Dentokind dissolution tablets: instructions for use

The "Dentokind" agent describes the instructions for use as a homeopathic preparation, which includes special diluted homeopathic components that can effectively eliminate pain syndrome. This medicine was developed specifically for prescribing to young children, and therefore is completely safe for this category of patients. The active substances that are present in the homeopathic preparation "Dentokind" (the instruction confirms this), can reduce the severity of the pain syndrome in a relatively short time, eliminate the edema and flushing of the gums. In addition, conducted medical studies prove that this analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug effectively prevents stool and fever, which often occurs in babies against the background of teething.

Features of the formulation

The homeopathic medicine "Dentokind" (the instruction to it necessarily is in each packing) is issued in the form of flat-cylindrical white dragees, intended for resorption. In the tablet as the main ingredients include belladonna, chamomile, iron phosphate, prandentis pulsatilla and sulphuris hepar. All these substances are contained in a pellet in the amount of fifteen milligrams. In the role of additional elements are lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, talc and magnesium stearate.

Scope of the tool

To apply anti-inflammatory tablets "Dentokind" the instruction basically recommends with the purpose of elimination of the painful phenomena accompanying the period of teething in infants and children of younger age. For example, these homoeopathic dragees very well help with fever, hyperemia and edema of the gums. In addition, they are shown to be used to relieve pain in the ears and tenderness in the oral cavity. Diarrhea, irritability and anxiety caused by dentition should also be treated with Dentokind (tablets). The price of this homeopathic medicine is about three hundred rubles, and you can buy it today at almost any pharmacy.

List of main contraindications

Doctors-pediatricians categorically do not recommend using this analgesic for young patients suffering from intolerance to galactose or the so-called "malabsorption" of glucose-galactose. This is primarily due to the fact that the drug includes lactose. In addition, do not prescribe this homeopathic remedy to children with individual sensitivity to any of the auxiliary or active substances that are present in the composition. Young patients with a deficiency of lapp-lactase should also not be given a remedy called Dentokind. Tablets instruction does not recommend appointing and children with severe allergic reaction.

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