The main function of the oven for a bath with a water tank

At all times, baths were in great demand among the population. An important device of such a room is a stove for a bath with a water tank. Today in the thermae, various heating installations of this type are installed: electric, wood, gas. However, specialists give their preference to wood-burning stoves.

The main moments of the construction of a stove for a bath with a water tank

It should be noted that modern stoves for the bath are presented in the form of stainless steel constructions. In this case, you should take care in advance that the unit will soon be repaired. In the case of installing the stove on firewood, a place for storing firewood should be provided.

Another important aspect for a bath oven with a water tank is the calculation of its capacity. This indicator is calculated taking into account some factors: the furnace mode, efficiency, design of the furnace itself. In any case, the main parameters are the type of wood used as a heating material, as well as the area of the bath.

Woodburning stoves for a bath with a water tank

Back in the distant ancient centuries, Rus were built baths with wood stoves. These units are also called stoves. This name is due to the fact that in those old days the baths were drowned in black. Then the focus for the heating of the steam room was formed at the expense of the arch of boulders. To form a steam, hot water poured hot stones.

Modern baths have preserved all the most important features of the Russian ancient bath, namely:

  • Presence of a heater.
  • Presence of a steam room.
  • Application of a broom.

Furnaces for a bath with a water tank are also an important feature of the steam room. If in the past a furnace of boulders was used as a furnace, today it is customary to build them out of bricks or install a metal unit of a similar action. In the latter case it is better to install furnaces from stainless metal.

These furnaces are heated in various ways:

  • With firewood.
  • With the help of electricity.

The most advanced option is heating the oven for a bath with a water tank by applying an electric current. In this case, you do not need to pre-harvest the wood. It will not be necessary to monitor the cleanliness around the heating unit.

But, in spite of this, many people give their preference to wood-burning stoves. This is due to the fact that such heating systems create a special comfort and comfort within the bath.

Furnace construction on wood

As you know, wood stoves for a bath with a water tank have a fairly simple and at the same time reliable construction:

  1. Below there is a furnace with an ashtower;
  2. Further there is a compartment filled with the selected specially selected geese of the desired rock, which are resistant to cracks;
  3. At the top there is a water heating tank and a samovar tap;
  4. From the bottom up there is a chimney.

If we talk about modern furnaces, then these units are equipped with:

  • Furnace of chrome heat-resistant steel;
  • High-speed built-in steam generator;
  • Built-in water tank for 33 l;
  • Fuel short channel;
  • Casing-convector of combined type;
  • Built-in heat exchanger register;
  • Casing-convector made of mirror stainless steel.

In such they, the furnace for a bath with a tank for water.

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