What is unfinished construction?

"Incomplete construction" - the definition is quite complex, including the cost of work already done. In addition, to this category, you can relate the value of the customer accepted and already paid processes, expressed in the price equivalent. It should also be remembered that this section also includes the cost of all kinds of technological equipment: both installed and in the process of installation. Summarizing all of the above, it can be concluded that unfinished construction necessarily affects the state of the customer's balance and is fully related to the category of installation and design and survey activities attributed to unfinished construction sites or not delivered on time to normal operation conditions.

Distinctive features

Incomplete construction is an important economic indicator, which should be allocated against the background of other similar ones. It's all about the similarity of the name and quite different definitions. For example, the maximally similar term (incomplete construction production) means the cost of completed assembly and construction activities, which, in turn, can not be accepted and paid directly by the customer. Agree, the difference is quite substantial.

Perimeter of influence

Uncompleted construction is reduced as a result of the elimination of the magnitude and quantity of all possible intermediate payments. In addition, the degree of the transfer of the object to the phase of mutual settlements between the customer and the executor has a significant effect on the above-mentioned parameter. On the other hand, a reduction in the value of the "unfinished construction" parameter entails an increase in the above-mentioned indicator, such as unfinished construction production. Thus, by calculating one criterion, one can observe the change in the behavior of the other.

Unfinished construction object

The definition of this term is simple enough, however it consists of a multitude of groups and varieties. For example, to this concept can be attributed any subject of the contract of construction contract, which is directly dependent on a variety of reasons. Similar reasons can be considered as the lack of sufficient funds on the balance sheet of the customer, as well as inadequate equipment with building materials. As a result of the above factors, the object of construction is preserved and for some indefinite time remains at the stage of unfinished formation. If to speak literally, then to the similar term it is possible to carry any structures, constructions and the buildings which erection and arrangement was not finished. An exception to this rule are all kinds of temporary structures, such as awnings, buildings and various other similar pavilions.

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