Hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunisia): reviews of tourists, description, rooms and features

Hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunisia), reviews of which have become material for the writing of this article, on a fairly good score among holidaymakers, including from Russia. This is a large suburban resort complex, whose buildings stand directly on the beach. It was built in two thousand and seven. Therefore, the hotel is equipped with a very modern, and its concept takes into account all the requirements for the rest of tourists of the twenty-first century. Until the year two thousand and thirteen the hotel belonged to the Iberostar network. But do not think that with the change of owner level of services in this tourist complex has dropped. Of course, it is often written that after the revolution the hotel business in Tunis began to come to desolation. But let's see what those who visited this hotel say about the level of service and comfort.

Djerba and Zarzis

The southernmost island of Tunisia with an area of five hundred or more kilometers begins to receive tourists much earlier than other resorts in the country. Unlike Hammamet and Sousse, you can sunbathe and swim in March. Hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunis, Djerba) is also located in one of the most famous resort areas of this area. It is called Zarzis (like the only hub that is on Djerba). It is a city and a major port. But here they go exclusively outside the sea, the sun and thalassotherapy. Some stay on Djerba may seem boring. But in fact, it is here that you can feel real unity with nature. Zarzis is not part of the island of Djerba, it is on the mainland. However, it is closest to this resort area. Therefore, administratively Zarzis refers to Djerba. It is within easy reach of the island to the island, and the climate and beach conditions are approximately the same. True, he is very close to the Libyan border, so some tourists are afraid to go here for now.

How to get there, location

Zarzis is the closest airport to the hotel. He is on the island of Djerba. You can get here from Monastir, but it will be much longer. And the thing is that there are not many direct flights to Djerba. Most often, aircraft from the Tunisian company Nouvelair arrive directly to the island from Russia. It carries tourists from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen. But mostly charters here fly in from Europe. Serves the airport and domestic lines of the country. Reviews of the hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunis, Zarzis) say that the hotel is at the very beginning of the resort area. The shuttle bus overcomes this distance in about an hour. Tourists from this hotel "unload" the first, and take the last.


All that can be offered to tourists is available in the Hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunisia). The reviews mention that there is a large conference room, a number of shops, a laundry and dry cleaning, an exchange office and a hairdresser. A lagoon-style pool with a stylish bar is located in the heart of the hotel. The territory is small, but very clean, well-groomed, buildings, park and garden are cleaned in one style. There are many areas for recreation. All that is needed is inside the hotel, because it is far from any active life, and here you really rest, and not just spend the night.


In the hotel complex Safira Palms 4 * (Tunisia), about which we analyze here, about three hundred rooms for tourists. The hotel rooms are spacious and bright. They are equipped with good bathrooms. In the room, as a rule, there is a mini-bar, which in hot weather can be used instead of a refrigerator for storing food. Clean perfectly, very clean. Shampoos and shower gels are left without any reminders. In the rooms everything works. White linen and clean towels. Many rooms have full or partial sea views. In addition to the standards, there are two-room suites with separate entrances to each room of the room. Air conditioning works well, if you open the door to the balcony, it turns off itself.


The staff of the Hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunis, Zarzis) reviews are called very friendly and responsive, especially the administration. Receptionists always tell you the way out in solving problems. In the lobby there is internet access. It is fast, free and works well. There are a lot of sporting entertainments - tennis (table tennis too), archery, basketball, beach volleyball. Early in the morning animators are invited to do gymnastics and aqua aerobics, in order to lose extra pounds. In the evening, you can play billiards or snooker. Balneal center, SPA, sauna are open. For children there is a playground and a mini club. In the evenings, dancing is arranged, animators show different amusing numbers. There is also a disco for children. All the animation in French and English, but tourists claim that it's still fun. Several times a week invited to the concerts. There is also its own nightclub, which operates until the last client.


And what about the food at the Hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunisia)? The reviews assure that the "all inclusive" system works fine here. In the main restaurant, which is located in the central hall, there are several rooms, including non-smoking rooms. There are practically no problems with queues for food. Breakfasts are also common - scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese sliced, and dietary - muesli with yogurt, and French - croissants and coffee. From fruit plums, watermelons, melons, peaches. Sour side dishes - pasta, potatoes, pilaf, couscous. Delicious vegetables, especially green beans. Different types of meat, sausages, chicken and beef patties, fish. Tourists say that a day later they catch tuna from the Mediterranean and fry it on the grill, serving with lime juice or local mustard. A lot of desserts, especially cakes and pancakes. After dinner, always give ice cream. There is also a restaurant "a la carte" (by appointment). In addition, you can dine at the mini-snack bar right at the entrance to the beach. Alcohol is also included - it's local rum, vodka, whiskey, wine, beer. From cocktails tourists are very praised by the local "Safira Palms" (by the name of the hotel), although they cook three more types. Good coffee from the car. There is a diet and a children's menu. The lobby bar is open until late, there are drinks, alcohol, and pastries. The institution near the pool is open until five in the evening, but there are only drinks. And one more bar works near the restaurant "a la carte". But there you can take only non-alcoholic drinks, and also enjoy excellent coffee.


The beach near Hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunis, Zarzis) reviews describe how clean and white. Here you will find a lot of water sports - and riding on "bananas", catamarans and canoes, and windsurfing. By the way, their use is free - this is the property of the hotel. But the sea on Djerba is such that there are often tidal seaweed. They are cleaned from the beach, but they are in the water. By the way, the entrance is good, a bit stony, but immediately the sand begins. In principle, algae for swimmers is not a problem, because you go two meters and bathe in clean water. But if you are used to taking sea baths near the shore, then you will have to wait for another event. The water in the season is very warm. The sea itself is calm and not as salty as in Turkey or Egypt. To the right of the hotel, if you walk two hundred meters, you will find another beach, which almost every review of the hotel Iberostar Safira Palms (Djerba, Tunisia) calls ideal and similar to the ocean. It is closer to the hotel "Sango". Corps of the hotel "Safira Palm" is surrounded by a large pool of elegant shape, with different levels of water. Swimming there, you see the sea. So if there are waves or algae, your rest will not be spoiled. Here you can also play water polo. There is also an indoor swimming pool. There is also a special pond for children. Sunbeds are always sufficient at the sea, and on the terrace near the pool. If they suddenly end, then the staff will bring you at your request. So there is no need to borrow sunbeds. Beach towels can be taken on bail of ten dollars.


Well, suppose that tourists are tired of all the time sitting in the hotel, and they wanted to ride in the neighborhood. What can I advise those who are going to the hotel Safira Palms Zarzis 4 * (Zarzis, Tunisia). Reviews assure that you can go to the city and take a taxi. It costs about fourteen dinars. There is quite interesting, because these places were known since Roman times. In addition, it is here that you can look at non-tourist Tunisia and understand how people live in this country. There is also a functioning Jewish synagogue. In addition, from Zarcis you can go on a boat trip to the famous Carthage and to the island of Djerba. And the most popular excursions with travel companies are, of course, the Sahara (trips on quad bikes with a visit to the nomadic Berber village) and Tatooine, a village that served as a set for the Star Wars.


And what to bring with a rest in hotel Safira Palms 4 * (Tunisia, Jerba)? Reviews mention that the local market is very cheap and high-quality olive oil (which is not surprising, since almost all residents of the city are engaged in its production). Visit the traditional bazaar. He is in every Tunisian city and, as a rule, is called a "bough". Here you can buy any souvenirs, as in the shops at the hotel. Only you pay for them at times less. You can ride a little by taxi - to the nearby coastal town of Gabes. It is famous for its market of real Tunisian spices.

Hotel Safira Palms 4 *: hotel reviews

Tourists praise this hotel primarily for its excellent location (especially proximity to the sea), cleanliness and well-groomed territory. All you need is within walking distance. And remoteness from the village and other hotels, some people who have left comments perceive as an additional bonus. By nature, the guests were funny and outgoing animators, a nice beach and a swimming pool. A tasty food was noted by almost everyone. The local population is very friendly, people are not insolent at all, traders are not intrusive, do not stick. Guests who have visited many countries, note that Tunisia is something between Turkey and Egypt. Some tourists, who were afraid to come here for safety reasons, are surprised to note that it is quite calm and they had nothing to fear. There are also such guests who have become regulars in this hotel.

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