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Can a hamster have a banana? The ration of hamsters. Reviews

No, probably, people who do not like hamsters. These cute cute rodents are running around their cage with great enthusiasm and spinning happily in the wheel. How funny sometimes it is to look at how a hamster hides nuts and grains in its cheeks. These cute animals live near the person long enough. They easily give in to training, quickly get used to their masters and do not take up much space for their residence. It is hamsters most often taken as a pet. They do not require walks in fresh air, they move only on the territory of their cells, eat little and practically do not smell.


Most often in the pet stores are sold hamsters Djungar and Syrian breed. Although now you can meet and Angora, furry animals. But this is already the fruits of the selection work of man. Syrian hamsters have a golden coat color. The length of the body can reach 20 centimeters. Dzungar individuals are smaller than their Syrian relatives. The length of their body is up to 10 centimeters, and the color is distinguished by several dark, almost black strips, running along the back. Both breeds of hamsters are undemanding for living conditions.

It is only necessary to install a large enough cage, lay the sawdust or special filler, put a feeder, a drinking bowl and a game wheel for exercise.


And how to feed these small rodents? Can a hamster have a banana? Now let's try to understand these issues.

The main rule for the active life and health of hamsters is the correct composition of feed and the observance of the bases of nutrition. What should be included in the diet of animals? Necessary grain crops: wheat, rye, oats. Do not remove nuts from the diet. After all, they contain a large number of useful fats and amino acids. But the seeds of a sunflower are best excluded from eating a small animal, the presence in them of a large number of oils has a bad effect on the liver of a hamster. Do not give up a little friend and from green herbs, such as dandelion, lettuce, parsley and dill.

The hamster loves carrots, apples and beets. Once a week, a small piece of chicken or beef can be given to the animal. But do not give the product raw. This makes the animal more predatory and carnivorous. For the introduction of protein in food, it is necessary to add boiled quail eggs in small portions to the main food, pieces of cottage cheese or pour into a bowl of yogurt. Sour-milk products, in principle, are very useful for hamsters. But at the same time it is not the main food in the wild. Therefore, do not give them too often, as well as meat pieces, only once a week.

Exotic food

But is it possible to give hamsters exotic food and pieces of food from the table of people? The answer is ambiguous. Something can be given, for example, slices of white bread are useful for digestion of the animal. But cheese, sausage and sweets can lead to the death of the animal, the same applies to fruits. Categorically forbidden to give hamsters citrus, pear, sour apples, cabbage, potatoes. But grapes and sweet potatoes can sometimes be offered to an animal in the form of a dessert.

Banana in the diet of adult hamsters

Since we are talking about dessert, many owners of hamsters ask the question: Can a hamster have a banana? The answer is yes. It is possible, but not included in the daily menu, but only occasionally give this fruit for breakfast or, in other words, for the first feeding. Banana is a soft fruit with a high sugar content. Everything that contains this fruit is useful for the animal, but not in large quantities. So, for example, sugar helps to be a hamster much more active and cheerful.

But daily intake of sugar leads to obesity and diabetes. The starch contained in the banana, and a large amount of fiber helps the correct operation of the intestines of the pet. Proceeding from the above, it will be possible to answer the question posed as to whether a hamster can have a banana. Yes, the animal is allowed this fruit. But only occasionally.

Banana in the ration of cubs

Can you give a banana to hamsters very small (less than a month which)? At this age, this fruit is not worth feeding rodents. The fact is that the banana has a soft structure. And when you eat animals, the fruit sticks to the sky, making breathing difficult, the animal can die from suffocation. By the way, can I give natural banana chips? In this case, the fruit becomes quite hard. Then the fruit is useful for animals. Can I give a banana to female hamsters if they are looking for offspring? No. In this case, it is not necessary to treat the animal with such a delicacy. The fact is that a banana can cause swelling of the tummy. And this will lead to the loss of offspring.

Fruit whole

Is it okay to give the hamster a banana? No, the fact is that such a fruit is quite large in relation to the body of a hamster.

Therefore, the animal simply can not cope with such a quantity of food. The banana remaining begins to deteriorate quickly and can cause poisoning of the animal. In everything, it's best to know the measure and not overfeed your favorite pussy.

Different hamsters and banana

Can bananas be hamster jungariks? Yes. You can, they also love this sweet treat and are unlikely to give up the hotel. The main thing is to observe the basic rules of feeding the animal.

Is it possible for a Syrian hamster to eat a banana? The answer is yes. Another rule when feeding hamsters: they need to give rough food every day. After all, throughout the life of a pet teeth grow, and it stays during feeding. For prevention it is necessary to give also special mineral stones, which are sold in pet stores, and small twigs of trees. However, the latter should be thoroughly rinsed under hot running water before giving to the animal. You can not feed the branches of such trees as bird cherry, cherry, oak. In these plants, a fairly large number of acids and tannins, they are bitter in taste and do not like the rodent.

Is the banana allowed in the evening?

Can I feed a hamster banana in the evening? No. It is best not to give dessert in the evening. The fact is that hamsters are nocturnal animals. Therefore, it is at this time that they begin their active life. The presence of sugar in the night food will make the hamster particularly active. And he simply will not let the owners get enough sleep with their noise.

Can I give a jungar hamster a banana instead of a regular meal? No. Such food is not for the constant ration of feeding. Bananas are given in small quantities, no more than once a week. And the pieces should not be more than 5 grams per one feeding.

Banana during hibernation

Can a djungar hamster banana during the winter hibernation? It is in winter that this breed of hamsters lies in hibernation. Therefore, it becomes inactive. The presence of a banana in the diet can have a bad effect on the digestive system, which at this time is much slower than in the summer.

Hamsters are moving animals, and often they like not only to run around the cage, but also to perform acrobatic numbers. To do this, only need to put in a cage a small wheel for running and a few ladders. All this is instantly checked by the pet, and it will often be possible to watch the evening exercise of the hamster. It would be nice to get a special transparent ball. In it the hamster is placed, and it is possible to allow it to travel throughout the apartment. For a day the animal can run through all the living space and at the same time be in front of its owners.

Owners opinions

People who have hamsters say that they are omnivorous. Sometimes they can even eat something that can not be eaten, for example smoked sausage or chocolate. Can a hamster have a banana? As we have already explained, yes.

The owners say that this fruit can be given to hamsters, but little by little. Also, the owners advise: you need to monitor the condition of the pet. If, after consuming a new fruit from the animal, you notice some signs of malaise, then it is not worth it to give your rodent this fruit.

A few tips

To equip an animal's cage it is worth remembering that hamsters are normal animals. Therefore, they need a shelter, where they can rest in peace and make their supplies for a rainy day. Cage cleaning should be done every two days, cleaning up all contaminated areas of the litter and spoiled stocks. The feeder should always be filled with food, and the drinker with fresh water.

Hamsters rarely live in pairs. They do not like it when a stranger enters their territory. Therefore, do not start a couple of hamsters and keep them in one cage. To breed rodents, the female and male are kept in separate cages and only at the time of pairing are combined together. The babies born are shed from their mother on the 2-3 th week after birth.

Here, probably, and all that is necessary to know the future and true owners of cute creatures - hamsters. Caring for such a small creature will bring a lot of positive emotions and pleasure.

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