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On the iPhone band on the screen: what to do?

Many people use mobile devices from Apple. They are comfortable, functional, reliable, beautiful. But whatever one may say, this is a technique that simply can not be always all right. Any gadgets are susceptible to breakage. Manufacturers primarily rely on a beautiful appearance and functionality, paying little attention to the safety of devices. One of the most frequent complaints on the iPhone is the band on the screen. Because of what there are such defects? What to do with them?

The causes of the appearance of bands on the screen

In the event that users of smartphones complain about such a problem, they do not mean the appearance of scratches on the surface of the glass. These distortions occur directly in the picture. The bands can be vertical and horizontal, but this is not very important.

There are four main reasons why a defect appears on the display. The white bars on the iPhone screen appear due to:

  • Software errors.
  • Contact defect of the display.
  • Breakage of the chip (the controller that is responsible for image transmission).
  • Hit the screen moisture.

Next, all the reasons for this defect on the iPhone - the band on the screen, as well as the ways to identify them and return the device to life - will be described in detail.

Do not need to wait for the image defects to disappear on their own after some time. After all, the violation can be very serious. Therefore, it is necessary to address to good specialists without delay.

In order to get rid of the problems with the screen, first of all it is necessary to determine the reason for the failure. Before contacting the center where cell phones are being repaired, you can carry out the initial diagnostics of the device yourself.

Software crashes

Sometimes the streaks appear on the screen due to some kind of failure in the phone's operating system. In some cases, a normal device reboot can help. If after this the problem does not go away, then the reason is different.

Often failures occur not in the operating system itself, but in a single application. For example, the user starts his favorite game, and at this point, there are bands. In order to eliminate such a distortion, it will be enough just to close the application.

There are also more serious violations, which are irreversible. It may even require a full flashing of the iPhone. It is not recommended to do this on your own, as you can download questionable programs from the Internet that will just get the smartphone. It is better to contact the service center if you are not confident in your abilities.

Software Update

So, the first thing to do is to eliminate software malfunctions of the device. If the iPhone strip on the screen is blue, gray or yellow, you should try to update the software or return the smartphone to the default settings. These actions can be performed without referring to specialists.

In order to update on the phone, you need to go to the settings, then select the "Basic" item and click on "Update". Then just follow the instructions.

Another way is to connect the smartphone to the computer, open iTunes and select the software update.

To restore the factory default settings, you must also connect the device to iTunes in DFU mode. To do this, the smartphone is connected to the computer, then the Power and Home buttons are pressed to restart, after which the power button is released until "Recovery Mode" appears on the display. Then select "Restore". If the band on the iPhone does not disappear on the screen, you should contact the service center.

What not to do

Do not need to believe those virtual "professionals" who claim to have restored their phone without problems due to some simple program or a regular video. Most likely, by downloading what they recommend, the user will receive malicious software that will only help to spend a bunch of nerves and a lot of money for recovery.

There are other types of breakdowns. Symptoms with them are slightly different. Most often appear vertical stripes on the iPhone screen, which have a white color. Most of all, this problem is subject to "six", as their body is very thin. But even on the fifth model you can often find such a malfunction.

Serious Device Violations

If the contact of the screen loop is broken, then most often the cause is a drop or blow of the smartphone. Almost half of the time after this you can see that the band appeared on the iPhone screen. In the event that the loop does not break, but only departs, the problem can be solved quickly. It is necessary to open the phone and return the part to its place. To carry out such work requires good experience and a special set of tools. If you carry out repairs yourself, without having the experience, you can simply break the display connection module together with the cable.

The device chip fails for the same reasons: impact, fall. But it can be damaged and because of excessive pressure on the screen, which also leads to damage to the glass.

Contact with moisture

This problem is the most common cause of the appearance of streaks on the phone screens. First of all, it is necessary to remember how long the device has been exposed to moisture. After all, if this happened, then every hour is important. If not much time has passed (up to three days), then repair is likely to prove to be fast, and there will be no negative consequences. But if the water hit the phone a week ago, then the corrosion process started exactly. For this reason, the device needs quality diagnostics, as well as cleaning. This can only be done by masters, for whom the repair of cell phones is a professional activity. Independently this problem can not be solved.


There are many reasons for the appearance of the bands. If you try to test every version in practice, then you can only damage the smartphone. There is no need to experiment with an expensive gadget, spending both money and time. It is better to go to a good service center, where the masters will help restore normal performance.

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