Holiday Village "Lukomorye" (Orel) invites guests to relax

Orel region can be safely called the middle of ancient Russia. This land has a very rich historical heritage. About the ancient settlements of the Oryol region mentioned in the annals, which were dated to the XII century.

Attractions of Orlovschiny

The region is rich in Russian folk culture and traditions, unique in nature. парк отдыха «Горки» (Мерцалова), турбаза «Экоостров») приглашают любителей активного отдыха к себе в гости. Numerous holiday houses and tourist centers ( recreation center "Lukomorye" (Orel), recreation park "Gorky" (Mertsalova), tourist center "Ekoostrov") invite fans of active recreation to visit. A lot of things they can show to travelers.

The lands of the Eagle are imbued with ancient bylina and fairy tales, in the territory of the region there are ancient monasteries and churches, near the village of Saburovo the remains of the fortress are preserved - bastions, towers, dilapidated walls. The terrain fascinates with natural beauty, forests. Tourists are offered a lot of excursions: to the zoo and the national park, along ecological paths, to the Holy Spring.

Recreation center "Lukomorye" (Orel)

Where to stay? Perhaps, one of the best and well-known tourist centers of the Oryol region is the recreation center "Lukomorye". The eagle is three kilometers from it. Company address: 366th km of the federal highway M2 (Kulikovsky town).

"Lukomorye" invites travelers to relax in cozy houses with a capacity of up to eight people. On the territory of the base there is a banquet hall for celebrations, pavilions, karaoke, a children's corner, a sports ground. For fans of the steam room there is a bath. On request you will be provided with brooms, towels, slippers.

находится на самом берегу, поклонники пляжного отдыха могут искупаться и позагорать, взять в прокат лодку или катамаран, для активнх туристов на территории базы есть площадка для игры в пейнтбол. Recreation center "Lukomorye" (Orel) is located on the beach, fans of beach holidays can swim and sunbathe, rent a boat or a catamaran, for active tourists in the base there is a playground for paintball.

The company accepts both cash and non-cash payment.

You can rest here not only in the summer. In winter, the staff of the camp site is building a huge hill for snowboarding (cheesecake). For children, smaller tubes are provided. You can start skating in three years.

Reviews of holidaymakers

For those who want a good and fun weekend or a vacation, the ideal place is " Lukomorye" (recreation center, Orel). о нем исключительно положительные. Reviews about it are extremely positive. A special delight is the new winter entertainment - snoutyubing. Both children and adults ride from the mountain with great pleasure, parents of very young children can walk down to the middle of the hill and from there begin the congress. Judging by the reviews, "Lukomorye" is an ideal option for a family holiday: it is safe and cozy, there are no strangers. Also, vacationers praise the kitchen of the complex, especially pilaf and shish kebab.

At guests' disposal there is a closed warm gazebo with coffee, tea and rolls.

The only drawback is a street toilet.

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