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Computer game "Phobos: 1953": passage, review, reviews

"Phobos: 1953" - a game of Russian production. The product was released in early May 2009. The game is available only for personal computers running the Windows operating system.

News about the publication

In February 2009, the announcement of the game took place. The developer of the product is Phantomery Interactive. Two months later, it was announced that the company would participate in the Game Developers Conference. It was at this conference that the game was presented. During the event, the creators demonstrated the basic elements of the passage of "Phobos: 1953". The product won the prize in the "Best Quest" nomination.

The publishers are New Disc and PC Digital. In 2013, the game appeared on Steam called "1953 - KGB Unleashed". The key for "Phobos: 1953" is $ 4.

Pirate's European version

The game, which is put up for sale on Steam, has Russian, English, German, French and Polish. They were installed due to hacking of game resources. The company-developer did not take part in the process of adding foreign languages to the game.

In this regard, representatives of the company made a statement that the game in the service was released illegally. Phantometry Interactive did not earn a single ruble royalty per game. Also, developers recommend that gamers refuse to buy the game on Steam.


The game engine is called Panopticum Engine - the company's own development. It was created specifically for adventure games. It was first used in the game Sublustrum. It has many features that distinguish the Panopticum Engine from other engines. The key are the following:

  • 360-degree panorama;
  • Active environment;
  • The ability to play high-definition video;
  • Effects of sepia, old film and hot air;
  • Diversified background loading;
  • A high level of speed of work on a weak iron.

The game engine features a powerful graphical editor that allows you to manage panoramas, screens, and sound. It has a diagnostic system that allows you to quickly detect game errors. The third feature is flexibility.

System requirements

The game was released in 2010, so it does not have high requirements for hardware. The creators in 2009 were told that the game will run on computers running any of the versions of the Windows operating system. At the time of the release it was XP, Vista and 7. Now, in 2017, they were added to Windows 8 and 10.

For normal operation, a processor with a frequency of 1.5 GHz is required. Also, you need 256 MB of RAM and at least one gigabyte of free space on your hard drive. It is recommended to have a video card as good as the GeForce FX 5200.


The game "Phobos: 1953" is a prequel to the thriller "Phobos", which was released in the spring of 2009. Creators position their product as a psychological quest. The game starts in the same place where the action of the film takes place. The plot is based on the developments of the USSR MGB.

According to the game, the Ministry of State Security of the Soviet Union conducted research on the human brain. Also, the MGB tried to study how fear affects the human body, as well as the possibility of transmitting thoughts at a distance.

The main task of the player is to understand what exactly happened in the laboratory. It is necessary to determine the reason why all the personnel were liquidated, and the complex - is preserved. The passage of "Phobos: 1953" begins with a secret bunker in which the laboratory is located. The experiments were conducted on prisoners.


Management in the game is carried out by the mouse. The main menu is called when the Esc key is pressed. In the menu section, the player can change the settings for himself, save, load the selected save or completely quit the game.

After clicking the right mouse button in the lower right corner, a window appears on the screen of the monitor, which is a cut-down version of the game menu. It allows you to load the game or save the current process.

If you right-click in the upper left corner, a window will open, displaying all the documents collected by the player during the adventure "Phobos: 1953". When you click in the lower left corner, the inventory panel is called up.

The mouse cursor can have a normal appearance, but can be highlighted. In the event that the mouse pointer is highlighted, it makes it clear that the player can interact with the object. Also, the active cursor can mean the ability to move in the specified direction. When the pointer looks without "special effects", the player can look in different directions, moving the mouse.

Tip: You should look around in all directions and read all the documents that come handy.

Passage of game: powerblock

At the beginning of the game, the gamer looks through a small introductory video. After him, the character of the game comes to his senses and tries to understand what happened to him, where he is, how he got here.

To start, you need to open a log of entries and read what is written in the character's pass. It states that the hero was sent to an underground bunker to repair electrical equipment. As soon as the character of the game leaves the room, he hears a siren that notifies that a nitrogen leak has occurred. All outputs are blocked, the generator does not work. Next to it is a balloon on the floor, from which nitrogen flows. It is necessary to return to the office, take the burner and apply it on a bottle with nitrogen.

Then go to the service entrance. Near it on the shield you need to turn on the light bulbs, the total power of which is 18 V. After that, the alarm siren will cease. Using a grinder, which rolls on the floor, you need to cut the blocks that do not give the door open. Having done this, the player can move on. The level is passed.

Passage: the corridor

In the second location, the player does not stay long. Moving along the corridor, the character begins to remember how he got into the bunker. On the shelf, the hero discovers an invoice from which he understands that a large number of chemicals have been purchased to the laboratory.

Also in the corridor there is a brick wall, designed to wall one of the exits. Next, the player sees the door leading to the meeting room, and next to it is a note with an incomprehensible text regarding the radio band.

Passage: meeting room

In one of the cabinets of the hall lies the schedule of works. The player has a feeling that the laboratory workers in a panic tried to escape from the room. Then the question arises: why are they nowhere to be found?

Then you need to go further along the hall to take the key from the projector. A lot of official papers lay on the table. The player has the opportunity to view them all. On one of the papers, the number 2790 is written in red. Also, the character finds postcards and magazines. Then he sees the radio. On it it is necessary to expose that range which was in scraps from the first mission. After that, the cabinet door opens and the player sees the secret room.

Passage: the Chamber of Secrets

In the secret room there is a bookcase. It has four books with spines of different colors. It is necessary to remember their order. The player needs to take two cigarettes. One is in the bookcase, and the other is on the table. Also on the table is a handbook with information about poisonous substances.

After a couple of steps, one more memory comes to the character of the game. He takes the second cigarette, turns and detects the air mail. It does not work because of the broken wires. It is written on the air line: "71-V". This, too, should be remembered. The player leaves the secret room and hears someone's voice. After that, you should go back to the office.

Passage: office

At the door of the room, the engineer tries to make a phone call and learns the safety rules. Then you should go to the office and see the magazine "Radio Engineering", which is on the table.

The player discovers a key, which opens a wall cabinet near the door. There are various tools that need to be taken to a secret room.

Passage: secret room 2

From the second call the player manages to use air mail. With the help of insulating tape and pliers, taken in the office, it is necessary to repair the wire. On one of the documents on the table there is a frequency of 1400 Hz. On the table is a stand. It should be put cigarettes in the order in which books with colored cores stood.

Then you need to interact with the safe. The code is 2790. There are a number of documents behind the safe door. You also need to get acquainted with them. Then turn and turn the black switch. Then the engineer leaves the secret room, goes to the corridor and opens the door, which is closed for a large number of constipation.

Passage: laboratory

When you descend, the character breathes faster, so you have to leave the place. It is necessary to correct the problems with the air supply system. We must quickly go down to the shelf behind the pickaxe.

Going upstairs, the hero goes to the box with the lock, which is located at the door. Kirkoy must break the castle. There is a pen in the box. Then the player follows to the ventilating lid, which is located near the hall.

Passage: ventilation shaft

On the device for negotiations, someone's cry for help is heard. We must move to the exit and turn the valve. He starts the air mail.

Then you should return to the hall through the corridor.

Passageway: Conference Room 2

Through the hall the player again goes to the secret room to take the filmstrip, and returns to the hall to view it using the projector.

The screen shows the scheme for configuring control nodes for HLW. It must be drawn with a pencil. After that, the engineer goes to the mine.

Passage: ventilation shaft 2

In the mine, you need to open the lid, which has the inscription "FVU-6". Behind it is the panel where you insert the card with the diagram image and rotate all the levers as required by the circuit.

A switch is located on the opposite wall. It should be omitted. After that, you will hear how the ventilation turned on. Then we need to return to the negotiation device and tell the unknown that the ventilation is activated. Then the hero returns to the laboratory.

Passage: laboratory 2

Inside the room is a treatment room. The hero must pass on the right side of the room between two tables. On the left there are boxes with indicators of combat substances. They should be taken with them.

On the right there is a syringe. It is also necessary to take it. The next step is to determine the type of gas in the basement. The hero is heading for the exit. Near the door there are scales, and next to it there is a balloon. In turn, the engineer brings all the indicators to the cylinder. So he manages to understand that the gas in the basement is sarin.

Near the procedural room, the hero finds documents that need to be read. Documents on the autopsy lie on the floor, on the table - information about the indicator of acoustic signals.

Passage: basement - secret room - treatment room

The hero wants to go to the left door, but is afraid to do it. He goes straight by reading the reports. At the end of the folder with reports there are 2 keys. Turn the tumbler at the electrical panel opens the hatch. The hero descends there, puts on the box a tape recorder and returns to the secret room.

In it, he opens the bedside table under the pneumatic post and takes the tape. Along the way, he gets acquainted with all the documents that were in the nightstand.

Then the hero goes to the treatment room, reads another report. This time it talks about interrogations. The engineer tries to set up the acoustic signal generator. It is necessary to set the frequency at 1400 Hz. In the niche, the hero takes the microphone and goes to the tape recorder in the basement.

Passage: the second visit to the basement and the treatment room

In the basement, the player turns on the radio and connects the microphone to it. After the recording is received, the character goes to the treatment room.

There he goes to the device for listening. Turning on the film, the engineer falls into the unknown.

Passage: bureau

The main character regains consciousness in an incomprehensible place, after which he begins to study it. He studies all the documents, takes a gas mask and tries to get out.

Near the door, he finds a postcard with a strange formula on it. He leaves the room and realizes that he was in the room he was afraid to enter. A corpse lies in the blood near the wall. On the floor is a bloody pickaxe, the hero immediately grabs her and runs off to the bureau. With the help of a pickax he breaks the wall, in which there was only a crack earlier.

Passage: the lower tier

This is the last stage in the passage of "Phobos: 1953". The player makes his way to the room through a broken wall. There he sees mercury spilled on the floor, so he puts on a gas mask. The sinks have 2 taps. The left tap should be turned 3 times, and the right one - 6. On the floor, the hero takes an eye out of the glass and leaves the room.

In the corridor there is a door, from under which light is visible. The hero throws an eye there, opens the door and follows towards the table with the documents. Engineer activates the toggle switch and goes into the room with spilled mercury. At the end of the room appeared the entrance to the metro. The hero hurries to him. Everything, the game is over. It remains only to watch the final video.

Reviews of gamers and expert opinions

Reviews of "Phobos: 1953" from the users divided. Some believe that the product did not live up to expectations, while others believe that the game is one of the best in the genre, while others generally played only because "Phobos: 1953" is the product of the company that developed the famous project called "Sulbystrum".

Experts did not force users to wait a long time for the review "Phobos: 1953". At the end of March 2010, a well-known web portal published a review of the game. It was noted that it is not made in the film, but is a prehistory. From the film itself in the game there were only the location and the name, and then changed.

It was noted that the quests that are used in the game, avid gamers could already meet in similar products. However, we can not fail to note the consistency of the tasks. Quest requires attention from the gamer. In order not to rack your brains for several hours on how to go through "Phobos: 1953", you should treat the details very carefully.

In general, the game turned out pretty good. Quest has an excellent storyline, but its huge disadvantage is that you do not want to re-engage in the passage of "Phobos: 1953". The game does not differ in originality, and it is rather difficult to master it.

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