A favorable loan is offered by Sberbank. Credit card for 50 days: conditions and reviews

Credit cards combined the best qualities of credit and bank cards. They can resume the limit, use their grace period and bonus programs.

One of the profitable services offered by Sberbank is a credit card for 50 days. The conditions, testimonials, interest rate of clients will pleasantly surprise. This is one of the right solutions for economical people, because overpayment will be 0%.

Sberbank credit card for 50 days: conditions

How to apply for a credit card:

  1. On the bank's website (for details, a call from the manager will be received, and the application will be considered).
  2. By the hotline phone (the specialist will help you find the conditions convenient for the client, ask for the necessary data and send the application for consideration).
  3. In the branch of the bank (the lending specialist will accept the application).

Get a card on hand is possible on the day of approval of the loan. The entire procedure takes a small amount of time and does not require effort.

Conditions for servicing Sberbank credit cards:

  • The limit is determined on an individual basis.
  • Grace period is 50 days.
  • Monthly payment is at least 5% of the total debt.
  • It is possible to reissue the card ahead of time.
  • The report can be received in a timely manner by mail or by e-mail.
  • Payment systems, to which cards are attached, are the most common and are suitable for use almost everywhere.

Types of credit cards of Sberbank with grace period

Sberbank offers its customers the best. The credit card for 50 days of the issuance terms has the best, while the staff's attitude is excellent, the cards are convenient to use.


  1. Gold cards.
  2. Maps Momentum.
  3. Classical.
  4. Credit youth cards.
  5. Gold and Classic cards Aeroflot.
  6. Gold and Classic cards "Give life".
  7. MTS cards.

All of them are issued for three years, then automatically re-issued. The amount of annual maintenance depends on the status of the card you purchased.

Grace period

Grace period means that free use of finance is possible within the credit limit. In simple terms, a client who has borrowed a loan from a bank has the right not to pay interest. In order for the overpayment to be 0% and the bank does not accrue interest or penalties, you need to be able to calculate the grace period correctly.

In fact, it is equal to thirty days of the reporting period and twenty days of the payment period. Money spent by non-cash way must be returned before the end of the payment period. The starting point is the activation date of the card, and not the beginning of the month, as many believe. Once the card is activated, the reporting period begins, which is allocated for credit consumption. The later the money is withdrawn from the card, the less grace period will be.

It is necessary to remember, as soon as the first reporting period ends , the second begins. That is, during the first payment period, the second reporting period is already in progress.

Sberbank. Credit card for 50 days: conditions, reviews and interest rate

To date, the bank has become one of the most popular. A beneficial service, for which many prefer to apply to Sberbank, is a credit card for 50 days. Terms of use, customer reviews, reduced interest rate - everything is available and convenient for borrowers.

It is Sberbank's loans that many citizens want to acquire, but not everyone knows how to use them properly and properly. Borrowers who can use the grace period are satisfied with the cards of Sberbank. They receive only positive and grateful reviews. They simply settle in a non-cash way and return the amount spent until a certain date, without losing a penny. Proper use of credit cards makes life easier for many customers. They do not have to borrow from friends or relatives, they simply borrow money from the bank using their credit card. The main thing is to repay the debt at a certain time. The card in this case serves as a spare purse.

Be sure to keep in mind that the grace period applies only to non-cash transactions on the card. If the money was withdrawn in cash at the ATM, interest is charged at the same moment, as well as a commission for the withdrawn money in the amount of 3%.

The interest is calculated only on the withdrawn amount. Today, the interest rate in Sberbank on cards varies from 25.9% to 33.9%.

Required documents

The most important and compulsory documents are the passport and SNILS. If the limit exceeds 100,000 rubles, then a proof of income document will be required. If such a document the borrower can not bring, then he is invited to transfer to the accounting department to fill out a certificate. 2NDFL will not be required for customers who receive salaries through Sberbank.

The decision will be influenced by the borrower's credit history, additional income, age and place of residence.

If you carefully study all the features of credit cards, you can understand the essence of their convenience. It is then that the grace period of 50 days on the card of Sberbank will help in solving the most elementary financial problems.

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