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How to get there: Xenia blessed St. Petersburg. Xenia blessed St. Petersburg: address

One of the most revered women in Russia is Saint Blessed Xenia of Petersburg. By her prayers, and to this day, unprecedented miracles of God's love for people are being performed. And every believing person dreams of visiting her chapel in St. Petersburg and bowing to the relics of Blessed. But for this it is necessary to imagine where and how to get there, Xenia Blessed St. Petersburg where she is buried, how long it will take.

First of all, I must say that St. Petersburg is a very large city, it has about eight million people, and therefore the distances can be simply huge. Going to the chapel of Blessed, you need to count on a long journey. Better get out early. In addition, this place is very popular among pilgrims and tourists, so it is always crowded, and if there is an intention to pray in the chapel, then it is necessary to allocate a whole day to visit the Holy.

Smolenskoye cemetery

The burial place (chapel) of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg is located in the Smolensk cemetery of the Northern capital. It is located on Vasilievsky Island, you can get there by metro. To do this, go to the station "Vasilievskaya" and go outside. There you will immediately need to turn to the eighth line (this is the very first street from the exit from the subway), and then go towards increasing numbering of buildings. Go to the intersection of the 8th line and Kamskaya street and turn to Kama. Next, move in the direction of increasing the numbering of houses to the very entrance to the ancient Smolenskoye cemetery.

Another route

Let's imagine alternative options how to get there (Xenia Blessed St. Petersburg is buried in the chapel). You can take the metro to the station "Vasileostrovskaya". After leaving the subway, change to the minibus "K249". It is possible to get to Kama street and get to the main entrance to Smolenskoye cemetery. Right next to the main entrance is the church, and in the immediate vicinity of it is a chapel of Blessed Xenia Petersburg. The legal address of this place is as follows: 199048, St. Petersburg, Kamskaya Street, Building 24.

The Life of Blessed

We should say a few words about the earthly path of Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg. Where and when she was born, is not exactly known. But if one assumes that she was married to Andrei Fedorovich Petrov, a colonel, it becomes clear that Xenia was from a good family. Nothing more can be said about how she lived until her husband died.

At twenty-six, this woman became a widow. She decided to distribute her property to the poor and needy people. Her relatives were perplexed, they turned to the bosses of the deceased spouse, asking him to teach the distraught woman a grief. But officials, after a conversation with Ksenia Grigoryevna, came to the conclusion that she was in the mind. After this, the woman was given the right to dispose of the inheritance at her own discretion.

The holy fool for Christ's sake

After Xenia had distributed all the property, she began to walk the streets in the form of her deceased husband and tell everyone that Ksenia Grigoryevna had died, and Andrei Fedorovich was alive. So her grief found a way out. In wanderings she spent a total of forty-five years. Basically, she wandered barefoot in the Petersburg settlement, and if she was given charity, then the woman gave her to other poor people. Every night, Blessed departed into the field and prayed there, kneeling and bowing to all four directions. So she acted every night, despite the weather, not for the time of year. It must be said that Blessed Saint Xenia of Petersburg at first impressed people with a crazy woman, but eventually people realized that she was sane, she only chose a different path for herself.

After the death of her deeply beloved husband, she realized that everything in this earthly life has an end and can not be eternal. All except love to God. And she devoted herself to serving Christ. She always went barefoot and did not take clothes and shoes from anyone who wanted to help. And if she took it, she passed it on to all the other poor people. She wanted to devote herself to serving God, so she did not talk much with people. Most of the time she was at the temple or spent time in prayer on the field.

The construction of the temple

Let's step back a little from the story of how to get there. Xenia Blessed St. Petersburg took a direct part in the construction of a new church in the Smolensk cemetery. It was like this: the workers, coming to the construction site in the morning, each time found out on the top platform a bunch of bricks that someone dragged over there overnight. Having tracked this free assistant, the workers found out that this is none other than Xenia Blessed Petersburg. The address of this church and today coincides with the address of the Smolensk cemetery.

Chapel over the grave

All pilgrims and tourists are interested in the story of Blessed. Orthodox people know that contact with the shrine gives the soul a unique grace. It should be clarified that the temple of Blessed Xenia Petersburg is just the one she helped build on the Smolensk cemetery, and today it is open to visitors all the time. In addition, over the grave of Blessed Xenia in 1902 was built a chapel on the money of pilgrims, and in 1992 on its western wall laid out a mosaic image of Blessed.

The chapel was consecrated by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, who reigned then (Alexy the Second). Days of veneration of the Holy in the church calendar - June 6 and February 6. It is also worth mentioning that in the church of the icon of the Mother of God in the Smolensk cemetery, service is performed daily at ten in the morning, and Divine Liturgies are held on holidays. In addition, the sacrament of baptism is performed in the church every day after the service, notes are accepted for prayers about health and commemoration, including by mail.

It can be said that, how to get there, Xenia Blessed St. Petersburg indicates to many people herself. It seems to lead a person who turns to her, to God. Therefore, the path to the chapel of Blessed is still not overgrown and, probably, will never grow.

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