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Can you make repairs in the house and not use the interior baguette?

The ideal interior for each person looks differently. Different taste preferences, financial possibilities, the area of the premises in which repairs are done are factors directly affecting the designer's delights and professionals, and amateurs who are engaged in updating the house on their own. It is worth noting that in recent years, manufacturers of decoration and decorative materials have set themselves a specific and very useful goal - to create goods in such a way that not only professionals who offer their services as designers can use it, but also the end user. Simplicity of installation, a wide range of products and its availability make it easy to embody the most exuberant and incredible ideas. A clear favorite in the decoration of premises (mostly residential, but also commercial sites do not disdain this material as well) is the interior baguette.

Antiquity in a new way

What is this baguette? Perhaps, every person knows the answer to this question, if only because we all go to museums, theaters and watch movies. An inexperienced spectator, having first visited the luxurious building of the Bolshoi Theater or the Tretyakov Gallery, can not but pay attention to the magnificent stucco framing the huge rooms around the perimeter that adorns the luxurious chandeliers and sconces. In the movie, everything is a bit simpler - snow-white frames and cornices, zoning space, decorating discreet, painted walls of houses - this is the interior baguette.

The reader may wonder what is common in the first and second cases. Western and domestic baguette workshops offer their customers products that are so skillfully made that they can easily replace the most refined stucco molding. However, some species, on the contrary, look very modest and restrained. In any case, a wide selection of textures, shades and a variety of uses allow the use of an interior baguette in different styles, from modern high-tech to fanciful classics.

What is what

Everything that we used to call a baguette has its own classification and names, for example, in shops you can buy plinth usual and ceiling, various corners, cornices, slats, actually the interior baguette, molding, designed to create small and often figured accents and Curbs.

All this splendor differs between each other in terms of the angle of inclination, width (from narrow edges of 1 cm to massive items exceeding 10 cm in height) and a pattern. The length of the strips is usually the standard - 2.4 m, but there are manufacturers who are knocked out of the global trends and offer strips of 2.9 m.

The white baguette can differ in shape and width, it is used mainly in modern interiors and remains white. They are decorated with ceilings, cornices are made from it and frames are created on the walls, it does not matter what room is being repaired, it will fit organically into the bedroom, the kitchen, and even the bathroom.

The interior moldings imitating stucco are already painted, this kind is most suitable for interior in classical style, baroque or rococo. Premises where it is supposed to create a luxurious design using gold, silver, expensive materials and traditional receptions for aristocratic estates are ideal candidates, where cornices, moldings, plinths and curbs of painted polyurethane will fit one hundred percent.

With him you can do everything

In addition to the fact that this material plays out a purely decorative role, it will help to hide a variety of defects and flaws in the already prepared room. It can easily cover the wear on the wallpaper, it can be used as a curtain rod, which closes the bar with rollers, on which the curtains are attached. Also, an interior baguette, the photo of which is located at the top of the publication, can be used as a frame for paintings and photographs, various handicrafts. All those handmade products that need to be decorated in a strict and classic frame will be perfectly framed with an interior baguette.

Leading accent

Cosca is a world-famous brand that offers luxurious finishing materials. The range of its goods is rich in wallpaper from natural materials, accompanying goods for care and installation, decorative stucco molding, bamboo cloth and coconut mosaic. Interior molding Cosca - one of the priority areas of the company. The assortment of this group of products has more than 200 items, among which the buyer will certainly find his, most suitable for creating an ideal interior. Twelve shades, drawings that imitate different types of wood and plaster sculptural plaster, painted with gold, silver, styles, radically different among themselves, will create a harmonious and holistic image in the room.

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