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There are no eras without genius literary works and talented authors!

At the moment, as well as several centuries ago, people simply can not imagine their lives without literary works. They are found everywhere - in children's books, at school, at the institute. In the more mature age, the literature is not read by compulsion, but because one wants to do it. In any case, regardless of whether there is a desire to take a book in hand, literary works take place, and reading is still quite common in Russia.

Integrity and style

The basis of all writing art is integrity. This does not mean that in stories or, for example, novels, authors need to lay down a full description of the life of the main characters. There must be a definite beginning, denouement, where the writer raises the problem and the idea, and, accordingly, the completion. If the work is not built, then it will never receive a worthy critical evaluation and will lie on the shelves of libraries or publishers, as usual.

It is impossible not to say about the style. Each author has his own way of writing literary works, as a rule, his writing feature is unique. However, one can not regard style as a classical artistic tool. Everyone has his own form of writing or retelling, but this does not allow to call him the genius of literary works. For such a loud title, talent and a wide creative horizon are required.

Examples of literary works, the names of genres and descriptions
Genre Description Examples
Comedy A dramatic work based on ridiculous moments that ridicule the vices of mankind "Inspector" (Gogol), "Woe from Wit" (Griboyedov)
Lyrical verse / prose

Literary and artistic work, expressing the author's emotions in a poetic version

"Poems about a beautiful lady" (Blok)
Melodrama Drama, where all the characters of the work are divided into positive and negative "Henry 5" (Shakespeare)
Fantasy Subdivision of fantasy, based on myths and legends. As a rule, the action takes place in a fictional world and is saturated with magical elements, as well as heroic deeds Works by Lukyanenko
Feature article A credible work based on facts from real life "Language and Nature" (Paustovsky)
Novel A work saturated with actors whose fates are intertwined or superficially intertwined "Hero of Our Time" (Lermontov)
The Tale A small work, narrating about a short segment of the life of the main character "Crystal World" (Pelevin)
Poem Any narration that has a completed plot and is written in poetic form "Nightingale Garden" (Block)
Story A narration about one important event from the life of the main character "Garnet bracelet" (Kuprin)
Tragedy Dramaturgic narrative, which tells about the unhappy fate of the main character. As a rule, the tragedy ends with the death of the main character "Romeo and Juliet" (Shakespeare)
Utopia A genre close to science fiction, which describes a society that the author considers ideal The Andromeda Nebula (Efremov)
The Epic One or more three-dimensional works, which cover a large time interval, up to several eras. "War and Peace" (Tolstoy)


Thus, there are a lot of literary works, and all readers choose the most suitable genre for themselves. Some masterpieces remain in history forever, the rest have less bright prospects. They, as a rule, immediately after reading are added to the furthest corner and lie there until their master is convinced of the uselessness. But one thing is certain: literary works have a long history, their fans, and they appear constantly. In modern times, writing activity, of course, has lost its significance, but it has not disappeared. Each epoch has its talents and literary creations, which play far from the last role in raising the culture and morals of all the inhabitants of the planet.

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