Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * (Jordan, Aqaba): overview, description and reviews

The small, cozy and clean hotel Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * is not too far from the Red Sea coast, and at the same time near the center of the Jordanian city of Aqaba. This country is just beginning to work with Russian tourists, so we tried to consider in this article a short time or budget holiday.


It is a small Jordanian city, with a population of only nine thousand. Hotels here are about thirty. On the other hand, it is the only port in the country, where transit tourists often come from Egypt. Many of them choose for the night or two hotels Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 *. In addition, Aqaba can be considered an alternative to Egypt. There is a wonderful microclimate here, and the surrounding mountains so influence the mainstream wind rose that you can swim and sunbathe in this resort in summer and winter. Unless in July and August here comes the terrible heat. They move around the city by taxi or minibus, which go from the center to the sleeping areas and vice versa. Stop on demand, that is, where you say. From ancient sights you can see the medieval fortress near the embankment, as well as visit archaeological excavations on the hill of Tel-al-Khalifa.

How to get there, what's nearby

The hotel is a detached six-story building. The airport is not far from the hotel - if you fly directly to Aqaba. Get a transfer no more than a quarter of an hour. And from Amman to Aqaba go comfortable buses of the "Jett" company. The journey takes about four hours. Near the hotel Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * (Jordan, Aqaba) is all in walking distance, because the hotel is almost in the heart of the city. Nearby - the main streets of Aqaba, and if there are any holidays or parades, everything is perfectly visible from the balcony of the hotel. Round the corner on weekends there are fairs where you can buy inexpensive souvenirs. From here, close to the market, and to the main shops (the shopping center "Dream Mall", the supermarket "Karfur"), and to the bus station. A block from the hotel is the embankment leading to the old fortress. There are also musical fountains with illumination, public garden, "McDonald's" with a good game complex for children, as well as a "duty-free" store. Around the hotel there is a small parking space for cars.

Settlement of guests

Rooms at the Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * are functional and comfortable. There are more than fifty of them in the hotel. They are so spacious that tourists call them huge. The rooms are decorated in two colors - white and burgundy. Air conditioning, satellite TV, a small refrigerator, a bathroom with a shower - so, in a few words, you can describe the equipment of rooms for guests. Furniture is not new, but very practical. There are cosmetic and dining tables, as well as a safe. A baby cot is available upon request. In the corridor is a closet with glass doors., Hangers and a dressing table. Hot water is constantly thanks to the boiler. In the bathroom there is a good hairdryer. Towels and bed linen are changed every day. Clean not only qualitatively, but also quickly - are controlled, while guests have breakfast. All sockets in the room with light bulbs. In order to use electricity, you need an adapter, which you can take for free at the reception. Rooms in the hotel are mostly single or double and triple, as well as family and semi-suites. Populate quickly, but officially the estimated hour is from three in the afternoon. From the balconies and windows you can see the Aqaba or the Red Sea. But keep in mind that the rooms from which you can contemplate the water surface - the hottest. It should also be noted that in the hotel rooms do not sow unisex couples who are not married. In order for you to live in the same room, you need to produce the original certificate that you are officially associated with the partner.

Services for tourists

There is an administration in the lobby of Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 *. Guests are welcome around the clock. There is also a luggage room where you can leave your luggage. Internet access and photocopying of documents are available in the business center. The hotel offers car rental, laundry and currency exchange. You can book a transfer to the airport here. The hotel staff speaks English only (from foreign languages). In the entire hotel, including in the rooms, there is a free "Wi-Fi". On the second floor there is a hairdresser, a beauty salon with a solarium and cosmetic procedures, laundry and dry cleaning.


The restaurant of Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * (Aqaba) feeds guests in the morning and in the evening, or settles them according to the "bed plus breakfast" concept. At lunch time it is closed. Food is always fresh and tasty, although some guests call it a certain monotony. For breakfast, cheese is served (hard, cottage cheese and feta), vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers), hummus, different olives, pita bread and toast bread, jams, scrambled eggs, juices, hot drinks, milk. Dinner consists usually of two or three kinds of salads, soups, fried fish, stew, baked chicken. Garnish, as a rule, is rice or potatoes. Always available Jordanian watermelons - very sweet, with a thin crust. In addition, there is a snack bar in the lobby. In the local market you can buy fruit, cheap and delicious tortillas. A lot of confectionery and coffee shops with delicious sweets. Excellent ice cream in different establishments with a large selection. In stores that hold local Christians you can buy a good Jordanian wine. In the center of the city there are a lot of offers of local food for take-out - it's hummus, falafel, and shaverma. And not far from "McDonald's" is located the best restaurant in Aqaba, where they prepare European food, but the prices are quite high.

Rest on the sea

The beach, which is located near the hotel Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * (Jordan) - a public, like most accessible for swimming coast of Aqaba. Here go to rest the townspeople, as well as tourists from Iran and other Muslim countries. Accordingly, their women are bathing in the "burkini". Therefore, if you are straining the attention of the local population, you can go to the "Marina Plaza", a large tourist and shopping center near the eponymous hotel with an equipped coast. But if you love the local flavor, but also on the nearest beach to relax completely safe. No one will even make a comment. In addition, the Jordanians are very friendly, and on the beach you can smoke a hookah. In addition, from the bus station several times a day goes a free shuttle to the bay of Tapo Bay. There are many corals and excellent opportunities for diving. Water and the beach is very clean, but it's the Red Sea! Therefore, it is necessary to have with you the so-called "coral sneakers" (for bathing). In Tala Bay you can use the hotel pools, which are located next to the beach. Sun beds and umbrellas are free there, but are often occupied. Aqaba is a "tasty morsel" for diving enthusiasts. Six whole centers of this underwater sport are open here. For those who prefer to just swim with a mask, it is best to visit reefs, many of which are very close to the shore.


Aqaba is quite far from the capital of the country, so a trip to Amman will be very tiring for the guests of Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 *. The reviews claim that it is better to go to Jerash to look at the remains of Roman civilization, or to see one of the wonders of the world - the rock complex of the Arab Bedouins Petra. A very interesting excursion to the place of the baptism of Jesus Christ on the Jordan River and other holy places. And you can also visit the hot springs "Maeen Hot Springs" and the amazing canyon of Wadi Rum - a favorite place for those who are fond of trekking. In general, the southern regions of Jordan, namely the deserts that are near Aqaba, are amazingly beautiful. But any tour will take you at least nine hours, so know that this time will have to take away from the sea holiday.

What to bring

From the point of view of shopping, Aqaba stands apart from the rest of Jordan. It is considered to be a duty-free zone, and therefore it is not too expensive to buy alcohol and cigarettes, which is what the guests of Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * use. In addition, from Aqaba you can bring a nice hookah, coffee, spices, olive oil, spices. Jewelry here is more expensive than in Amman, so tourists do not advise them to buy. When exporting from Jordan, food products should be packed in vacuum bags, so that all this luxury is not confiscated at the airport. Ethnic textiles are also good here, especially women's clothing and headscarves. It is interesting that the traditional Jordanian embroidery is extremely reminiscent of the Western-Ukrainian one, which confounds many ethnographers.

Raed Suites Hotel Aqaba 3 * (Aqaba): reviews

This is a typical city hotel in Jordan with good sound insulation. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Positively respond to any request. For example, if you take a half board system and are late for dinner, you will be brought directly to your room. Russians are few, the guests are mostly Europeans and locals. Comfortable beds. Most tourists praise this hotel for its convenient location in relation to the beach and the center, for not too great a price for living and excellent service, and also recommend it to others.

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