Confessions of love to the beloved guy or how to express feelings with words

The question of original and unusual confessions of love is interesting to many, especially ardent and romantic people. Indeed, it is hardly possible to imagine at least one loving heart that does not want to express its emotions in the form of unique confessions, etc. Confessions of love to the beloved guy - that's what excites many girls with the onset of spring ...

Love is the most sincere feeling. It is incomparable to nothing, only love can be given without asking in return, to give, without expecting a gift from another person, to breathe, only to see and feel. The modern world is so cruel that there is almost no place for love in it. How often is the confession of love to the beloved guy not sincere and directed only to gain. The same is true of girls: men are no longer ready to commit acts, throw all the flowers of the world at their feet, devote their lives to a single one. Recognition of the guy in the feelings has become a rarity, than particular. Perhaps the only day left in the year, when people remember about love - Valentine's Day. On this holiday everyone wants to come up with the most original declaration of love.

Every girl should understand that a beloved man, despite all his apparent masculinity and inaccessibility, needs tender words. It can be a husband or just a guy, most importantly - beloved and expensive. A strong half appreciates the words of love, but simply does not admit it because of the fear of being caught in infantilism. Confessions of love to the beloved guy will make your relationship even stronger, gentle and sincere. They will remind your man that you are his favorite woman, there will immediately appear long-forgotten flowers, sweets, rendezvous and courtship.

Confessions of love to a beloved guy should not be voiced only on public holidays. Remember them in the morning, then the whole day will go well, or at night, to fall asleep, your man thought that he was not mistaken and you are the best woman on earth.

In the confession of love, there is no place for restraint. Say what you have on your mind, do not be afraid to seem stupid or naive. Remember that men are even stronger than women love and need compliments. In society, focus on his intelligence and ingenuity, alone - on his beauty, masculinity and even sexuality, you will see, the result will be pleasant.

Many women do not want to tell their men about love, fearing that they will spoil and disband it. It is a myth. Analyze your life together or relationships. How often we women are unfair to loved ones, we are frustrated. A man will appreciate the originality of your confessions, do not be trivial. Think of unusual affectionate nicknames and comparisons, funny confessions, bizarre phrases - men like it, the more there will be an extra reason to smile.

Romance is the key to the success of relationships. Prepare a favorite dish of your boyfriend or husband, light candles, buy wine - an excellent occasion to confess your beloved in your feelings. You can do it in another way: invite a loved one to a date, for example, walk in the park. Walk around, holding hands, hug, it is very useful for reinforcing feelings. At any time, when you want to confess your love, stop and do it. Unexpected recognition will smash your man on the spot, and he will remember this day for a long time.

Here are a few phrases that will help you:

Ü My dear, I love you!

Ü You are the best man in the world!

Ü You are the man of my life!

Ü If I had not met you, my life would have been a gift!

I do not need anyone but you!

Ü I am the happiest woman, because you are my husband!

Ü I dream that our son has your wisdom and strength

Ü My dear, my affectionate, my beloved, my best and many others

Tell your man the words of love in your ear, or with aspiration. Let only he hear it, and only you will need it.

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