"Kanespor": reviews. "Kanespor" - a set for the treatment of nails and feet in fungal diseases

How much does a drug like "Kanespor" cost? The price of this tool will be indicated at the very end of the article in question. Also you will learn about what this medication is, what it is needed for and how it should be used properly.

Form, composition

In what form is the drug being sold? What does consumers say about this? "Kanespor" - a set for the treatment of nails, which includes an ointment for external application (in 10 g tuba with a dispenser), special strips and a plastic scraper. Also, you can buy separately the same name 1% cream.

According to the attached instructions, the composition of the antifungal kit includes urea, bifonazole and auxiliary substances, and the composition of the cream contains only bifonazole and additional ingredients.

Action medication

How does the drug work? What does the doctor say about this? "Kanespor" - a set for the treatment of nails, which includes bifonazole. This component is an imidazole derivative with a high antimycotic activity.

The drug "Kanespor" (ointment) works well against dermatophytes, molds, yeast and other fungi. Unlike other fungicides and azole derivatives, bifonazole is able to inhibit the biological synthesis of ergosterol at several levels. Such an effect leads to functional and structural disturbances of the cytoplasmic membranes of the pathogen cells.

It should also be said that the ingredient under consideration is highly effective in the resistance of fungi to the action of other antimycotic agents.

Very rarely, pathogens sensitive to the action of the drug may develop primary resistance to its active substance. To date, studies have not revealed the development of secondary stability in primarily sensitive microorganisms.

Kinetics of local medicine

Is the antifungal ointment absorbed ? What does the reviews say? "Kanespor" - a set for the treatment of nails, which penetrates well into the layers of affected areas of the skin. Six hours after the use of the drug, the concentration of bifonazole in the upper epidermis is 1000 μg / cm 3 , and in the papillary - 5-5.3 μg / cm 3 .

All determined concentrations of this drug are within the antimycotic activity.

As for urea, it acts like keratoplasty.


Why do we need such a tool as "Kanespor"? The cream is intended for the treatment of fungal diseases of the skin, which were caused by pathogens sensitive to the action of bifonazole, including dermatophytes, yeast fungi and other fungal infections.

It should also be noted that the medication in question is often used for the therapy of superficial candidiasis, erythrasms, depriving multi-colored and skin mycoses (including mycoses of interdigital spaces and feet, mycosis of the hands, mycosis of skin folds and smooth skin).

What is the purpose of the "Kanospore" ointment? The instruction asserts that such a set is highly effective in the treatment of fungal diseases affecting the fingernails of the fingers and toes with atraumatic removal of the plates and parallel antimycotic action.

Prohibitions to use

In what cases is it forbidden to undergo treatment with Kanespor? Contraindication to the use of this drug is an allergy to bifonazole, as well as to other components of the drug.

How to cure a fungus? How to apply the cream

The given preparation in the form of a cream is used once a day. It is advisable to perform therapeutic procedures before going to bed or in the evening. Cream a small layer applied to the affected area of the nail plate or skin, then slightly rubbed.

The standard course of therapy for mycoses of interdigital spaces and stops is 3 weeks, and smooth skin mycoses, brushes and skin folds - 2-3 weeks. As for the colored lichen and erythrasma, such diseases are usually treated within 14 days, and superficial cutaneous candidiasis - 14-28 days.

As a rule, a small amount of cream is enough to treat a skin area the size of an average palm.

Cream "Kanespor" is usually used after the treatment of nail plates by means of the same name set. Nail bed they are treated once a day for a month.

How is ointment used?

Now you know how to cure the fungus, using the cream of "Kanospore". As for the ointment, it is also applied to the affected nail once a day. Thus use such quantity of a preparation that it completely covered all affected surface.

Treatment with a set of "Kanospore", the price of which is quite high, should be done every day, until the softened damaged nail is removed.

Typically, this therapy lasts for one to two weeks and depends on the thickness of the nail and the spread of the infection.

Treated ointment plate is sealed with a special plaster and left for a day. Over time, the sticky strip is replaced by another one.

After removal of the plaster, the nails are thoroughly washed in warm water (for 10 minutes), and then the softened substance is removed by means of a scraper, after which it is dried thoroughly.

Application Features

Healthy skin around the affected nail can not be closed. However, in some cases, irritation may appear on the covers. In this regard, they are nevertheless recommended to cover with zinc paste or another anti-inflammatory agent for topical application. Such procedures should be carried out only in the process of using the cream "Kanospore". If you apply the kit, the healthy skin areas remain unchanged even if they get on the ointment.

Once the affected nail is removed, the specialist must ensure that the reproduction of the fungus has completely ceased. As a continuation of antimycotic treatment, some doctors use the final cleaning of the nail bed.

After removing the plate (with Kaneosp), it is advisable to treat the bed with cream once a day for 4 weeks.

Adverse Reactions

The patient may experience pain and swelling of the skin, allergic dermatitis, eczema, contact dermatitis, erythema, rash, skin itching, urticaria, maceration, blisters, scaling, dryness, discoloration of the nail, burning sensation on the skin and irritation. As a rule, such adverse reactions pass independently after the drug is discontinued.

Interaction with other medicines, overdose

No reports of an overdose of "Kanespore" have been received so far. It should also be noted that no studies were conducted on the interaction of this drug with other drugs.

Special Information

Can I use an antifungal drug "Kanospore" during pregnancy? Preclinical studies and the pharmacokinetics of the drug in question do not indicate a detrimental effect of bifonazole on the future parturient woman and fetus. At the same time, it should be noted that there have been no clinical trials in this regard.

According to the instructions, in the first trimester of pregnancy, the medication should be used only as directed by the doctor, after assessing the benefit-risk ratio.

Specialists say that until now no information on the isolation of bifonazole along with breast milk has been identified. Therefore, during the lactation period, the drug should be used only as directed by the doctor. In addition, during breastfeeding cream and ointment "Kanospore" is not recommended to apply to the breast and chest as a whole.

During preliminary clinical studies, it has not been determined whether bifonazole can suppress female or male fertility.

The drug in question does not affect the speed of human reaction when driving vehicles and other mechanisms.

According to the available clinical data, "Kanospore" does not have toxic effects on the child's body. However, children of this drug should be administered only under the supervision of a pediatrician.


"Kanespor" - a set for the treatment of nails and cream, intended for the treatment of fungal diseases. According to the patients' feedback, the funds in question are coping well with their tasks. After their application, 9 out of 10 patients noted a positive effect. Cream and ointment "Kanospore" well treat not only fungal skin lesions, but also superficial candidiasis, erythrasma, multi-colored lichen and various mycoses.

In negative reports about this drug, only its high cost (about 450-550 rubles) is mentioned.

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