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Treatment with burdock: what, how and why?

Burdock as a plant for the treatment of joints has long established itself as the most affordable and effective tool. That is why people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system use this therapy quite often.

Folk recipes using burdock

1. Honey and the ground roots of the plant should be mixed in equal proportions. Take the remedy three times during the day according to art. Spoon.

2. Honey and root powder extract (1: 1) to insist one week in a glass of vodka. Reception: 1 tbsp. Spoon three times a day.

3. In a glass of boiling water insist 1 tbsp. A spoonful of dry ground roots 1 hour. Reception: 2 tbsp. Spoons four times a day.

4. Sore joints can be wrapped with fresh burdock leaves.

Treatment of arthrosis with burdock

Arthrosis is considered one of the most common diseases, and treatment with burdock in folk therapy is considered the most effective:

1. 5-7 leaves of burdock wash and dry. Tightly put them in a pile with a velvety side down, and on top, set the pan with boiling water. Lubricate the sore spot with unrefined vegetable oil, attach the prepared leaves with a velvet side to the aching joint, top with polyethylene and tie with a warm kerchief.

2. The treatment with the juice of burdock is quite effective . Remember the leaf before the droplets of juice appear. Lightly sprinkle it with any cologne and apply to the sore joint. Cover it with polyethylene and wrap it with a scarf. Leave this compress all night.

Treatment of arthritis and radiculitis with a burdock

With these diseases, fresh burdock leaves are applied to the inflamed joints. Treatment with a burdock and its leaves for a long period of time helps to achieve good results.


Most popular methods of treatment offer treatment of joints with burdock and its roots. The roots should be so much as enough to overlap completely sick joint. The poultice should be left on the joint until the burdock roots of burdock are completely cooled, then they wrap up the sore spots with a warm kerchief or scarf for the night.

From the roots of burdock you can prepare infusions and decoctions, which must be consumed inside throughout the day.

Broth from the roots of burdock

Phytotherapists advise to use a decoction from the roots of burdock according to the following recommendation: to 1 tbsp. A spoonful of ground burdock roots pour 1 tbsp. Boiling water and sent to a steam bath for 10 minutes, then drain the decoction. Take three times a day for half a glass.


People who are faced with the problem of joint inflammation, strongly recommend the treatment of burdock and infusion from it: pour a glass of chilled boiled water to 2 teaspoons of milled burdock roots . Cover and let stand one night. Take infusion of a third of the glass, the morning portion is drunk on an empty stomach.

Burdock and elecampane

Herbalists recommend the use of burdock roots and elecampane in the form of infusion. Infusion of each root is prepared separately. The crushed root of elecampane is poured with chilled boiled water overnight. The same thing to do with the root of burdock. In the morning, infusions are filtered and combined. Take during the day 4-5 times in half a glass.

Especially effective treatment of burdock in conjunction with special gymnastics and physiotherapy, performed in accordance with the appointment of a doctor.

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