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Grammar nazi - good or evil?

Undoubtedly, in our days the Russian language is going through hard times: spelling, rules of pronunciation and even the lexical meaning of many words are not known not only to children and people far from the cultural environment, but also those who seemingly must understand all the subtleties and nuances Rich Russian language: journalists, philologists and writers. The reasons were the following factors: firstly, this is undoubtedly a drop in the overall cultural level, and secondly, of course, the Internet, which assumed the function of the global media. Unlike traditional media, any user can post content to the Internet, that is, there is no pre-selection, therefore, not only non-content, but also illiterate texts fall into the network.

"A ray of light in a dark realm?"

We shall make a reservation: it is not necessary to think, that all Internet content is a collection of illiterate delirium. Professional journalists and writers work on the web, cultural and educated people communicate. Not only do they worry about the fate of the Russian language: for several years now the movement Grammar nazi has been operating on the Internet (including social networks). Let's talk about it in more detail.

Grammar nazi - what is this?

The phrase "Grammar Nazi" is literally translated from English as "grammatical nazis". However, the word "Nazis" in this context should be understood somewhat differently. By Nazism in this case, intolerance is implied to those who often make mistakes in writing certain language constructs, incorrectly places punctuation marks and denies the importance of learning and preserving their native language. In a broad sense, Grammar nazi is a public movement for the purity of language.

Grammar Nazi position themselves as a kind of universal cleaners of the Internet environment from illiteracy and philistine dullness. They themselves have imposed this burden on themselves, because this social movement has neither a clear organization, nor a charter, nor a program. Moreover, everyone is entitled to be called "Grammar Nazi". In this scenario, many literally shame the honor of this organization, proving too aggressively their rightness, but at the same time allowing simple errors in spelling. Some "inhabitants of the Internet" consider the grammar of the Nazis to be too aggressive and too picky individuals who have nothing to occupy themselves in real life. Agree, repels the grammar Nazis and their comparison with Nazis and "sacred soldiers of the Third Reich."

What do Grammar nazi do?

Grammar Nazis do not have a clear structure and responsibilities, so everyone who considers himself so, simply sits in the "public" places of the Internet (popular social networks, forums, online games) and makes comments to everyone about their knowledge of spelling, than delivers Terrible discomfort to visitors and administration of the resource. Often, the "Nazis" receive in the end a blocked account - the result of their "heroic" linguistic activities.

Organization Grammar nazi

However, there are also more organized groups of grammars who clearly separate responsibilities. Their representatives monitor certain sites, sometimes they help the administration of small resources monitor language content norms , in time "clean" frankly delusional comments, that is, they act as editors. This is especially common in English-speaking countries. Yes, do not be surprised, the grammar of the Nazis is not strictly Russian "exclusive": initially the movement was international, and then its cells were divided by countries.

It should be noted that they also pay attention not only to spelling: for Grammar nazi commas play an important role. Such a position often leads to frank aggression in the dialogue, because the arrangement of commas in the same sentence can be different, and the disputing parties in an excited state can not understand this.

Grammar Nazi: the pros and cons

Since we are talking about such an interesting social movement, let's consider its pros and cons.

From the pluses it is possible to note that all the same people who consider themselves to be "grammatical Nazis" do not so much know their native language as much as they try to preserve its purity and originality. They want people to remember their roots, respect culture and not lose their national identity.

On the other hand, all of the above can be attributed solely to the inspirers of the movement and in no way to its ordinary members, whom you can not even fully name as members. Usually they just behave too aggressively, completely disregard the opinions of others, and their main goal is to insult the person and some self-affirmation due to this. That is why the grammar of the Nazis are so biased towards Internet users, and because of individual representatives, all the movement suffers.

Thanks to our article, we found out who the grammar men are, what they are doing and how they carry their ideology to the masses, but it's up to you to decide whether it's good or evil.

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