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CPA networks - what is it? CPA network affiliate programs: rating, description and reviews

If you "wander" through the Internet, you can find many new and not always understandable words. Among them is the English abbreviation CPA-network or affiliate. Everyone who earns money on the net or just gets on that track knows for sure. CPA-networks - what is it and how to work with it?

What are CPA networks?

In short, it is a certain stock exchange, a system or, more simply, an intermediary between an advertiser and a person capable of leading customers. Most often this is an online store and the owner of a site with a large number of visitors.

Advertisers place their own on any of these exchanges:

  • goods;
  • Promotional offers;
  • "Fresh" discount coupons;
  • Large sale information.

CPA affiliate networks contain information about a huge number of products in various areas that need to be sold. Thanks to such an exchange, you do not need to look for a store owner, try to contact him and build relationships. Everything is open and highly automated.

How it works?

And yet, CPA-networks - what is it and how to work with them? In the vast majority of the system pays for certain actions on the part of the client. It can be:

  • registration on the site;
  • Ordering the goods;
  • His payment;
  • Call to a specific number;
  • Installation of a program or application;
  • Transition on a specific link.

The task of the person who wants to earn is to "force" the visitor to do the specified action. If this happens, the system will pay a percentage of the cost or the established commission. The list of CPA-networks is large enough, and each has its own interests and established rules.

For example, in some you pay 30% of the cost of goods, in others a fixed amount for the registration or installation of a product. Before you start your activity in this direction, it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the conditions and nuances of each exchange separately.

Basic concepts

The first thing a beginner will face is just a huge number of terms and concepts. All professionals communicate in a specific language. To ask a question and understand the answer to it, you need to understand what is at stake.

Traffic. A certain number of visitors or flow, or mass. There is also the concept of "pouring traffic", which means to send visitors and potential customers to some address, mainly to another site.

Arbitration. This concept was made by CPA-networks, what is it? The process of "acquiring" a certain number of visitors in one site and redirecting them to another for profit.

Lead. This is the name of the person who passed by reference and performed a certain action.

Hold time. In connection with the "winding" of some dishonest comrades of leads, the system introduced a verification time. Violation of the rules of the exchange may lead to the fact that the payment will not be performed, and the distinguished ones will be put on the blacklist and will not be able to cooperate any more.

Profit. In translation from English means earnings, profit.

Context . Advertising in the form of text, placed in the "body" of the article.

Teaser . Variety of advertising. It has the appearance of bright, attracting attention banners or pictures.

Off. Affiliate program or offer to earn.

CPA as a Business Type

The best CPA-networks provide an opportunity to earn all participants. On the one hand, the customer receives a profit from the sale of goods or services, on the other hand the performer receives his interest for attraction, and from the third - the exchange, which takes his "modest" commission.

Many people, after trying this kind of earnings, left the work offline and completely switched to CPA-affiliates. For success, you need to have at least one of two things:

  • Own site with a lot of visitors.
  • The ability to create ads with high conversion.

The first method is more popular. It requires less time and effort, but you can not get a return immediately. The second allows you to get almost instant results. But you need to have creativity and bright marketing skills.

Traffic for CPA

The main task of the artist is to attract as much traffic as possible, or even better, that they are people interested in the proposed product. There are a lot of paid and free methods, but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1) Own playground. It can be a group in a social network or a personal site. On the one hand, the creation of such a site requires certain knowledge and a lot of time in the beginning. On the other hand, after creation and promotion, it begins to generate passive income with minimal participation of the creator.

2) Announcements on free resources. There are a lot of sites, forums and news portals on the web that are ready to place an ad for free or almost free. Plus, there are a lot of such resources. Less is a lot of manual work without guarantee of result.

3) Banner. If you place an attractive or intriguing banner where there are a lot of potential customers, this can give a tremendous effect. You can, of course, directly contact the owners of Internet resources, but it is better to register in special exchanges. This will save considerable time and nerves.

4) Teasers. The obvious advantage is the large amount of traffic. The disadvantage is not suitable for all of the offers. It is better to use for "female" goods. You also need to know many subtleties and rules of teaser advertising.

5) Contextual advertising. As professionals say, the context is a great source of traffic. Just to get it, you need to own specific knowledge and great experience. Get it all at the beginning of the journey is quite difficult.

6) Social networks. Given the popularity of social networks, it will be extremely unreasonable to miss this place. The main thing is to interest users and offer a truly worthwhile product. The rest they will do on their own. There are special organizations that offer services to promote a group or a certain product at once.

Rating of the best CPA-networks

Beginners often ask the question: "CPA-networks - what is it, and what affiliate is better?". If you read the descriptions of each system, then they all praise themselves and tell you what wealth you can earn with them. But it turns out that this is not always true. To learn more about CPA-networks, the ranking of the best is presented below.

Admitad is quite a big affiliate in which you can find the goods of many online stores, online games, services of some banks and tourist organizations. Offers great functionality and detailed instructions for both beginners and advanced users.

"Where is the elephant?" - this partner network can be safely attributed to one of the best and largest. Can offer a large number of tools to work with the system, including CSV and XML upload. It also boasts its own plugin for WordPress (the engine for blogging on the Internet).

ActionPay - the main difference of this CPA-network, whose rating does not lag behind the already presented ones - the presence of its own banking system. In the rest it is a good partner, offering a huge number of offers.

ActionaAds - offers a very large assortment of offers from different areas. Quite often in this affiliate you can find very advantageous offers, which are not found anywhere else.

Foreign CPA networks

In the domestic Internet, this kind of cooperation is actively gaining momentum. But the foreign CPA-network, whose rating is simply huge, has long been able to earn very good profits. Among the best and most reliable are:

Affiliatecube. Most webmasters work with this room. The assortment of off-sets is almost impossible to list all. There are subjects for all countries. Despite the English-speaking administration, there is support for Russian-speaking users.

Clickbank. The partner, who works in the CIS, offers a foreign product at "tasty" prices. The only nuance is the payment of the earned money. Is carried out either by check to the address, or to a card that will meet certain requirements.

PaydayMansion. The main and only niche of this network is the conversion of financial traffic. The system specializes in small loans, which are very easy to obtain. To date, it is quite a profitable niche and a promising direction.

Features of work on foreign CPA

Foreign CPA-networks, whose rating is constantly growing, have a very big advantage over domestic ones. They are common and work all over the world, so there are many more opportunities and, of course, money.

In addition to well-established work and well-trained mechanisms, foreign affiliates work with English, which has long become international. Almost all the affiliates that work today are distinguished by their irreproachable reputation and reliability.

Some advantages of working with foreign CPA:

  • The audience is several times larger than the domestic one;
  • The system offers thousands of really profitable offers;
  • The figures of profit are approximately equal to those in Russia, only the currency - dollars;
  • Hundreds of offers of earnings.

The future of CPA networks

Existing CPA-networks offer a very promising opportunity to make money on goods and services that you do not even need to produce. If you look at the latest statistics, then the growth rate is growing every year.

This allows us to assert that affiliates of this kind will only grow and develop, so, by cooperating with them, one can earn very well. If you start now, then you can still occupy a free niche, after that it will be extremely problematic.

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