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Gathered in the most western region of Russia - Kaliningrad? Attractions of the city at your service!

If you decide to visit the Russian city of Kaliningrad, the sights will meet you all! Please, just do not think, looking at the same kind of dull Khrushchev, stagnant in the heart of this beautiful city, that there is nothing to catch a tourist here. The Communist Party, of course, inherited the order here (well, what can you do, the region after all - part of Russia), but you do not need to judge the city only on this basis. The main destruction of the times of the Great Patriotic War affected many historical buildings. Agree, the country, incredibly affected by the war, could not rush to build pompous buildings and build majestic palaces.

But outside the window - the twenty-first century, welcome to Kaliningrad! Attractions are better to consider, starting with a walk through the most real German streets and lanes - Pugachev, Red, Telman, Kutuzov. It is best in the street Kutuzov preserved building Amalienau - one of the districts of the city. It refers to that romantic period when Koenigsberg (the old name of Kaliningrad) was built on the principle of "garden city". This is the first 20 years of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that the concept of abundance of greenery has long been in the past, Kaliningrad remains today the greenest city of the Baltic: here for every citizen there is one hundred square meters of greenery. Particularly good is the Kutuzov Street in spring, during the flowering of chestnuts. Red and green color - it's like a business card of the city, and in this area the corporate colors are visible everywhere: red brickwork and tiles and an abundance of green trees. In addition to chestnuts, lice, hornbeams, red maples, beeches, plane trees, nuts grow in abundance here. There are very rare, even ancient plants - for example, Ginkgo - a tree that grows at the entrance to the zoo. By the way, once the best European zoo was considered to be this one, located in the city of Kaliningrad. Attractions of this establishment are its inhabitants, according to the number of diverse representatives of fauna, the institution takes the fifth place in Europe. Incidentally, it is in this zoo has a permanent residence of a real talking raven, but it does not enter into a dialogue with everyone.

Do not forget to visit the park "Central", which surrounds the queen of Queen Louise. Kirche survived due to the fact that its building is a puppet theater.

Especially for tourists - pedestrian Kaliningrad. Attractions of the city are convenient to consider, leisurely walking along the streets. There are several hiking routes. And since the city is relatively small, it will take a few days for the map to visit all its points.

Tourists in Kaliningrad are always provided with information, and on this basis the city can easily compete with any European "mecca" of tourism. You can easily find free (that is important) booklets and maps - just contact any hotel or kiosk.

If we talk about the monuments of Kaliningrad, then it is worth mentioning about the Royal Gates. Once upon a time, Prussian kings passed through them, following their legendary suburbs. In the war, this landmark underwent significant destruction, but by the city's anniversary the legendary feature was restored - what is not the local triumphal arch? "Historical" gates in Kaliningrad have a few more - the Ausfalian, Brandenburg, Friedland. There are seven in total.

If you go to Kaliningrad itself, Kaliningrad region should not be left out of attention. Sightseeing in this area is the frog princess in Svetlogorsk, a hydropathic building with a tower in the same city, the ruins of Fort in Baltiysk, the castle Tapiau in Gvardeisk, the museum of Russian folk superstitions in Yantran, the stud farm Georgenburg in Chernyakhovsk and many other interesting places for the tourist's soul .

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