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Tips and Tricks, How Much Cooking Eggs in a Rush

Many housewives do not even think about how long it takes to cook these or other products. In particular, even the notorious eggs. After boiled eggs - this is one of the favorite and simple in the preparation of light breakfasts. Indeed, what can be even easier than cooking a few eggs? But many do not know how much to cook eggs in a mess or in a bag, or hard-boiled.

For a long time this product was considered harmful to human health, because they were recommended to use less. But new research of scientists allowed not only to disprove the myth about unheard-of egg damage, but, on the contrary, proved that their consumption contributes to the normalization of optimal blood pressure, and also reduces the risks of occurrence of hypertension.

It is difficult to find a more primitive meal, but simplicity in the morning is especially important, because the body has not yet departed from sleep, and, as usual, there is not enough time to build up, we must hurry to do business or go to work. But is it so easy to cook eggs?

Yes, at first glance, this primitive business - threw in the water and wait, pulled and eat. But there are a lot of tricks that allow achieving the expected results. Lovers of simple breakfasts are described below tips and tricks on the topic "How and how much, boil eggs in the mess".

One of the most common mistakes made during the usual cooking of eggs is their initial laying in the water, which has not yet begun to boil. It is necessary to put them only in boiling water. With the fulfillment of this simple condition, another frequently encountered problem is associated - the shell bursts, because of this a significant part of the proteins flows out of the eggs into the water.

Therefore, in order to avoid undesirable cracking of the shell, in no case can you put eggs in boiling water that you just got from the refrigerator, because the main reason why the shell comes to such a waste is a sudden temperature drop. Therefore, before you drop eggs into boiling water, you need to slightly warm them up, by washing them under a stream of tepid water, or by holding a little in a bowl with warm water.

So, let's look at 2 ways of cooking soft-boiled eggs.

Method 1

It is necessary, first of all, to pour the boiling water in a small saucepan so that the water slightly exceeds the eggs (at least by 1 cm). Then quickly, excessively neatly, using a large tablespoon, lower one by one into the water. Then boil the eggs with a strong boil for 1 minute exactly. Next, remove the pan from the fire and cover it tightly with a lid, put a timer and notify how many eggs to brew:

- 6 minutes, if you want to get a soft yolk with a little grasped, but still a liquid protein;

- and the whole 7 minutes, if you want to get a more dense yolk with a completely frozen protein.

Method 2

This method works just as well as the first. This time you need to put the eggs in a saucepan, pour too cold water, then put on a strong fire and lower it as soon as they boil. Then measure how much time to boil soft-boiled eggs:

- 3 minutes for a semi-liquid egg;

- 4 minutes, if you want the protein to harden "grab", but the yolk still remained liquid;

- and the whole 5 minutes, if you love, so that both protein and yolk are cooked, and in the middle you are waited by a liquid bright yellow spot.

Sometimes it is very difficult for the boiled eggs to be cleared of the shell, and a lot of protein remains on it. In order to avoid such a problem, immediately after switching off the fire, drain the hot water from the pan and fill it with a very cold one. When these products are cooled, they will be cleaned easily, without any unnecessary problems.

Eggs of chicken are cooked on the average from 3 to 20 minutes. Everything depends on the purposes for which they will be needed. How many eggs can I boil ? - 3 to 7 minutes. In the bag? - 5 to 8 minutes. Hard-boiled? - 15 to 20 minutes.

Well, now you probably know how many soft-boiled eggs are cooked, and you will please yourself with useful and tasty breakfasts.

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