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How to play parents on April 1 at home?

April 1 is an international day of laughter. The holiday is celebrated in many countries of the world. It is on this day that everyone is playing and joking. Where this holiday comes from is unknown, but it is believed that the original celebration was celebrated as the equinox in the spring and the beginning of the great Christian holiday - Easter. It was on the first of April that everyone was happy, they greeted the spring with warm jokes and fun. And so far this tradition has remained, because people tried to appease capricious and changeable nature with the help of fun and laughter.

Rallies are good

April 1 jokes are very diverse and can cover many people. Jokes like children over children, and adults support this tradition. But children play their parents quite often. And this contributes to the development of a cheerful and positive atmosphere in the family.

You can play your parents throughout the day of laughter. After all, who will refuse to laugh again? Usually, if the whole family celebrates this holiday, then on the table can appear a lot of interesting and funny dishes. But the kids have fun in their own way. It is in children that fantasy is so developed that their jokes are very perky and diverse.

A joke at the table

So how to play parents at home, so that everyone would have fun? You can make fun of your dad and mom during the feast.

Now consider one of these jokes. To the child before everyone will sit down at a table, under a tablecloth it is necessary to put a magnet, and on it - the cutlery. It is worth considering that you can not hold such a rally when there are already hot dishes or a cup of tea on the table. And when everything is already prepared, then we take the second magnet and imperceptibly start to control the magnet that lies under the spoon or fork.

Play mom and dad for a walk. How to do it?

But if the whole family went for a walk, then how can you play your parents? Everything is not so difficult. It is important to connect your imagination here. Usually, when someone screams something like "look there, there's something happening", then everyone immediately turns to the specified side. Here and here you can come up with an interesting joke, for example, saying something quite incredible, but possible. The main thing is that the beginning of the speech should be plausible. When everyone understands that this is a joke, they will start laughing, and this will definitely improve your mood!

"Delicious" dessert with a surprise

How can you make fun of your family members? It is possible in the morning to help my mother in preparing breakfast, or rather, take this task on myself. We offer one of the options that can be prepared for April Fool's breakfast. It can be an interesting "dessert". You need to cook so that no one sees this. In this delicacy you need to add hot pepper, mayonnaise, grate the melted cheese, mix everything and tear with coconut shavings. Then follow this part of the morning meal in the refrigerator and cook the main part of the breakfast.

But when everyone ate the main dish, you can start dessert. The main thing is when you put cooked sweetness on a table, everyone is interested in the fact that it's delicious. Tea or coffee is already poured, and therefore at this moment it is necessary to serve such a dish. Then you can sit down and watch. But it is worth considering that someone may have an intolerance to a certain product. Usually children do not take it into account, so do not take offense at them if something does not work out.

Raffle with tea

Every morning, parents must drink tea or coffee. The first of April you can make the drink original.

To do this, add salt to the parents instead of sugar. How to do it unnoticed? To do this, in the evening of March 31, pour salt into the sugar bowl. In the morning, you will already enjoy the rally itself.

The original drawing at the pond

How can I play my parents on the 1st of April? If you are the whole family near a pond, you can put your hand to your forehead and pretend that you are looking into the distance and at the same time shout: "Look there, the dolphins are jumping." All at once they will look, and when they understand that this is a joke, they will start laughing together. This will give a positive energy boost to all family members.

Telephone drawing

How to play parents with your phone? Such a joke will be quite fun and not evil. You need to ask your friend to call your home number and introduce yourself as an employee of the housing office. Further warn that, taking into account the repair work of water will not be a few days, and therefore it is necessary to stock up on cold water and as much as possible - it is necessary to fill a bath, basins, buckets. A few hours later, call and ask if the bath filled with water. Then find out if it's cold water or not? When, in response, it sounds cold, then say, to heat, because soon they will come to expiate a large animal. Of course, you need to understand that not every parent likes such jokes given the cost of water in recent times.

Tips for little pranksters

Before thinking about how to play parents on April 1 at home, you need to understand that it should be funny not only to you, but also to those on whom you joke. In addition, it is necessary to try to make sure that no one is hurt or angry. Otherwise, such a joke will come out sideways for all its participants.

An interesting rally with a door and other "flying" objects

You can use a rally with threads if the door in the house opens outward. Then we tie the strings to various unbreakable objects, and the other end to the handle of the door. When one of the parents opens the door, then all these items will fall and create noise. However, after this, you should clean yourself, so as not to anger the parents and consolidate their excellent mood.

Joke dispute with coins

There are a lot of options for playing parents, that's why there is a choice. For example, you can play tricks on your parents with coins. You need to argue with your father or mother that you will be able to throw two five-kopeck coins so that one line is formed. In the hand should be 2 coins of a five-kopeck denomination and several others. When you throw, then, of course, one solid line will not line up. But remind that originally the dispute was about 2 five-kopeck coins.

An interesting rally with an egg

How to play parents on April 1 at home? For example, argue that one of the parents will not be able to crush a raw chicken egg with the bottom of the basin on the floor. Of course, many will agree with what they can. But the bottom line is that the egg can be put in the corner of the room. Then it will be very funny to look at the attempts of one of the parents to crush it.

Funny gifts

How to play the parents? Present a funny thing. To do this, sew an apron of camouflage fabric to your father, and then sew (or embroider) a funny inscription. Then you need to pack everything in a gift paper. The same aprons can be sewn for the mother, but from the pink fabric. The inscriptions may be different. For the pope the inscription "Master in our house", and for the mother - "The best girl of the apartment" is suitable.

A small conclusion

It is important to remember that jokes should be harmless, because their idea lies in uplifting the mood. And if you do draws, such as were suggested above, then memories in memory will remain for long days. Good jokes should remain in your memory for a long time, because this holiday was created to recharge yourself and others with positive and good emotions for a long time. The main thing is to take into account the differences in the nature of the parents and try not to naskodit, but cause a sincere laugh. We wish you luck in playing your parents!

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