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Inflammation of hair bulbs: causes, symptoms, treatment. Prevention of inflammation of hair bulbs

A person often encounters various diseases and pathological processes. Some of them pass independently, while others require competent treatment. In this article, we will talk about what is inflammation of the hair bulb. Almost every person can face this pathology. It is worth knowing what a hair bulb is, and how symptoms of its inflammation appear. Also we will find out ways of treating pathology.

Inflammation of hair bulbs

This disease is called folliculitis. It can develop in any person. On the body, people have a lot of hairs. And in the bulb of each of them can develop folliculitis.

The hair bulb inflames for several reasons. However, in all cases bacterial reproduction begins in it. Most often it is staphylococci.

Types of folliculitis

Inflammation of hair bulbs can have several different forms. They are subdivided depending on what caused the pathology. So, doctors are the following types of disease:

  • Parasitic form;
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa;
  • Gram-negative form and some others (less common).

Causes of the disease

Inflammation of hair bulbs occurs due to the ingress of bacteria into them. This can be caused by a small injury or cut. Most often, it happens during shaving or epilation.

The reason for the development of pathology can be wearing of narrow clothes and linen. Especially often faced with this are representatives of the weaker sex. This starts inflammation of the hair bulbs in the groin.

Elementary non-compliance with hygiene, use of public saunas and swimming pools can lead to such pathology. In this case, the microbe can penetrate both through the damaged skin, and into the healthy follicle.

Symptoms of pathology

Inflammation of hair bulbs on the head or in any other places can be superficial or deep. In the first case, there is a slight reddening in the area of the hair and a small abscess, which does not exceed a size of 5 millimeters.

With deep inflammation, extensive damage to the upper layers of the skin occurs. The abscess has a size of one to ten centimeters.

Defeat can be either single or multiple. In especially severe cases, pain and itching occur.

Inflammation of the hair bulb: treatment

To treat a pathology or not, the expert should solve. Consult a dermatologist and get a qualified appointment. In most cases, the treatment is performed surgically. This usually does not require the use of anesthesia. Only in particularly severe cases, a representative analgesia of the affected area is necessary.

Treatment of inflammation of the hair follicle is done with a scalpel or a thin curette. The doctor treats the adjacent area and opens the abscess. After this, you need to thoroughly clean the wound from the pus and disinfect it. In most cases, hair growing from this follicle is removed with tweezers completely.

After such treatment it is necessary to treat the affected area several times a day with special solutions. What is right for you, the expert will decide. Most often, zelenka, furacilin, chlorhexidine or alcohol are prescribed. In particularly severe cases, with deep inflammation, it is recommended to use compresses with ichthyol. Apply these lotions need several times a day until complete recovery.

Alternative way of treatment: use of medicines

Depending on the cause of inflammation, additional measures may be recommended. If folliculitis is caused by a prolonged intake of hormonal drugs, they are simply canceled. Of course, this takes into account the benefits and possible risks for the patient.

In addition, physicians prescribe antibacterial agents that affect the microorganism. However, before this, it is necessary to pass an analysis to identify sensitivity to certain drugs. Often doctors use the following medicines: "Metronidazole", "Naxojin", "Cefotaxime" and so on. Remember that without preliminary analysis, treatment may not be effective.

Ways to prevent disease

Is there any method that avoids inflammation of the hair follicle? Of course, yes. To begin with it is necessary to reconsider own way of life and to observe elementary hygiene. Regularly cleanse your body with gels and special scrubs. Take a shower at least once a day.

Try not to use other people's towels, shawls and clothes. Avoid questionable water bodies, saunas and swimming pools. If you are engaged in swimming, then the water in an enclosed space must be chlorinated. At the same time, its pH should be at least 8.

Do not wear dense underwear. Avoid strong rubbing of clothing in the area of skin folds, for example, in the inguinal zone. When depilating and shaving, always use emollients. After the procedure, apply to the skin alcohol softening lotions. They will help disinfect the covers and prevent bacteria from entering the wound.


So, we with you have found out, that such an inflammation of a hair follicle. You also became aware of the symptoms and causes of pathology. Do not open the abscesses yourself. Ask for help from a specialist who will give you the right help and prescribe the next treatment. Health to you!

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