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Walnut septa, their useful qualities and properties

Most people know the healing properties of walnuts. But few people know that walnut septums have unique useful properties, not to a lesser extent.

It is not a secret for anyone that at present most people are prone to a shortage of iodine in the body. In this first of all, the thyroid gland suffers, which affects the immune system and leads to the development of such pathologies as mastopathy, myoma, adenoma of the prostate gland. In addition, puberty slows down, a person often begins to suffer from colds, mental disorders and other pathologies.

And here it should be immediately said that walnut septa are an excellent source of iodine. Broth from them perfectly strengthens the thyroid gland and has strong bactericidal properties. The question of the duration of treatment with this decoction is decided solely on an individual basis. Typically, the course lasts from one to four weeks.

As a result, the well-being improves, the person becomes more calm and balanced, excessive sweating disappears, sleep improves, the metabolism normalizes and excess kilograms disappear.

What is useful for walnut partitions yet? Thanks to him you can get rid of a number of specific diseases. Thus, the membranes of walnuts have bactericidal properties, due to which it is possible to cure such a disease as conjunctivitis. To this end, prepare a special broth, which moistens gauze bandages and superimposes them on the eyes. The same way treat other eye diseases.

Walnut septa are also used to cure colitis and prolonged diarrhea. In this case, prepare the tincture on a vodka basis. Walnut septa can cope even with such serious diseases as diabetes. The indicator of treatment for this pathology will be the level of sugar in the blood. In addition, the general well-being of the patient will improve significantly, dryness in the mouth will disappear, and the tongue will cease to pinch. Certainly, tincture from walnut partitions can only relieve non-insulin-dependent diabetes. In the case of an insulin-dependent form, the number of injections will be reduced.

This remarkable properties of the walnut partitions do not end there. The fact is that the facts of cure for radiculitis, pains of a different nature and much more are noted. This amazing remedy is able to clear the vessels of the brain, relieve a severe headache and improve memory.

In folk medicine, walnut septums have been used for a long time. As a rule, they prepare vodka based tincture. To do this, take one glass of partitions and fill them with one bottle of vodka. Then the solution is insisted for two weeks. Ready tincture take five to six drops three times a day immediately before eating, previously diluted with water in the amount of one tablespoon. As a rule, the course of treatment with such a tincture lasts ten days. If necessary, you can undergo re-treatment after seven days.

And now think carefully about whether it is worth throwing out the walnut partitions, because thanks to them you can get rid of a whole series of various pathologies and diseases. Do not forget that the tincture of them is good to use and as a preventive tool to avoid problems with the thyroid gland. In any case, after reading this article, there is something to think about. It is much better to take folk remedies, rather than oversaturate your body with medicinal products of chemical origin.

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