Complete transformer substation KTP: production, installation

Complete transformer substations are used both in industrial enterprises and in municipal networks of settlements. Their main advantage is reliability in work and relative cheapness. Stand KTP in two, and sometimes three times cheaper than conventional transformer stations. This electrical equipment is manufactured using a special technology with exact observance of the standards stipulated in GOSTs. Therefore, if necessary, a substation can be selected absolutely for any line.

Types of package transformer substations

In the place of installation, the complete transformer substations are classified by the KTP and KTPN itself. Blocks of the first variety are installed indoors. Such substations are usually used in production. KTPN are more often used in utility networks. Dimensions of the substation of both types can have different. Under the big installations the foundation is arranged.

The substation KTP can have different power and purpose. On this basis, such equipment is divided into the following categories:

  1. KTP with transformers with power from 25 to 400 kW. Such stations are installed from the outside.

  2. KTP for industrial enterprises. This option is completed with transformers having power from 160 to 250 kW.

  3. Combined KTP.

  4. КТП of special purpose. Such designs can be used in mines, on construction sites, in quarries, etc. Their design includes such an element as a slide for movement.

According to the method of assembly, stations of this type are divided into mast, ground and built-in ones. The first variety is installed on vertical supports. Ground stations can be assembled in metal, concrete or sandwich bodies.

Plants for the production of package transformer substations

Manufacture of substations KTP is made at the enterprises in which structure enter:

  1. Metalworking shop.

  2. Assembly shop.

  3. Low and medium voltage shop. There is a site for tire processing, electrical installation, commissioning and testing.

Basic elements of the design of the KTP

The KTP substation is assembled in production using the following basic elements:

  • High-voltage input devices;

  • Oil or dry power transformer ;

  • Distribution cabinet for the removal of voltage.

The substation's housing, depending on the purpose and performance group, can be made of metal, concrete or sandwich blocks.

Modern transformer substations KTP: production

The manufacture of this type of equipment includes several basic steps. The assembly of the most popular KTP in a steel casing begins in the metalworking shop. The highest quality material is used for their production. The body parts are usually made on special machines by the method of bending and stamping. The blanks obtained in this way are first treated with special anticorrosive compounds. Then they are stained. Powder means are usually used. Such dyes are the most resistant to negative environmental factors.

The production of KTP substations continues in the assembly shop. Here, by riveting, all blanks are connected to a finished case. Finally, all the elements of the latter are mounted in the workshop of medium and low voltage. Here, elements of the bus system are manufactured in the area of the tire machining using a special technology. Further all necessary communication equipment is installed in the case. This operation is performed on the wiring site. Then, all automation and relay protection are assembled.

At the final stage, a ready-made station arrives at the commissioning site. Here it is checked for efficiency and compliance with GOST standards.

Production of stations in a concrete shell

Complete transformer substations of KTP of this type are manufactured using a different technology. In this case, the first stage uses special molding plants. They are necessary for pouring the concrete shell of the substation. In the manufacture of the latter, wireframe of the appropriate construction is used. The solidified concrete block with technological holes is treated with special means that increase its resistance to unfavorable environmental factors. The cable floor of the resulting housing is waterproofed.

Electrical equipment inside the unit is installed in the same workshop. It comes from a low and medium voltage section. After its installation, as in the first case, tests and adjustment of equipment are made.

Installation of package transformer substations

Installation of stations of this type is usually performed by specialists of the same enterprise on which they were manufactured. The area before the installation is carefully prepared. Further, the marking under the base of the station - the foundation or supporting channels is made. A small substation KTP can be delivered to the installation site already assembled. Large equipment of this type is transported in parts - blocks. They are already assembled on site.

After the construction of the base, they start the installation of the station. Cabinets are raised using a truck crane. In the absence of such a technique, special rollers made of thick steel pipes are used. To raise the switchgears use inverter slings, fixed at the ends of the support channels.

After the KTP substation has been installed on the base, electrical equipment is connected. This stage consists of such operations as the connection of the transformer terminals to the switchgear, the assembly of air and cable lines, and so on.

After the completion of these works, the reliability of all bolted connections, the integrity of mechanical interlocks, apparatus and instruments are checked without fail. Insulation is also carefully inspected to identify possible damage.

Installation of complete transformer substations of KTP from several units

In this case, the installation is done approximately the same way. However, when building the KTP, consisting of several basic parts, among other things, you should follow the order of assembly of the blocks. First set the last one. Next, the blocks are mounted alternately. Before lifting from each of them, remove the plugs covering the outgoing ends of the tires. After installation of the bus blocks, the grounding systems are welded to the support channels.

Network connection features

The supply circuit of the substation KTP may be radial or main. In the first case, when connecting by the principle of the block-line-transformer, it is allowed to apply a blind connection with the TM. If the power scheme at the station is a backbone, the UVN cabinet is pre-installed. When the power of transformers is 1000-1200 kW, 2-3 QPSs are usually connected to one main line. If this indicator is less, 3-4 stations are used.

Rules to be observed

The installation of the substation KTP must be carried out with the obligatory observance of the following standards:

  • The station can be installed at a height of no more than 1000 m above sea level.

  • The ambient air temperature must comply with the regulations for this particular model. This parameter is specified in the instruction (usually from -40 to +40 degrees).

  • In the immediate vicinity of the station there should be no explosive or chemically active substances.

  • The installed equipment must not be subjected to shaking, shock or vibration.

Features of operation

The main equipment that requires periodic maintenance in the substation is the equipment of switchboards and the actual power transformer itself. When operating the KTP, it is necessary to comply with such standards:

  • The load current must not exceed the values specified in the instruction. In a station with two transformers, for example, it should not be above 80% of the nominal.

  • It is necessary to periodically check the normal circulation of oil through the filter. The check is carried out by the degree of heating of the upper part of the casing.

  • Oxide film and sludge from the contact system should be removed at least once a year.

If in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of the substation to comply with all technical conditions, it will continue to work smoothly and for a long time in the future. Otherwise, the management company or the production enterprise will necessarily have different kinds of problems. Therefore, to choose the manufacturer of KTP should be carefully, focusing primarily on the reputation of companies offering such services.

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