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Symptoms of menopause in women

Climax is a natural physiological process, which, as a rule, is characterized by a decrease in the production of the hormone progesterone.

Quite often we hear about this problem, but not each of us thinks about it. The problem seems distant and fantastic. But over the years, women have noticed changes in their body. A woman feels constant discomfort, irritability and nervousness, insomnia and rapid fatigue. On the part of the genital area, noticeable changes begin: menstruation becomes irregular and quite painful. All these signs of menopause in women. These symptoms are evidence that the menopause is just around the corner , so you need to constantly take care of your health in order to avoid the appearance of various ailments. In some menopause appears quite pronounced, while others - almost imperceptible.

At about 45 years, the amount of estrogen that is produced is decreasing, correspondingly, the ability to conceive, to normally endure this pregnancy and, finally, to give birth to a healthy child is reduced at times.

The first signs of an early menopause :

- Sleep disorder, frequent insomnia;

-Excessive nervousness, sometimes sudden;

- a sharp change of mood;

- sudden hot flushes;


Later signs of menopause in women are manifested in the form of violations of a more serious nature: difficulty urinating, problems of a sexual nature, dryness in the vagina, etc.

Later, there are metabolic disorders, there may be diseases associated with nervous disorders or cardiovascular nature. There may be osteoporosis, which occurs in connection with the violation of calcium metabolism and the washing out of calcium from the bones.

When there are signs of menopause in women, they lose confidence in their femininity, attractiveness due to poor health and loss of the function of procreation. Unpleasant feelings further increase internal insecurity and discomfort, especially if a woman is in a work group among girls and men younger than her.

Attacks of sweating (hot flashes) arise in connection with the violation of the vascular tone, respectively, and body temperature due to changes in the balance of hormones in the female body. Such signs of the onset of menopause often prevent sleep at night. Tides can be observed in a woman up to 30 times a day, which causes severe discomfort, growing into a constant anxiety, and then insomnia.

Due to insufficient production of hormones, the skin becomes thinner and becomes dry. As a result, many fine wrinkles appear and an unhealthy color. The body loses elasticity, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases. But these problems are eliminated by taking a woman medications that improve the metabolic processes in the skin.

It is also known that in such a difficult period for a woman, intimate relationships are often problematic due to physiological changes in the structure of the sexual organs, as well as an unbalanced mental state. Instead of enjoying physical proximity, a woman experiences pain and incontinence because of the dryness and mild vulnerability of the vaginal mucosa and urethra. As a result, dissatisfaction and a depressed state.

In order to remove nervousness and anxiety, a woman is recommended to engage in autogenic training, since the cause of discomfort lies in self-doubt and loss of past activity and vivacity. If symptoms of menopause in women are seen, the latter is recommended to consult a doctor to avoid the risk of serious disorders in the body. An experienced specialist will prescribe hormone replacement therapy, which will help eliminate most unpleasant symptoms.

If a woman throughout her conscious life has been taking care of her physical and mental health (she was sporting, rationally and qualitatively ate, treated the diseases on time), then the menopause period, just like the signs of menopause, will be less painful for her and will not be reflected On her health.

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