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Academy of figure skating in St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg Academy of Figure Skating is famous throughout the country, because the best skaters of Russia came out of these walls . Develop their sports skills is impossible without good personal equipment for classes and without a well-prepared site for classes.

Site for classes

The famous ice rink was built in 1969, at the same time the Academy of figure skating (St. Petersburg) began its activity. In the building of the complex there are three ice areas for training, these are two full-size skating rinks of standard size 30 x 60 meters intended for adults, and one children's arena is a modest size of 20x25 for the youngest visitors. Even such a small area is enough for children, moreover, in a limited space, coaches and parents are easier to follow the discipline among the kids and ensure the safety of the occupation.

In addition to the three arenas for skiing, you can find comfortable and spacious locker rooms with lockable lockers, a storage room, a buffet for those wishing to refresh themselves in the field and a table tennis. The latter can be used during breaks between skating. These breaks are necessary for pouring ice and keeping it in perfect condition.


The main thing on the territory of sports grounds is in any case the training of members of the Academy of figure skating. This organization implements several projects at once:

  • Additional children's education, education of children in figure skating.
  • Conducting training activities.
  • Preparation of sports reserve.
  • The solution of all domestic issues related to travel to training camps.
  • Popularization of physical education among the population of St. Petersburg.
  • Production and distribution of polygraphy in the field of physical culture and sports.
  • Consultation and advertising in the sports field.

Skating school

To begin not simply to go for a drive for the pleasure, and to be engaged in sports, observing the schedule of trainings, anyone can. For this you need to be over six years old. Trainers of the Academy of figure skating will be able to teach children and adults to skate correctly, and not just to skate. They constantly help athletes to improve their skills and develop, so that every representative of the coaching staff has an impressive experience.

Every year, a set of children is announced to the sports and health groups of the first and second years of study. At the time of writing, children do not need to be four years old, you can sign up in advance and start training not from the beginning of the school year, but right after the fourth birthday.

Mass skating

Skating rink Academy promotes the development of professional athletes, but anyone can try on the ice in the free from training athletes time. For mass skating allocated time on weekends and on Friday. The schedule indicates the running time of the ice rink, but you must take into account that every hour there is a half-hour break for pouring ice. This is done for the comfort of visitors, because skiing on ideal ice is much more pleasant. Schedule of free for visiting hours:

  • Friday: 22: 00-00: 30.
  • Saturday: 19: 00-2: 00.
  • Sunday: 12: 00-22: 00.

The schedule is drawn up in such a way that any working person can find time to visit the ice rink. In the remaining hours, all the platforms are occupied, and they are trained by the Academy of figure skating.

The cost of visiting the rink depends on the day of the week, the time (on Saturday you can go to night skiing) and the age of the visitor (children under 10 years of age will be cheaper). Accompanying people also pass by a ticket purchased for a nominal fee.

Visitors will be pleased with the possibility of renting equipment necessary for skiing. For a reasonable fee, you can rent skates, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet. You can take immediately a kit or something, which is not enough in personal equipment. For the rental will have to leave a deposit in the form of a sum of money or an identity document (except for the passport).

Skating equipment requires constant care, therefore skating rink skating rinks are provided at the rink of the Skating Academy.

At this place you can spend the weekend with your family or friends. Even if someone has never skated, this will not be a problem, those who want to learn how to skate properly and technically in a short time can do this with an instructor.

Location of the sports complex

The building of the Academy of figure skating is located in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, on Tupolevskaya street in house number 4. The sports complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the metro station "Komendantsky Prospekt". Thanks to this, you can get to the place even in hours of lively traffic.

The building should enter from the side of Tupolevskaya street through the main entrance, located in the middle of the parking lot. Ticket offices for ticket purchase can be found inside the building, there also specify the schedule and waiting time for the completion of the filling of ice.

Roller skating academy: reviews

  • Visitors are happy with the ideal ice, which is constantly watched.
  • Many people say that it's nice to get together with friends and spend time with benefit.
  • Very much praised the locker room with a large number of cabins for changing clothes.
  • Among the minuses there are breaks in skating, allocated for the pouring of ice.
  • Also, visitors do not like the number of people simultaneously skating on ice, as sometimes some of them begin to violate the rules of skiing. But in this case, the guard is on duty, watching the order on the ice.

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