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M. Prishvin, "Pantry of the Sun": recall. "Pantry of the Sun": theme, protagonists, summary

Very often to understand the meaning of the work helps to tip. The "pantry of the sun" is a fairy-tale of the famous Soviet writer M. Prishvin. This book is intended for children's reading, it is studied in the sixth grade, but it carries a deep philosophical meaning, since its main idea is the ever-urgent problem of the relationship between man and nature. The story is imbued with the author's warm love for his heroes and the surrounding living environment. At the same time, the narrative is distinguished by subtle humor, for which the readers loved this fairy tale.

Opinions about the heroes

When preparing a school lesson for the work in question, the review will help. The "pantry of the sun" is rightfully considered one of the best works of Prishvin. It was in this story that his talent as a writer-artist, glorified the beauty of Russian nature, was fully manifested. Readers unanimously assert that the main characters of the fairy tale, Mitras's brother and his sister, Nastya, turned out to be extremely successful.

Brave, brave boy, seeking to be independent, and a sensible, intelligent girl immediately won the sympathies of fans, fans of the writer's creativity. According to their observation, the author skillfully built a narrative on the contrast of their characters. The recall ("The pantry of the sun" thus became not only a fairy tale about adventure in nature, but an interesting story about the interaction of two people so unlike each other) about the book shows the continued interest of modern readers in this simple and somewhat naive novel . All of them note the fascinating plot, the detailed psychological characteristics of the characters and the colorful description of the landscape.


The work begins with a description of the life of the heroes in the village. The action takes place in a village not far from the city of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky. Nastya and Mitrasha are orphans, their parents died during the war, so they are forced to lead their own farm alone. The girl gets up early to have time to do all the necessary work, and Mitrasha helps her in everything. Readers point to the truthfulness and reliability of the author's description of those complex conditions in which the children found themselves. The fact that users liked this introduction is evidenced by the feedback. The "pantry of the sun" is one of the most read books of Prishvin precisely due to the faithful reproduction of a complex post-war epoch by the example of the working days of these young children.


The impetus for action was the decision of his brother and sister to go to the forest to collect cranberries. They carefully prepared for their march, since the road was not close, and besides, on the way, they could be in danger. The story "The storehouse of the sun", whose main characters deserve the reader's love for their spontaneity and courage, contains a very colorful description of the forest glade where the children were going in search of berries.

Readers note that this place is one of the best in the whole story, as the writer with special love and warmth conveyed the mystery and beauty of the Russian forest. In their opinion, this passage carries a great semantic load, since it was the enigmatic forest that became the place where the main events of the story unfolded. The book "Pantry of the Sun", whose main characters quarreled during the campaign and went different ways, which led to the amazing adventures of Mitrasha, amazes readers with a picture of the landscape that precedes the main action.

A scene in the swamp

Nastya found a clearing with cranberries and so was carried away by her collection that she forgot about the quarrel with her brother. And the latter, meanwhile, went deep into the thicket of the forest, until finally he came upon the swamp. Readers rightly point out that the writer did not in vain describe in such detail the whole way the boy went in search of berries: according to them, the image of a gloomy wilderness, dark trees, empty area creates a sense of danger and impending adversity. Like no other Soviet writer, he was able to create an atmosphere of mystery in nature M. Prishvin. The "pantry of the sun" is a vivid example of this. The unfolded narrative of Mitrasha's journey through the swamp, according to the readers, is one of the most intriguing moments in the entire book. The scene created by the author, and bewitching, and scares at the same time, so the ensuing incident produces a double effect.

Forester's Lodge

Especially touching and heartfelt the author tells about the life of Antipych in this dense and terrible place. He had a small hut, which he occupied with his dog Travka. This man was a local forester, and, despite the sad atmosphere in which he had to live, he retained warm human feelings for everything around him. M. Prishvin attached great importance to these minor characters. "Pantry of the Sun" is not only the history of children, but also a narrative about the life of man in nature. By the time of the story, Antipych had died, and in his little house there was only one Grass. She hunted the hares, not suspecting that she herself was in danger, since a terrible wolf, nicknamed by the local inhabitants of the Gray Landlord, was constantly scampering around.


The most acute and tense moment in the tale is the scene in which the author described Mitrasha's adventure in the swamp. The boy chose a very dangerous path to get to the clearing, and, passing along a narrow path among the large trees, accidentally fell into the Blind Elan. So in the village they called a forest swamp. The story "The storehouse of the sun", the content of which differs restraint and leisurelyness, is characterized by the alternation of paintings of nature and spectacular scenes.

According to the readers, the incident in the swamp is the most intense and dynamic in the whole story, although the narrative is conducted in the same spirit and pace. However, according to users, the author was able to convey in the same style all the dynamics and tension of the moment. According to the reviews of most readers, the episode in which the author emphasizes the firmness and discretion of a boy who has not lost the presence of a spirit that remembered the advice of his father and managed to save himself from death with the help of the herb was especially expressive.


In school lessons, students are often offered the topic "Prishvin about nature". The work in question can not be better suited to the disclosure of this issue, since in it the forest is a full-fledged actor. The author, following fairytale motives, shows how nature sometimes helps children, and sometimes, on the contrary, hides danger for them. Most users note that the writer had the idea that careful and intelligent interaction with the environment helped the heroes avoid danger. So, the story "The pantry of the sun", the theme of which is the need for the unification of man and nature, is recognized as one of the best stories in the genre of fairy tales in Russian literature.

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