by the broadest soul, risking his life for the sake of saving others. One day, after going out for a walk, Kitty discovers an orphanage in which nuns work and in which children are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her husband, able to kindly and kindly support everyone, surrounding them with warmth and care. Between the spouses once again inflamed feeling, full of mutual respect and love. At the end of the film, "Painted Veil", an adult Kitty, who became a widow after the death of her husband's cholera, meets Charlie on the street. On the question of his son, the exact biological fatherhood of which is still unknown: "Who is this?" Answers: "Nobody".

In the film, A. Despoy's wonderful music sounds, emphasizing the whole course of events. "Painted veil", the trailer of which includes the most vivid fragments, unfolding against the background of a magnificent melody, sets the audience to a certain harmony, the slow course of the narrative, which is by no means boring. After watching it you will certainly have a desire to see the whole movie.

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