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Porfiry Petrovich ("Crime and Punishment"): Characteristics of the Hero

This article is devoted to such a hero of the famous novel of Dostoevsky, as Porfiry Petrovich. "Crime and Punishment" was published by the author in 1866. In the work Porphyry is one of the central characters.

general characteristics

Porfiry Petrovich ("Crime and Punishment") is an investigator serving in St. Petersburg in one of the police units. He is in charge of the robbery and murder of Alena Ivanovna, the old woman-interest, as well as Lizaveta, her sisters. In the work remains without a name Porfiry Petrovich ("Crime and Punishment"). His name is not mentioned anywhere (but in the "Brothers Karamazov" there is a hero Porfiry Petrovich Znamensky). Two months before the events, the investigator drew attention to the article "On Crime" written by Raskolnikov (which he learned through the editor, since it was published anonymously). It justified the murder for ideological reasons of a "superior" person.

What is the basis for the conflict between the main character and Porfiry Petrovich?

The basis of the conflict between Raskolnikov and Porfiry Petrovich is a dispute over the nature of the crime. The killer in conversation with him sets out his thoughts about the right for "extraordinary people" to commit a crime. Porphyry, without evidence, revealing disbelief in God, the dualistic worldview and the metaphysical roots of the nihilism of the protagonist, makes him realize that he is exposed. An astute investigator gradually brings the suspect to a nervous breakdown , actually forcing him to confess. However, the appearance of Mikolka, who takes the blame, disrupts the plans of Porfiry Petrovich. And still he is sure that Mikolka has nothing to do with it. The investigator feels "attachment" to the killer. After all, the sensations of the protagonist were familiar to such a person as Porfiry Petrovich ("Crime and Punishment"). He considers Rodion "a terrible fighter" if he still manages to find true faith. Porphyry convinces the main character to come himself with a guilty, in order to regain peace in his life. The investigator is represented in the novel as a thin psychologist and an intelligent person. Constant eavesdropping as a method of interrogation confuses Raskolnikov and convinces Porfiry that he is the murderer.

The first meeting of the heroes

Rodion went for the first time to the investigator with a laugh. Porphyry was dressed in a robe, home-style, in worn-out shoes and clean linen. He was a man of about 35, full, with a height below average, without whiskers and mustaches, shaven, with densely cropped hair. Raskolnikov is convinced that Porphyry knows everything about him. He does not dissuade him. They argue about the causes and nature of crimes. Porphyry mentions Rodion's article written on this subject.

Raskolnikov's second meeting with the investigator

The next meeting was also initiated by Raskolnikov. He already hated this man without measure. However, I had to go to him to dispel the suspicions that led to careless behavior. Porphyry Petrovich in a conversation hints at the protagonist that he is a suspect. He predicts that Raskolnikov will not be free to freedom and he eventually confesses.

The investigator says terrible things. But he likes to do it in the form of a joke, which affects Raskolnikov more than hints. Porfiry Petrovich seeks to prosaically discredit the idea of Rodion, to belittle her in his eyes. Raskolnikov turns into a comedian the investigator's laughter. Rodion rebels against belittling and comes across this.

The investigator comes to Rodion's home

Only at the last moment Porfiry Petrovich discards the mask. "Crime and Punishment" is a novel in which an investigator speaks openly with a suspect only when he comes to his apartment to him. He sympathizes with Rodion, wishes this young man good.

However, Porfiry Petrovich - a provocateur, whose duty - to extract from the suspect a confession. Investigator Raskolnikov sympathizes. He loves him in his own way, and Rodion can not in any way determine when Porphyry is serious, and when he jokes.

Porphyry is a mystery to Raskolnikov, a magnet from which he pushes and stretches. To the will of Rodion the investigator opposes his own. This is Porfiry Petrovich ("Crime and Punishment"), a characteristic of which is given in this article.

Raskolnikov, exhausted by the fear of revelation, suddenly feels like he has weakened. Only after coming to the apartment to Rodion, the investigator does not giggle, does not laugh. And this ends the main character Porfiry Petrovich ("Crime and Punishment"). "In what chapter is this happening?" The reader may ask. In the sixth part of the work (the second chapter).

Murder of the idea of Rodion

Gradually, Rodion realizes that he is not Napoleon at all and can not, like his idol, who sacrificed the lives of many people quietly, cope with his conscience after the murder of only one old woman. Raskolnikov feels that his crime, unlike the actions of the French emperor, is unaesthetic, shameful. He tries to understand where he made a mistake. The main character thinks: "The old woman is nonsense!" He "killed the principle," could not cross through ordinary human feelings.

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