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Zodiacal circle: what flowers are suitable for this or that sign?

Each flower corresponds to a certain sign of the zodiac, reinforces inherent positive qualities from the beginning and smoothes out negative ones. A green talisman can protect a person from negative energy and restore strength!

So what flowers are worth giving to people born under different constellations?


Aries are strong personalities capable of achieving success in everything. Flowers will help to replenish the energy reserve, to find inner harmony to the representatives of this sign! For those born under the auspices of Mars, red and orange buds are suitable. You should take care of the stylish decoration of the bouquet - gilded twigs, beads, decorative wire.

  1. To love Aries, poppies, tulips, antirinums will do.
  2. Get a charge of vivacity will help Amaryllis, roses, cacti, rosemary.
  3. For protection, you can bring in the house red pepper, hawthorn, sunflower, orchid.
  4. For financial well-being, it is worth getting gentian and mint.
  5. Honeysuckle will help to find harmony.


These people are controlled by Venus. Because Taurus are flexible, patient, constant, without extra effort, attract others to themselves. In addition, this sign is materially stable, plants suitable for it, should contribute to the achievement of prosperity. It is important to remember that Taurus will appreciate a neat bouquet, no frills, it is not recommended to add ribbons, beads and other defiant decor as a gift.

  1. To achieve success in the love sphere will help cherry blossoms and apple trees, tulips.
  2. To promote health, hyacinths, oleanders and geraniums will be needed.
  3. The financial well-being of astrologers is associated with the presence of verbena, violets and wheat in the house.
  4. The best amulet is a fern: it absorbs negative energy and transforms it into a positive one. The same function has gloxinia.
  5. The acquisition of inner harmony will provide cotton and cyclamen.


Representatives of this sign are people who are inquisitive, active, confident. The patron of the Twins is Mercury. It means a lot of information and contacts. Help manage this abundance of plants!

  1. Improve the health of twins will allow lavender and schisandra.
  2. Love will give flowers to an orange, sage.
  3. Give confidence and teach you to distinguish moods from real desires fern and palms.
  4. Clover and asparagus will take care of the material.
  5. Spiritual growth will contribute to narcissus, daisies and jasmine.


People born under this constellation are sensitive, vulnerable and emotional. Plants should give a state of peace and tranquility. The best option - snow-white buds. Ideal gift - water lilies and jasmine. By the way, the gift needs a sophisticated design.

  1. For family happiness begonias, fuchsias, roses and gardenias will suit.
  2. Save the health will help balm, white lilac.
  3. To achieve emotional balance, we need lotuses, calanchoe, callas and snowdrops.
  4. As a talisman is to use sea buckthorn.
  5. In finance, a bouquet of lilies or chamomiles will support.

a lion

The king of beasts has got used to that at it all always the best. A bouquet meant for a Lion should be luxurious! Stale flowers, damaged buds are inadmissible. The sun controls the sun, plants for it should be scarlet and orange shades - associated with gold. The best option - long roses, bandaged with ribbon.

  1. In the love sphere, you can not do without carnations, camellias and roses.
  2. Preserve the composure will help the flowers of lime, willow, rosemary.
  3. For health and cheerfulness gerberas, juniper, sunflower are needed.
  4. As a guard for the Lion, the root or dahlia is suitable.
  5. For material prosperity and glory it is necessary to acquire a heliotrope, marigolds.


The practicality of this sign of the zodiac allows you to benefit from any plant. The color scheme should not be bright, it is best to choose a choice of blue, white and green shades. Remember, Virgo do not endure fanciful bouquets with complex decor. Enough of the classic design.

  1. To bring happiness to life mulberry will help.
  2. Love relationships will preserve the magnolia and orange.
  3. To preserve physical and mental health, you need to give Devas lavender and lemon grass.
  4. Chrysanthemums, violets, buttercups, primrose will bring good luck.
  5. Finances in the house will attract patchouli and barley.


People born under this constellation are romantic, have a subtle taste. That is why the bouquet for them should be elegant and refined. Do not choose asymmetric compositions.

  1. Luck will be given to Orchids, Bells, Clover.
  2. Wealth in the house will bring donated irises, violets, pear flowers.
  3. For love is to give a lilac, heather.
  4. If there are problems with health, tuberose will come to the rescue.
  5. A wonderful talisman will be marjoram.


Sensual and bright Scorpions and flowers are needed colorful. It looks good combination of rich red and yellow hues, dynamic compositions, non-standard forms. It is important that the bouquet was expensive.

  1. Protect against the negative of Scorpios will be a broom and holly.
  2. Good luck will bring hibiscus, cacti, orchids and geraniums.
  3. In a love relationship will help the snapdragon.
  4. The financial sphere will be adjusted by yucca, asters, cherry blossoms.
  5. Chamomile and lavender will help the Scorpions to gain strong health.


This sign of the zodiac can be called the most cheerful and easy on the rise. Bouquet should also be optimistic! Suitable purple, red and pink tones. For decoration it is worth using natural decor - bark of a tree, rice paper. The mood will raise bandages and carved leaves.

  1. The wealth of Streltsam will be presented by dandelions, gentian and honeysuckle.
  2. Attract love will help the flowers of lime, snapdragon, pineapple.
  3. Success of this sign of the zodiac will bring carnations, crocuses, lilies.
  4. For health, you should give freesias, daffodils and junipers.
  5. As an amulet suitable for rowan, rice and rosemary.


It is difficult to imagine a more restrained sign than Capricorn. These people have perseverance, diligence and conservatism. They are approached by calm, neat floral arrangements. It is not recommended to decorate a bouquet.

  1. Bells, bell peppers and horsetails serve as an amulet for Capricorns.
  2. They will bring wealth ivy, rye, pansies and quince flowers.
  3. Quince will help in the affairs of the heart, and with her - lilies of the valley, bindweed and philodendron.
  4. Luck Capricorn will bring tulips, violets, chrysanthemums.
  5. For health, you can give cacti.


Freedom and independence are the main features of Aquarius. Pick up a bouquet for them is not difficult - the floral composition should be bright and unusual. The best gift is a combination of exotic plants, fruits and spring flowers.

  1. Belladonna becomes an excellent amulet.
  2. Success in the love sphere will provide mimosa, bindweed and callas.
  3. To acquire wealth will help ivy, strelitzia and clover.
  4. To catch luck at the tail will allow orchids, lilies of the valley, sage.
  5. For better health, sage and aloe will work.


Modest and refined bouquets will please people born under this sign of the zodiac. Shades of colors should be white, blue, blue or purple. Water tones will allow you to develop intuition.

  1. Financial prosperity will provide dandelions, honeysuckle and crocuses.
  2. For better health, maple and mimosa are suitable.
  3. Fortune will attract bouquets of lilac, daffodils or lilies.
  4. In the sphere of love, Pisces can not do without the colors of lime and hyssop.
  5. An excellent amulet - violets, poppies, thyme and camellias.

A floral arrangement intended for Pisces should not be challenging. Much more they will like exquisitely decorated modest bouquets.

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