Roses Tantau: description, photos and reviews

No wonder the rose is called the queen of flowers. It will decorate any celebration, will be an excellent addition to the gift. Women in the majority of all other flowers like roses. Gardeners with special trepidation grow on their plots these flowers, which are many varieties. Today we will tell about German roses Tantau. Let's describe their appearance, tell about the variety, the rules of planting and care.

Origin of roses Tantau

In 1882, on September 10, in the German city of Ytersen, a son was born to a family of Tantau farmers. Mathias, the so-called boy, after growing up, got a job working for Peter Lambert, who kept the largest pink nursery in Germany in Trier. After 23 years Matias started to create his own nursery Rosen Tantau. The work on the cultivation of beautiful plants has been and is still being intensively carried out, for today this nursery is the world's largest plant for industrial growing roses. Tantau seedlings are popular all over the world. In their assortment there are many kinds:

  • Climbing;
  • Cluster;
  • Tea;
  • Hybrid;
  • Miniature roses.

About 50 hectares of land is allocated for growing flowers. Here roses grow in the open ground, and in greenhouses, their number is estimated in millions!


This is a wonderful variety of Tantau roses. On the high and straight peduncle there is a velvety bud of goblet shape. The tea-hybrid rose has a delightful black and red color and is very popular with flower lovers. Buds, opening, turn into large, thick and double flowers, endowed with a pleasant, but not sharp flavor. This rose blooms all season, decorating its kind of landscape. Gardeners love this variety for the fact that it is ideal for cutting, long pleases the eye even in a vase.

First Lady

On the upright and quite powerful bush, large and taut flowers slowly unfold for a long time. Their shape is globular, outwardly resembling small cabbage heads. Gustomahrovye roses have an interesting color: gently-green from below, above - light pink, and inside the flowers are a bright shade, approximating to clove color. The bush well branches and grows, so when planting it should allocate enough space.


A compact and neat bush of the Tantau rose is lined with shiny thick foliage. Thick terry flowers are collected in large brushes, have an amber-orange hue and a pleasant fruity aroma. Over time, roses become a pleasant gentle-peach color, and wavy petals give them a special charm. This group of floribunda is one of the most loved and recognizable. Bushes do not take up much space, they easily take root.

Mildred Scheel

This is, according to most, the best Tantau roses. Bushes are tall, straight, flowers are ideal for cutting. The buds are large, almost black, in the sun there is a crimson hue. The flower blossoms slowly, and the bush is strewn with beautiful plants throughout the season. After opening, the bud turns into a large, goblet-shaped flower with a diameter of up to 15 centimeters. It has a bright, rich flavor. Petals are velvety, do not burn out in sunlight, so the bush can be planted in the open space. Well branched, it is necessary to allocate enough space for its growth.


A series of nostalgic roses. On the bush grow large, but neatly shaped flowers, whose diameter reaches 10 to 15 centimeters. Their color is orange-peach, petals are terry, gracefully uncovered. The aroma is quite strong, but not annoying, pleasant. In the sun, the petals burn out a little, and eventually the flowers acquire a pastel pink shade. On the hands at a time, up to eight roses can be blossomed. The foliage of the bush is bright green, shiny, glossy. Flowering is abundant, has a good repetition. The bush itself is large, branchy, but neat.

Weisse Wike

This is one of the varieties of rose Cordes Tantau. The bush is fast growing, wide, brushes with 7-15 buds are blossomed on its branches. The foliage is dark green, dense. The flowers are heavy, the branches are tending to the ground. The buds are of a pure white color, they are medium-sized, having blossomed, reach a diameter of 9 centimeters. Semi-double flowers fill with the charm of the golden stamens available in the center. The aroma of roses comes strong and sweet. If the bush is not cut severely, then it can be grown as a climbing rose.


Roses Tantau tea-hybrid varieties are endowed with all the qualities suitable for cutting. On long, even stems, large elegant flowers gently pink, terry , rise. Buds bloom very slowly, the open petals turn their edges outward, forming neat coquettish corners. When it rains on the street, the flower prefers not to open, tightly gathering its petals. Their foliage is dark green, glossy. One of the main advantages of this variety is practically completely absent on the stems of the thorns.

Sebastian Kneipp

Fragrant, tea-hybrid roses. Their flowers, blossoming out from soft creamy buds, are almost completely white. The petals are cupped, dense, the rose resembles large children's bows. Foliage is glossy, dark green. The bush itself is strong, powerful, fast-growing. Its lower branches are practically devoid of foliage, so when planting it is worth covering up its nudity with other plants or planting it in the background.


Classical tea-hybrid rose. The bush grows very much and branches, but it should be trimmed carefully, as it can be damaged by breaking flowering. Buds have carmine-red color, petals are terry. Undoing, they gracefully bend down the corners. They do not like rains, flowers are damaged with abundant rainfall, their foliage quickly falls.


A tea-hybrid, climbing rose. It is one of the most popular plants. On the hands is up to ten large double flowers, endowed with a light aroma. The color of the roses is blood-red, and in the first flowering the bush is literally strewn with beautiful bright colors. Repeated flowering is not so abundant, but still quite dense. The bush branches well, grows rapidly. Its branches are powerful and strong, the foliage is dark, glistening in the sun. Dignity of the variety - perfectly tolerates the natural whims.

Sangerhauser Jubilaumsrose

This amazing rose adapts to any weather conditions. The bush is not too tall, neat. The flowers on it are quite large, their shape is cupped. They are dismissed by brushes on 3-5 pieces or one by one. Initially, their color is creamy-peach, with time it becomes almost yellow, which gives the flowering bush an amazing contrast. It's nice, it does not smell, it keeps the shape perfectly in heavy rains. Blossoms throughout the season.

Planting of Tantau roses

To plant the flowers in your area, it is recommended to order their sprouts in the nursery. Thus, you will be sure that there will come a healthy plant, vaccinated from all diseases, adapted to any weather conditions.

It is necessary to find a good place for the planting of the Tantau Rose, a description of the varieties which we cited above. Depending on the variety, a sunny or shady area is chosen. The earth must be loose, air-permeable. On the territory there should not be strong drafts, but the movement of air is necessary. Next to the planting of flowers there should be no groundwater, roses Tantau do not like high humidity.

The pit for the landing is prepared in three weeks. It should be a depth of up to 80 centimeters, a diameter of at least half a meter. The soil is mixed with ten kilograms of pereprevshego horse manure and add 300-500 grams of wood ash. If the soil is too heavy, it is necessary to mix it with sand in a ratio of 3/1, where three parts of the earth are mixed with manure and ash, and one - sand.

Planting seedlings is necessary at a distance of one meter from each other. If the plant was brought from the nursery, its shoots are protected with a wax film, which must be removed by dipping the seedling into cold water. The day before planting, the roots of the Tantau rose should be dipped into a solution that stimulates growth. After that, the seedling is cut to 1/3 and planted in a prepared pit, 2/3 covered with a ready mix of earth, manure and ash. The remnants of the soil are digging in a sprout, high in the soil.

Further Care

That the rose grew beautiful, healthy and strong, pleased with wonderful flowers, it needs good care. Three weeks after planting the seedlings, it is necessary to remove the ground from which the bush is crooked, and from it to build a high roller around the plant at a distance of 10 centimeters. After that, the seedling should be watered abundantly, preferably from a tap or bottled water. In the future, the bush needs constant watering, abundant, but not too humid, see that there are no puddles around the plant.

An adult rose should be watered at least twice a month, it is possible more often in dry and hot weather. A large amount of water is necessary for abundant flowering. Watering is done only in the evening, when the sun is out of the territory, the day beams can burn the plant.

Pruning is performed according to the instructions, depending on the type of Tantau roses, photos of which are available in this article. For winter time, the bush is well sheltered, covered with dense matter. On the roots it is recommended to sketch fallen leaves of trees or cover them with hay. After this, a polyethylene film or a thick blanket is laid on top. Thus, it will be possible to protect the plant from freezing in frost.

Roses Tantau: reviews

Varieties of varieties and their species are popular all over the world. Gardeners-lovers and professional breeders like to plant roses Tantau. There are a lot of comments on the web about their varieties.

They write that flowers are great for decorating any landscape. Varieties can be combined, perfectly combined with other plants.

There are reviews of a variety of colors. There are lovers of roses, who planted many species of Tantau on their site. They say that it's easy enough to take care of them, they are not capricious, if properly planted.

It is also written that the Tantau roses are not fastidious to the place of growth. They feel great both in the shade and in the open sunny space, the main thing is that they are not planted in the lowland. Praise the rapid growth of bushes, their branching. They write that the cut off branches give good, strong roots, and they can be shared with friends, plant additional bushes on their site without extra costs.

Negative feedback on the Tantau variety is not available at all. Even gardeners-beginners could find a common language with bushes, successfully plant them and grow them. They write that roses bloom for a long time, filling the garden with pleasant aromas. Virtually they do not get sick, they tolerate any weather perfectly, they take root in different regions, even with very severe winters.

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