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Lion and Virgo - compatibility of flame and ice.

When it comes to such cardinally different signs as Leo and Virgo, the compatibility of the pair can be questioned. Indeed, it is difficult to expect a good harvest where the Earth is in contact with Fire. The two different elements that affect each other are not wholesome at all, creating the majority of the difficulties in this alliance. Therefore, to their happiness, the couple of Leo and the Virgin will have to make their way, literally, through thorns.

Surprisingly, a couple of Leo and Virgo compatibility in marriage are based on those traits of their character, which in any other case would inevitably lead to conflict.

Sensitive Virgo always worries about material well-being and tries to put off a penny for a rainy day. Leo such behavior is not annoying, if it is not about his money. He himself does not worry about the future, because for the sun's favorite all the days are one endless holiday. Initially, Virgo is nervous and worried because of such a partner's attitude to finance, but eventually become convinced that having such a reliable rear, one can not take too much care of savings.

Virgo loves to weave the intrigue and for the partner in marriage does not make exceptions. Every one of her concessions to her husband is another trick with which the Virgin laces the rope from her half. But Leo does not hurt much, he is too keen on his own person to pay attention to such "trifles".

Looking at this pair, you recall the words of one of the Russian satirists: "We have complete harmony with my wife." She does not want to, but I do not need it. " It is on this principle that the sexual life of the Virgin and the Lion is built. Representatives of the elements of the Earth for sex are quite cool. A fiery partners, despite the strong natural temperament, believe that in this area you can go to meet the wishes of the second half. However, the deep reason for this behavior of the Lion is hidden, rather, in his unwillingness to ask someone for something.

The great advantage of this pair is the fact that both partners are very hardworking and ready to work hard. Both of them perfectly understand how difficult it is to build a career and do not take offense when it happens at the expense of the family. Virgo easily forgives Leo his desire for the top, is ready to support him in every way, while remaining in the shadows.

Astrologers on the question of whether Lev and Virgo are compatible give very blurry answers. Trying to establish the truth, you will come across opinions extremely polar. Some argue that in the pair Leo and Virgo compatibility is achieved only by the titanic efforts of the long-suffering earthly sign. Others assure that such relations, in principle, are doomed to failure. The truth, as always, is in the middle.

Do not forget that with all its shortcomings, Lions have a number of qualities that are very valuable in family life. For example, representatives of this sign adore their children. However, other offspring are also willing to communicate with a merry and kind Leo, because his immediacy, he himself is like a big child. In a pair of Leo and Virgo, the compatibility of views on parenting issues is achieved easily. One parent of the baby mercilessly pampers, the other monitors that the situation does not get out of hand. From time to time, the spouses change roles.

Lions adore to surround themselves with retinue and crowds of admirers. From the outside it looks like flirting on the brink of a foul. In fact, people are simply attracted by the optimism and vitality of the solar sign. Although they try to blame the Lion for not being indifferent to the opposite sex, this is far from being the case. Leo tries to remain faithful in marriage, because his views are very traditional and family values are for him a significant enough value.

In practice, the compatibility of signs of Virgo and Leo best illustrates the strength of a family alliance based on trusting partnership and mutual respect. The only thing that Virgo does not need to do is criticize her partner, because the Lion can not stand even the slightest hint of his own imperfection. If the caustic remarks of the second half stop pouring on the head of the royal person, this pair and until the golden wedding will last.

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