Radeon HD 8570: the perfect balance of price and performance

In free sale it is impossible to find Radeon HD 8570 For the reason that this adapter is only delivered in large batches, and it can only be purchased by large computer system builders. The level of performance is low, but sufficient to run most of the modern toys. It is this model of the graphics adapter that will be further considered.

Niche accelerator. His equipment

Enough for a specific niche aimed Radeon HD 8570 From the company AMD. On the one hand, this is a very productive solution for the economy class, which can cope with a multitude of tasks. But at the same time you can meet it in the branded computers of famous manufacturers. That is, its destiny in this performance is an entry-level workstation for corporate groups. In free sale, as noted earlier, it is impossible to find such an accelerator. At least in the form of a separate discrete adapter. But in the composition of the so-called APU he meets. These models are A6-6500 and A6-6600K. In this case, there is an index D at the end of the chip marking. Also there is one more modification of this graphics chipset, at the end of which there is the M index. It can be found in the entry-level mobile computers. All of them are united not only by marking, but also by a comparable level of performance. If you are lucky enough to find a PC with such an adapter, then, in addition to the accelerator itself, a disk with drivers and diagnostic software will be included in the delivery. On something more, in this case, you simply can not count.

Adapter Settings

Radeon HD 8570. Характеристики Radeon HD 8570 boasts quite a modest technical parameters. This semiconductor solution indicates that it is manufactured according to the standards of the 28-nm process. GCN версии 1.1. The chip itself is based on a microprocessor architecture, code-named GCN version 1.1. 2 в этом случае включает 1040 миллионов различных транзисторных компонентов. A semiconductor crystal with an area of 90 mm 2 in this case includes 1040 million different transistor components. The clock frequency in the nominal mode is set by the manufacturer at 730 MHz for the Radeon HD 8570. Its characteristics indicate that this graphics chip includes 384 processors, 8 raster processing units and 24 texturing modules. GDDR3 с частотой в 933 МГц. The amount of memory in this case can only be 2 GB, and its type is GDDR3 with a frequency of 933 MHz. The bus width for connecting RAM is 64 bits. As a result, the bandwidth of the memory subsystem reaches 14.9 Gbit / s.

Customization. Performance level

Radeon HD 8570 был приобретен в виде отдельного компонента, то для начала необходимо разобрать корпус и установить его в соответствующий слот расширения. If the Radeon HD 8570 was purchased as a separate component, then first you need to disassemble the case and install it in the corresponding expansion slot. After that, a monitor is connected to it. Next, the drivers are installed. The latter is recommended to take from the website of the manufacturer of the graphic product. When finished, we recommend that you restart the PC in order for the changes to take effect. Radeon HD 8570: The following games can launch the Radeon HD 8570:

  • при 1024Х768 и низкой детализации 40 fps. Civilization 5 - at 1024Х768 and low detail of 40 fps.

  • идентичном формате изображения и качестве — 59 fps. Dirt Showdown - the same image format and quality - 59 fps.

  • при аналогичных параметрах выдает 95 fps. SimSity with the same parameters gives 95 fps.

  • в том же самом режиме можно получить 150 fps. StarCraft II in the same mode can get 150 fps.

Of course, the 1024X768 mode is not exactly gaming by today's standards, but one fact of the possibility of launching such a number of toys speaks volumes. это решение набирает 5650 баллов, а в его обновленной версии с индексом 11 данный адаптер уже способен набрать 1255 баллов. In test package 3 DMark 06 this solution is gaining 5650 points, and in its updated version with index 11 this adapter is already able to score 1255 points.


Although very difficult, but still in the free sale is extremely rare to find Radeon HD 8570. Price On it is in the range from 600 to 1000 rubles. As a rule, such accelerators are dismantled from out-of-order system blocks of workstations of economy class. Not always with them in the kit is a branded drive with software. But there is nothing to worry about, and all necessary software can be found on the official website of the manufacturer of the graphic solution.

Owner feedback

The key advantage in this case is the low cost of Radeon HD 8570. Reviews Really emphasize the fact that the price of 700-800 rubles for such an accelerator is fully justified. Let even in the second-hand kind. At the same time, this adapter is almost as fast as the GT740 and GTX 750, which can now be found at a price of 2500-3000 rubles. They, of course, use faster memory GDDR5, but the frankly weak architecture of the graphics chip reduces this advantage to nothing. Therefore, from an economic and technical point of view, it seems more profitable to purchase the hero of this article, rather than the more expensive solutions from NVidia. This is just what the owners of this solution say.


Radeon HD 8570 это то, что его невозможно встретить в виде отдельного дискретного акселератора. The only conventional drawback of the Radeon HD 8570 is that it can not be met as a separate discrete accelerator. In all other respects this is quite a worthy solution, which can be used even in the entry-level gaming computers or graphical stations of the economy class. Well, its value against the background of direct competitors does not leave the last in essence any chances. At the same time, their performance is almost the same.

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