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What does the retrograde planet mean?

Astrology is a rather complex sphere. Each planet that plays a role in the compilation of a star horoscope has many features of the movement that must be taken into account. Retrograde planet - one of such concepts, based precisely on the motion of the celestial object.

Movement backwards

If you sweep along the road or the railway at a sufficiently high speed and overtake the moving traffic in passing, it creates the feeling that it is standing still or even moving back. But this is completely wrong, because the car or train is just moving forward, but only with its speed. The illusion, based on the mismatch of the velocities of motion, is so bright that it causes a sense of movement backwards. So the planets, on the motion and arrangement of which horoscopes are built in astrology, can also have such a supposedly backward movement.

Complex paths along which planets and stars move in outer space are the basis of astrology. To correctly speak about the influence of celestial bodies on the character and destiny of man in terms of this area of predictions, it is necessary to understand all the subtleties of the motion of planets and stars. Retrograde motion of planets is possible because of different periods of their orbits around the sun, speed and trajectory of movement relative to each other.

Back at different times

Almost all the planets that are considered in the compilation of an astrological chart, except the Sun and the Moon, can have a backward movement. In each specific case, it has its own meaning, determined by many factors. Retrograde planets in the natal chart mean most often a return to the past. They can be several - up to 5. For example, the planet Mercury - the fastest in terms of backward movement. She takes three turns three times per year for the earthly year. Venus also refers to the fastest planets. Its retrograde manifests itself within 43 days in two years. The planet Mars also has a backward movement every two years, but its period is already 70 days. Far planets - Uranus, Neptune, Pluto - have retrograde for 5 months a year.

Retrograde motion of planets in human life

Each planet, which is taken into account in the compilation of a natal chart, can be reversed. But the opinions of astrologers sometimes diverge in the sense of the specifics of its impact on human life. Some believe that the presence of a retrograde movement of the planet means a return to past lives with the obligatory indication of incomplete cases. Others prefer to believe that retrograde planets in the horoscope have only restraining characteristics. In any case, do not put all the cards only on the retrograde planets, even if there are many.

Retrograde movement of planets should always be considered in conjunction with other elements of natal and karmic cards.

The word "karma" is known to everyone, it means for many people the same as "destiny", "fate". And the concept of "karma" can be accurately understood if you answer the question: "What does a retrograde planet mean?" Let's understand. In a karmic card, a retrograde planet or several such objects of the firmament will mean the unfulfilled deeds of past lives. They will demand their completion and will pursue a person all his life if he does not understand the signs and does what he should have done sometime. Such an unfinished business will affect the whole of life, preventing you from moving forward. That is why the backward movement of the planet has a restraining and karmic role in destiny and character.

Each retrograde planet, manifested in the natal or karmic map, exerts its influence in a certain sphere of human activity. This is important to consider. Which planets are retrograde, and how they affect fate, it is necessary to understand.

Retrograde Mercury

The planet Mercury is responsible, if I may say so, for the communicative qualities of a person. If in the natal chart he has retrograde motion, then the individual will have problems with communication. Retrograde Mercury can cause stuttering, which in any case will affect communicativeness. A person, depending on the impact of other planets, will either not like conversations in principle or, conversely, do not feel sorry for words, annoying and irritating those around them. In any case, the action of retrograde Mercury must be carefully worked out, reducing its negative and turning into virtues the curiosity caused to it, the desire for deep knowledge.

Retrograde Venus

Venus, moving backward, present in the natal horoscope, makes a person constrained in their feelings, desires, fantasies. He can never fully understand and understand his feelings caused in the soul. To a man whose horoscope there is a retrograde Venus, it's difficult to express your feelings, because he himself does not too clearly understand them. This can apply to all spheres of life - from the choice of clothing, the appropriate moment, to the relationship in the family. The presence of such a sign in the natal horoscope requires careful, scrupulous work on yourself.

If Mars moves backwards

Even the ancient Greeks called the god of war Mars, the same name was given to the blood-red planet seen on the horizon. Decisiveness, purposefulness - these are the main characteristics of the militant deity. But if in the natal chart Mars has a backward movement, then the person loses these qualities in general. Indecision, cowardice, lack of initiative - that's what the people around him see. Although in fact, the person, in whose natal chart there is a retrograde Mars, is directed into himself, he needs to carefully weigh everything several times before making any decision.

Retreat Saturn

Saturn itself is a very unusual planet in astrology - it all slows down. What can we say about retrograde Saturn. In addition, it is worth considering that Saturn is the point of father's presence in a person's life. If this planet in its retrograde motion is present in the natal chart of the child, then the father in the life of the baby is either absent altogether, or has only a nominal value. For the girl, the retrograde Saturn is reflected in the complexities of marriage. The negativity of the retrograde Saturn decreases, or when it returns to the natal position, or in contradiction to it at the antiphase.

Jupiter on the back stroke

The influence of the retrograde Jupiter affects the world outlook and perception of the person in whose natal chart he is present. Accept a dissenting society is difficult. But on the other hand, it is people with a retrograde Jupiter in the natal chart who see the perspective where others simply would not consider anything other than a deaf wall. The entrepreneurial vein is the main advantage of those in whose horoscope Jupiter moves back.

Retrograde planet is quite influential in the natal horoscope. It has a deterrent effect, rolling back events, giving signs from the past. For many astrologers, the retrograde move, which has retrograde planets in a horoscope, is like a news from a past life, an unfinished business, an unfulfilled purpose.

To correctly take into account all the nuances of the motion of the planets, it is necessary to read them competently, to know the features of influence, to be able to combine signs. And it is also important to be able to correctly submit information to a person, without forcing him into a trap of despair by the retrograde movement of the horoscope planets.

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