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What should I pass to the programmer? Exams, features of admission and recommendations

More and more often, students who are addicted to computers think about what to give to a programmer. This profession is considered one of the most paid around the world, not only in Russia. Becoming a programmer, you can achieve certain heights in your career. Most often, a programmer is a vocation. So, success necessarily awaits a graduate. But what will the applicants have to endure? What exams should I take? How is the learning process going? Where to go to study? It is not so difficult to understand all this as it seems. After all, modern students are given many opportunities. And you can do programming in a variety of ways.

Programmer: prospects

To begin with, it is worth considering how much programming is in demand in the modern world. A programmer is a person who not only knows computers well, but also creates new programs, as well as websites. In fact, this is an employee engaged in IT-technologies.

Programming is a promising direction. Having received a diploma in the relevant specialty, you can build a good career. The average salary of a programmer is 100-150 thousand rubles. That is why many people are thinking about entering. But what should I pass to the programmer? Where and how much to study? What should the student study?

About training

Before you enter programming, you need to understand not only the prospects of the chosen profession, but also how it will be trained. Quite often, most students enter the first 2 years of study and change their programming to another specialty. Because simply can not cope with the load.

Programming will have to learn information technologies, as well as a variety of programming languages. Students are usually taught to work with:

  • JAVA;
  • C ++;
  • Basic;
  • Visual Basic;
  • Visual C ++.

In some cases, one studies C, "Delphi", HTML programming. All this is not as simple as it seems. Also it is necessary to understand well in computer science, logic and mathematics. After all, the direction is mostly mathematical. Not suitable for people with humanitarian talents.

Accordingly, it is necessary to think, err, program, invent and learn a lot. It is because of C ++ that some students give up their specialty. It is not easy to master this language, as it seems.

If you are interested in what exams you need to pass to a programmer, it is worth considering that in the learning process you will learn how to write and write programs. This is a very long occupation, requiring perseverance.


What should I pass to the programmer? It is necessary to learn one important fact - there is no unequivocal answer to this question. The fact is that much depends on which direction of programming is chosen. Also, educational institutions independently establish a list of exams, which the applicant must pass.

That's why you'll first have to figure out where to go to study. Depending on this, a list of USE after grade 11 will be offered. Under certain circumstances, you can not take any exams at all, but at the same time successfully disaccustomed to the programmer. This is a rather rare case, it will be discussed a little later. So where to study in the chosen direction?

Where to go

There is no unequivocal answer. Many schoolboys think, that it is necessary to hand over, that to act on the programmer. As already mentioned, it is required first of all to understand exactly where to submit documents. And in the chosen institution to clarify this issue.

But where to study for a programmer in Russia? Can:

  1. Enroll in the University of Mathematics. For example, in Moscow State University. In each technical college there is a specified direction. In the humanities universities, one can not learn from a programmer.
  2. To turn to the help of technical schools and colleges. As a rule, they arrive after 9 or after 11 classes. It is in this situation that you can sometimes not take any exams at all.
  3. Finish specialized courses in the direction of "Programming". A good way of self-education. Does not require any exams for admission. You will have to contact private training centers. They are in every city.

Accordingly, the question of what should be passed on to the programmer, most often occurs in university and college applicants. Why should they prepare? Which items should you pay attention first?

Compulsory subjects

Do you want to study for a programmer? What exams are needed? A lot of different items will have to be handed over. It starts with the obligatory. That is, from those that are unified in all educational institutions.

The list of similar entrance tests includes only 2 subjects. Namely:

  • Russian language;
  • mathematics.

The second exam is given at the profile level. Russian directly for admission is not needed. He is simply included in the list of compulsory subjects that are required from school students for graduation and the receipt of a certificate of secondary complete education.


What's next? What exams should I take for a programmer? In this case, as has already been said, there is no certainty. Most often, the following subjects are requested from the applicant:

  • physics;
  • computer science;
  • foreign language.

The most common combination of examinations is mathematics + physics + computer science. But it may be that you will have to write USE on specific subjects. Namely:

  • Social Studies;
  • foreign;
  • Biology (extremely rare).

In any case, it is necessary to pay attention to exact sciences. Humanities and programming are not combined in principle. Therefore, as has already been said, people with a non-mathematical attitude of mind are better off refraining from entering.

Now it is clear how to become a programmer. What exams are needed? To hand over to the university should:

  • Russian;
  • Mathematics;
  • Computer science;
  • Physics.

More precisely, as has already been said, in universities, this is the scenario most often encountered. What about colleges?

In colleges

Here it is not so difficult to answer the question as it seems. Interesting direction "Programmer"? What should I take after 9th grade to enter a certain technical school? As in the case of universities, it will be necessary to specify the information in a particular educational institution. But most often enough GIA availability:

  • Russian language;
  • Informatics;
  • Mathematics.

Physics and other subjects in college, especially after grade 9, are extremely rare. From now on it is clear what needs to be handed over to the programmer. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. It's easier to enter a programmer than to finish training.

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