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Ironic Detectives: The Specificity of the Genre

What is an ironic detective? Books of this genre are familiar to all categories of readers, only the attitude towards them is different for everyone. Someone thinks the ironic detective is literary rubbish, someone is happy to buy up all the new items, most of them are quite indifferent. And very few people know that this genre appeared less than 100 years ago, and he has a specific "literary mother" - John Khmelevskaya.

Strictly speaking, the famous Polish writer was not at all the creator of a new group of literary works. Simultaneously with the first stories of Khmelevskaya, ironic detectives of such authors as Gaston Leroux (France), Georgette Heyer (Great Britain) and Ene Reito (Hungary) appeared, so this genre was created by common efforts. But it was she who first won the love of Russian readers, so in our country there was a common opinion: Khmelevskaya was the first, and the rest just followed in her footsteps. It's hard to say how true this is: every author has his own style, so you can not blame someone for rough imitation. Nevertheless, ironic detectives are most often written in a single pattern, which can be clearly traced in the work of any writer.

The classic components of the ironic detective:

1. The name. This is the most noticeable detail for the buyer, therefore it is always catchy, noticeable, with a share of humor or satire, and most often is a distorted speech cliche. Example: "A monster without a beauty", "A friend of special purpose", "Ladies kill cavaliers".

2. The image of the main character. In an ironic detective, this is usually an ugly, unhappy woman who always finds herself in ridiculous situations (girl). Sometimes asexual. In the end, the "stupid" heroine will certainly outwit all criminals, gain happiness in her personal life and automatically receive empathy for the reader, since he himself has long guessed who is the main criminal.

3. One-sided characters: either bad or good. And the world is appropriate: no halftones, everything is black or white.

After the fall of John, ironic detectives were written by many authors. In our country, the peak popularity of the genre came in the 90s of the last century, when the counters were actually inundated with inexpensive soft-cover books, which disperse like hot pies. And, most interestingly, most of this popularity belonged to just one name - Daria Dontsova. Ironic detective in the performance of this writer - all the same mixture of classical components. Why did her books use and still enjoy such success? After all, along with the popularity of Dontsov, an avalanche of criticism collapsed: books are mediocre, the author does not shine with his mind, orders detectives from "literary Negroes" - this is only part of the charges. Asked about the success of the writer herself answered, and, according to Dontsova, she just writes fairy tales for adults, whom they so lack in real life. As for the other accusations, everything is obvious: well, all writers can not create like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. Moreover, they do not want and should not. Books must be different for all categories of readers, and while there is someone who prefers ironic detectives to any other genre, there will always be a writer who will create them.

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