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Fishing in the Ryazan region and in Ryazan

Regardless of where fishing is taking place, in the Ryazan region or on the banks of the Amur River on the border with China, it is everywhere interesting. Those for whom it is not just a hobby or a hobby, consider "quiet hunting" a way of life, a separate world with its own concepts and mysteries.

Ryazan - an excellent place for fishing

There are many beautiful and amazing places on the planet, but we can not find a closer corner of the native place with picturesque nature. Many residents of the capital and large cities dream to escape for a short time to nature, so that everything around is quiet, and only the water in the river quietly rustles along the beach stones, so that there are no rowdy "shish kebabs" companies nearby, where you can also catch an excellent fish. For many, this may seem surprising, but such places can be found literally two hundred kilometers from the capital, where there are practically untouched corners of nature.

Fishing in the Ryazan region among residents of nearby regions is as popular as in all other regions of our vast Russia. Many people like to actively rest, giving preference to this kind of pastime.

Reservoirs suitable for fishing

This region is considered one of the richest in water resources. Its main artery is the river Oka, which flows through the territory of Ryazan region, starting from the neighboring Moscow region right up to the Vladimirskaya border.

In total there are about nine hundred rivers up to three or more kilometers in length. In addition to the Oka and Don, the largest are Moksha and Pra, Ranova, Istia, Pronya, Tsna - flat rivers with high floods in the spring. In addition, fishing in the Ryazan region can be successful and in more than a hundred and fifty lakes and old people, as well as in four reservoirs.

Almost eighty species of fish are found here, including more than thirty - commercial species. These are bream, catfish and roach, crucian and ruff, perch and pike perch, sterlet and pike, etc. Many of the predatory inhabitants of the underwater world inhabit the waters of Meschyera. There is also an ide, fishing in Ryazan, which is best carried out by spinning.

Fishing in the river Oka

The main water edge of the river is the river Oka. Summer and winter fishing in the Ryazan region is almost equally promising. In the Oka waters, there are over forty varieties of fish, which unequivocally confirm the richness of its ichthyofauna. The most common are bream and rudd, pike, often perch with pike perch and dace.

According to avid fishermen, in this river, such cautious and cunning predators as the choke with the chub are also pecking.

In general, the most successful fishing in the Ryazan region is on the Oka. Its banks are filled with an army of lovers and true professionals, who almost always bring home a considerable catch.

Features of fishing

And although it is believed that fishing in the Ryazan region, especially on the Oka, no one leaves without a catch, but to catch a good fish here is not so easy. To do this, it is important to study the relief of the bottom, as well as the habits of the proposed prey, the place of its zhory, the habitat and hibernation, when it comes to winter.

Experienced fishermen can easily find an effective place. For beginners, the Oka becomes a wonderful place to develop the necessary skills for capturing large fish.

Paid fishing

It is considered the most acceptable for those who have recently picked up a fishing rod. A trip to the shore of one of the paid reservoirs in the province opens up huge opportunities for the amateur. Therefore, apparently, the fishing in the Ryazan region is so popular at the specialized paid bases for beginners. The photo of the caught prey, which amateurs hold in their hands, is still a matter of pride of tourists for a long time.

As a rule, many of them have no idea about the most abundant fish ponds, they do not know the topography of the bottom or the shore, and many come even without tackle. That is why paid fishing in the Ryazan region on specialized farms or bases becomes an excellent solution to the problem and a wonderful pastime.

Most popular places

Most often locals come for mining at the Ryazanskaya GRES located on the banks of the Prony River. This pond is very rich in fish resources, which makes it popular both for the local population and for tourists. It is possible not only summer, but also winter fishing. In the Ryazan region, a pike, carp, bream, crucian carp, pike perch can be caught at the GRES. The presence of sites with very large depths makes it possible to catch trophy specimens, for example a white cupid, which weighs up to sixty kilograms.

Novomichurinskaya state district power station - expanse for fishermen

It is said that on Prona, near the dam at Novomichurinskaya GRES, you can catch the crucian carp with bare hands. The fish here are not scared, so under each snag can be found by the shoals of the most diverse inhabitants of the underwater world. It is believed that fishing in Novomichurinsk Ryazan region is simply amazing. After all, in these places the water near the dam and in the river practically does not freeze. Even in the thirty-degree frost there is no ice here, because hot water enters the reservoir in giant volumes from the cooling system of the turbines of the GRES . In addition, this place is considered a paradise for lovers of spearfishing. Here you can catch a fish weighing thirty or forty kilograms.

Fishing on Prone

This river is considered one of the best fishing waterways in the region. The most "interesting" parts of it are in the middle and lower currents. Here, not only a predatory inhabitant of the underwater world - pike, pike perch, catfish, asp, perch and burbot, is caught perfectly. Roach and rudd, bream and ide, carp and minnows often become prey to the fisher.

On sites along the lower course, frequent prey is the mighty carp. Many fishermen, especially those who come to the famous Meshchersky Krai for underwater hunting, like not only the relative proximity of water bodies, but also the convenience of access to virtually all areas on the rivers. Lucky hunters fishing in the Ryazan region will give a chance to catch a pike to nine kilograms. Such trophy specimens are most often found on jerlings or on the allowances, which must necessarily be equipped with strong fishing line and imposing hooks. Spinning anglers catch mostly five-kilogram pike.

Pronya is a remarkably clean river, on the banks of which several recreation bases have been built. There is even a special boarding house for divers.


The farther away from the townspeople from Moscow in search of interesting places for fishing, the more offensive it is in the end to return with nothing. Therefore, those who are not satisfied with this prospect, it is better to go to time-tested, fish-rich places. Two such sites are on the Oka in the vicinity of the city of Kasimov in the Ryazan region. Catching from a boat is common here. It begins on the tenth of July and lasts exactly a month.

Fishing in Shilovo Ryazan region enjoys well-deserved fame among local residents. This site is never empty, because there are enough "points" for fishing, and the fish itself, at all. Here they catch a turntable, a jig, along the edge of the Oka River there is a remarkable biting.

Winter fishing

All reservoirs in the Ryazan region have a certain status: they are either publicly available or leased, and in this case fishing for them is paid. Winter fishing in the Ryazan region begins with the moment when the ice cover has already reached the required thickness. At this time of year, pike perch and bream, roach or perch are the most common prey. They are caught throughout the whole winter, beginning with the first ice-sheet and until the spring.

To do this, use a variety of types of baits. Pike, for example, is best caught in the season, when the temperature holds about zero degrees. In small rivers and lakes in winter, fish are severely affected by frosts, so most of them migrate to the Oka in the autumn, and in the spring they again rise from it to their favorite habitats, where they feed and begin to spawn in secluded and warm creeks.

Rules of fishing

Sturgeon species are not permitted for catching species, as well as those kinds of bioresources that are listed in the Red Book.

In addition, deadlines have been set during which fishing in Ryazan is prohibited by all other means, except float or bottom fishing rod, and in the amount of two pieces per person and in places where the fish does not spawn. For example, from April 1 to May, you can not catch a pike and yazya, a little later - asp.

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