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Treatment in the medical center "Ichilov"

Treatment in Israeli clinics is gaining increasing preference among residents of the CIS and other countries. This is easily explained by the fact that the preference for overseas treatment is very costly, and Israel's medical institutions provide effective assistance, backed up by an appropriate technical apparatus and qualified personnel, not inferior to that of American and European clinics, but considerably inferior in value. The prices of the Israeli medical centers are not much higher than the prices of the capital clinics in the CIS countries, but it is especially significant that Israeli specialists have a huge unique experience in cases of treatment of complex diseases and the technical opportunity to provide the necessary assistance that modern medicine can provide. These benefits, as well as a personal approach to solving the medical issue of the patient constitute a weighty argument in favor of choosing treatment in Israel.

Treatment in the medical center "Ichilov"

MC "Ichilov" is one of the places where you can get the most high-quality medical care at an affordable price in Israel. It is located in the central part of Tel Aviv and is Israel's second largest medical center. The location in which it is located is surrounded by comfortable hotels and park areas. The staff of the medical center is four thousand professionals, among which there are many scientists with names known at the world level. Ichilov is a multidisciplinary medical center that contains many different departments, including oncology, cardiology, gynecology, urology and children's departments.

Oncological department of the Ichilov MC

Help in the treatment of cancer is the most in demand, at the moment, in Israel. In the oncology department of the medical center "Ichilov" quite successfully cope with the treatment of adenomas of any glandular organs with the help of such a method of surgical intervention as endoscopy. Here patients can be admitted from any country at any stage of the disease. The department can observe the most modern equipment. This allows you to perform the necessary examinations for timely diagnosis and effective treatment. The level of care is high enough if the patient has breast cancer. In Ichilov Medical Center, serious attention is paid to the treatment of cancer, which is reflected in the effectiveness and continuous progress of oncology treatment.

Cardiology department of the Ichilov MC

The department of cardiology of the hospital complex "Ichilov" is the place of unique operations on transplantation and heart transplantation. The department is famous for the treatment of any heart disease, immediately there is a successful rehabilitation of patients who have suffered heart failure. In cooperation with the cardio-surgical department of the medical center "Ihilov" in cardio-isolation of the same clinic, cardiovascular surgery is performed for people with anomalies of their development, which appeared due to the acquired insufficiency. However, in the cardiology department of the "Ichilov" center, many other kinds of help are provided: catheterization of the heart vessels, balloon angioplasty, implantation of prostheses. Separately, it should be noted a huge number of successfully conducted annual open heart operations.

Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology "Fox" in the Ichilov MC

In the center of the "Fox" clinic "Ichilov" every year help to appear in the light of several thousand children. Here the mothers are taken as with a pregnancy, which is physiologically normal, and with various pathologies that have arisen in the process. The level of the arrangement of the department can be estimated as high, which allows nursing children with a weight of five hundred grams and children with defects of internal organs. The center assists in the treatment of various diseases by the female line at any stage of development. At the same time, medical specialists of the center "Lys" have long practiced such an operation as in vitro fertilization. This allows each family to get a chance to have a baby.

Children's Hospital "Dana" in the Ichilov Medical Center

It is necessary to remember about the children's hospital "Dana", located in the complex of the medical center "Ichilov". Here a great role is given to the treatment of pediatric oncology. This place can be described as one of the few where the successful treatment of blood diseases of various kinds. What is especially important is the level of accessibility and quality of treatment, with the participation of unique specialists with the necessary experience of successful treatment of pediatric hemato-oncology.

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