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Why do gold coins: to enrich or lose reputation?

The glitter of gold attracts and fascinates not only in real life. In astral wanderings, he seduces many with an anticipation of possession. And why do you dream of gold coins? What does a person promise a meeting in a dream with a treasure? In fact, the question is not so simple. To understand what the golden coins are dreamed of (many or few) should be carefully, remembering all the nuances and subtleties of the plot of the dream. Let's do it, and we.

Dream interpretation of Felomen

This source connects our image with material well-being. Answering to what the golden coins are dreaming, he points out that they promise the wealth in real life only if they dreamed of being beautiful, clean, whole. Such a plot is favorable both for men and for girls. The first he portends a good and profitable business for life. A person will be able to provide a family, spoil his wife, give a good start to children. The girl will be lucky with her husband if the precious treasury is dreaming. If you dream to find gold coins - this is to good luck in work. Boldly risk, ask for a profitable position or offer innovative ideas to superiors. They will bring dividends not only to your superiors, but to you. To see the darkened gold in coins - to the difficulties on the way to success. The more blackness on a precious metal, the harder it is to achieve what you want. But to drop your hands to anything. Remove gold coins damaged, broken or deformed - to be humiliated.

Sonnik Miller

This source also favors precious money. Explaining what the gold coins are dreaming about, he talks about traveling to distant lands, bringing a sea of delights. If such a plot was seen by a man, one should prepare for business trips in order to realize any profitable project. To women he promises a romantic trip with an expensive gentleman. No trouble this adventure will not bring. You will remember it to gray hair, sharing joy with your spouse. Mr. Miller does not bypass the frequent question of why he dreams of finding gold coins. Unexpectedly, to find a treasure, he believes, is to enlightenment, a happy occasion. In the near future, some thought will come to the head itself or with the help of a loved one. If you develop it, you will be provided until old age, and even grandchildren will have a lot of money. But the silver coins are dreaming of quarrels, strife, scandals. Copper prophesies hard work for a small reward. In addition, you should prepare if the gold coins you have stolen. Voluntarily with them to part, give someone, means that you will have to help strangers, while spending a lot of money.

Modern dream book

Have you ever traveled on a sea ship? This pleasure will soon have to be experienced, this source suggests, interpreting what the gold coins are dreaming about. A beautiful cruise will not only give new impressions, but also enrich the intellect. You will visit interesting museums full of riches and historical values, you will probably be a spectator of exclusive performances, performances, concerts and other entertainment events. For lovers of hiking, sleep promises a long trip to those places, which they have long dreamed of. Lovers - rest on a lost island with an adorable personality. It is not very good, if precious money turned out to be a forgery, this source considers wise interpretations. The plot that you admired gold coins, and suddenly they turned into copper, promises disappointments, broken dreams, unrealizable hopes.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

It is known that this gentleman was peculiarly approaching the unraveling of night visions. But not in our case. Explaining why gold coins are dreamed , the dream book of Freud suggests recalling what you did with them. They considered it stingy. Such a plot appears in the dreams of greedy people who are not ready to share their blessings or feelings. They tend to suffer from loneliness, because they can not find loyal and loyal friends. If you gave gold in a dream, you will have to work hard and long to realize your old dream. Believe me, the effort will be a titanic one, but it's worth it. We found a treasure of gold coins - to the intrigues of enemies. Deformed, broken, melted money from a precious metal is a cruel, irresistible need. Trusting will let you down, forcing the swindler to believe. That will take possession of the few that you now have. Restore justice for a long time will not succeed. Be careful!

Sonny Hasse

This collection of interpretations of the image of gold coins does not favor. Seeing them in a dream means that you will face difficulties, he believes. Only one story is described as positive. If you happen to be a blacksmith and mint gold - you will achieve your goal. In other cases, you can not avoid difficulties, do not get rid of problems. To give someone precious money - together to overcome obstacles on the way to success. If a person was familiar to you, it means that he will become a loyal assistant and partner in this hard work. When you gave gold to an unknown person now, find a new comrade, on whom you can fully rely. To girls and an unmarried lady, such a story promises tears. To count gold coins is a long time to get upset and mentally ill due to gossip.

East dream book

Here we encounter a different approach to the studied night image. To see the gold coins is to get big money. The value of sleep does not vary with the kind and state of jewelry. Even a broken or melted coin promises a profit. But the fake is not good. The one who saw it in a dream, must prepare for a strike. Where luck has already touched the palms, an unforeseen thing will happen: in reality, success will turn into failure. It will not be possible to prevent such a turn. It is necessary to gather strength and experience trouble, without complaining about fate. Everything in the world passes, and soon a sun of well-being will look in your window, a breeze of happiness will blow. Do not worry about trifles!

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