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Onyx (Pokémon): what kind of character, what is his role in the anime, in whom onyx evolves

Onyx is a Pokémon that refers to a mixed type of monsters: among its abilities is the strength of the stones and the ability to strike under the ground. Fame was due to the fact that he coached one of the main characters of the anime - Brock, a friend of Ash.

Onyx - the Pokemon Snake

Being one of Brock's monsters, this stone inhabitant of the caves at first sight seems huge and invincible. Indeed, external data is striking: it consists of huge boulders of irregular shape, from light to dark gray, which decrease in size in the direction of the tail. According to the animated film, Onyx is a Pokémon, which can reach 10 m in height and weighs more than 200 kg. With such parameters, the monster does not have much difficulty in digging a hole in the ground, based only on its power characteristics. Subsequently, other representatives of the earthen type settle in the pits dug by them - the Pokémon, the "wreckers" of Digletta.

In food, this monster is unpretentious: Onyx is a pokemon eating stones, giving him strength and making his already strong armor impenetrable. But for all the greatness the Pokemon of the stone type is weak before the representatives of the water element, and Onyx is no exception.

What else is famous for Brock's stone snake?

Onyx is referred to the Pokemon of the first generation, and it initially differed in that, like Pikachu, there was no evolution. Subsequently, after he uses the Metal Cylinder, he can turn into his perfect form - Stylix, which has a greater destructive power.

Pokémon Onyx, whose evolution in the natural environment is impossible, was recognized as one of the 30 most popular Pokémon in the game Pokemon GO. But the developers of the game, the company Nintendo, do not believe that the monster is able to compete with the starting Pokémon, and even more so with Pikachu. The reason for this is they call the monster's "limited" - despite its size, it does not differ either in charisma or in its desire to become the strongest and most developed, does not get along with other Pokemon. Compared to other stone monsters, he also loses: The Golem (which looks like a tortoise with a shell of hard boulders) is much more powerful than it, although much smaller in size, and Reybourne has the ability to destroy diamonds and learn to water attack (Onyx and water are incompatible) .

Is it worth pumping Onyx?

Those who were lucky enough to catch a stone snake in the trap of pokeball, initially note its relatively good power characteristics: speed, the ability to quickly escape from the enemy, endurance and a powerful blow. But it is advisable to develop it only if the coach does not intend to use it against the water Pokémon - their attacks, even in the initial forms of monsters, will have a double destructive effect on Onyx. Experienced trainers at Pokemon GO do not recommend using pollen that pumps the Pokémon, improving its power characteristics and endurance, to the Brock monster and advised to pay attention to the legendary Aerodactyl or Golem.

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