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Smartphone Leagoo Elite 1: reviews of the owners, specifications, review and description

Now information about Leagoo Elite 1 (review, reviews) on different resources is presented in large volume. The consumers' opinion about the model is usually positive. However, she also has cons. The performance of the eight-core processor is pretty good. If we talk about the display, then it is used for a smartphone with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Supports this device on two SIM cards in all major formats. The operating system "Android" brakes very rarely, the phone Leagoo Elite 1 reviews is good. The camera in the smartphone is set to 16 megapixels. It is worth on the market model about 16 500 rubles.

Filling the device

Thanks to the high-frequency processor, experts say well about Leagoo Elite 1 FHD. Feedback indicates that there is no performance problem with the model. In this case, the thyristor block is used on pentodes. If we talk about the display, then the modulator for control under it is set quite high-quality.

Additionally, experts are positive about the capacitor. If we talk about filters, then in this case they are applied with an overlay. Thus, hangs in the system are rare.

Tools for communication

This smartphone has all the basic tools for comfortable communication. In this case, standard messages are supported. The typing in them is quite simple due to the intelligent input system. If necessary, you can insert various objects into the SMS. Symbols in the device for communication are also provided. Internet from the smartphone is very comfortable, so Leagoo Elite 1 reviews are good.

All major browsers the model supports. Thus, the user is able to choose it at his own discretion. If necessary, you can move the tabs. Also in the device is the ability to customize the panel for quick access to your favorite Internet pages.

Which camera is installed?

The camera of this phone has a good zoom. Contrast in this case, the user is able to configure. If necessary, the exposure in the device can be changed. In the camera effects tab, the user can adjust the brightness of the recording. The microphone in the device is set high-quality. The location of saving files is set through the general settings of the camera. Switch to video shooting user can directly from the display. You can ask for the size of the photos. Additionally, you can change the sound of the shutter.

What do they say about the camera?

The camera is quite interesting smartphone Leagoo Elite 1. Reviews of owners often indicate a good brightness of images. Portraits in this case are excellent. The flashlight differs Leagoo Elite 1 FHD 4G. Reviews indicate that in the dark the pictures are good. A quality microphone sounds perfectly. However, the disadvantages of the camera should also be taken into account.

First of all, this concerns the lack of a smoothing function. In this case, the option to reset the settings in the device is not provided. Given this, when changing the initial effects, you must be very careful. Another disadvantage is the large blurriness of images when the camera shakes.

What's in the kit?

To this smartphone, in addition to charging, very detailed user instructions are attached. If you believe the opinion of buyers, then everything you need is described. Every owner of the smartphone should familiarize with it. Directly charging to the phone is attached to a small size. Therefore, carrying it with you is very comfortable. A USB cable is provided to connect the device to the PC.

General settings

You can configure contacts in the presented smartphone from the main menu. In this case, the user can select different modes. If necessary, you can change the melody for a call to any one. It should also be noted that this smartphone allows you to easily include bans on calls, so Leagoo Elite 1 reviews are good. If necessary, information on contacts can be supplemented. The touch sounds of the display are also assigned to this model.

Synchronization parameters are set through the device tab. The function of pairing equipment in the smartphone is provided. To view the name of the bluetooth, go to the "Devices" tab. The options for connecting accessories are regulated in the main menu.

Special abilities

The function of hardware overlay in special settings is provided. If necessary, the calibration parameters of the screen can be changed. The monitoring option in the device is available, so Leagoo Elite 1 reviews from the owners receive positive. Additionally, the user is able to change the security settings. The bug reports of the smartphone provides quite extensive.

The drawing function is available for the model. If necessary, the display illumination area can be removed by the owner. The scaling parameters in the device are set via the main menu. The user can view the level of the processor load. In this case, the limit of background processes is configured.

Display settings

To configure the display in this smartphone, you need to go to the main menu. In this case, the user can adjust the standby mode. Change the font size is easy for Leagoo Elite 1. Customer reviews suggest that the background images on the display can be set to different extensions. All major image formats the device opens.

The function of loading graphics in the model is provided. If necessary, the user is able to change the parameters of the working panel. Applications on the display have the ability to carry absolutely everything. In this case, the clock is displayed on the screen by default. If you believe the opinion of buyers, then the transition to the pages is quite fast.

What applications are there?

From the applications of this smartphone, the photo editor and the testing program deserve attention. Online store is available. If necessary, the user is also able to scan the device using the anti-virus system Doctor Web. To listen to music in applications there is a program called "Power." Images for the screen saver display are easy to pick up thanks to the Appecor application. If necessary, the model has a "Superbim", which allows you to quickly exchange data. To communicate with friends and family, "Tweeter" and "Skype" are provided. If desired, the owner is able to independently download a lot of useful applications.

How to make firmware?

You can make the firmware of the phone using the "One" program. It can significantly improve system performance. The update of system files is carried out quite quickly. In this case, failures of different types disappear. To do everything right, you first need to prepare a smartphone to install the program. To do this, it is recommended to completely delete the files from the device.

Further it is important to charge the battery so that the firmware process does not stop. The next step is to disconnect the smartphone. For these purposes, a personal computer with any operating system is suitable. However, it is recommended to check for viruses before connecting the equipment. The same should be done with the "One" file before activating it.

You can connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable. Next, you need to start the firmware process using the "Start" button. As mentioned earlier, the user will not take much time from the process. After the procedure is complete, you only need to turn on your smartphone and make sure it works.

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