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Curd souffle is a recipe with gelatin. Options for cooking a truly dietary dessert

Since childhood, a lot of famous dessert - a souffle souffle - has become popular. The recipe with gelatin is very simple, and it takes very little time to prepare the dessert. This dish can be made with the addition of fruits, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon. Intricate mistress will always guess using a curd soufflé with gelatin for a cake.

What should be a properly prepared soufflé?

The right soufflé, first of all, literally melts in your mouth. A well-prepared dessert should be incredibly tender and airy. Its texture is ideally velvety and porous. All this is achieved only when observing the technology of dessert, and especially important is the process of whipping eggs and cream.

So, how to cook a real curd souffle? The recipe with gelatin (and not only) is given below.

Classic curd soufflé

1.5 cups of fatty or bold cottage cheese should be mixed with an incomplete glass of sour cream. It should also be added 3 tbsp. L. Sugar and a pinch of vanillin. All these ingredients must be thoroughly beaten until the sugar grains disappear completely and a homogeneous mass is obtained.

15 grams of gelatin dissolve in a glass of warm milk, the liquid is filtered through a sieve and for a while it should be left alone, since now is the time to beat the mixer with a curd mass. Do this at high speed for 5 minutes, then a thin trickle to start pouring in the milk with gelatin, without stopping to mix all the ingredients.

Next, the mass should be put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes (just at this moment such valuable bubbles are formed in the souffle). After that, take the cottage cheese from the refrigerator, it again needs to be whisked (at least 10 minutes) - due to this the finished product will acquire lightness and airiness.

Now is the time to prepare the cream, which will give the dessert tenderness. To do this, a glass of the most fatty cream should be beaten with a mixer until it forms a thick mass - it is a cream with peaks. Then the finished cream should be smoothly moved to the curd soufflé, and, to bring the mass to uniformity, it is desirable with the help of a whisk.

Now the cream cheese mass needs to be neatly arranged in the form and sent to the refrigerator - at this stage we already have almost ready-made cottage cheese soufflé. The recipe with gelatin provides for the condensation of dessert for 1.5-2 hours. After that, the product is ready for use.

The output is a curd souffle - dietary pleasure for lovers of low-calorie desserts.

Vanilla-cottage cheese soufflé

On one and a half cup of cottage cheese it is necessary to take three eggs and a large spoonful of vanilla sugar. All these ingredients should be thoroughly shaken, then add a tablespoon of yogurt to the mixture. The resulting mass should be sent to the oven, heated to a temperature of 160 degrees, for baking. It takes a little time - about 15-20 minutes.

Such soufflé will be very lush and incredibly tasty both warm and cold.

Cottage cheese soufflé with gelatin and fruits

The ideal breakfast is not only delicious, but also low-calorie. In the morning, you can easily, literally in minutes, prepare a cheese souffle. The recipe for gelatin is very simple, so even a novice mistress will be able to translate such a work of culinary art into reality.

To make it, take 1/4 kg of cottage cheese, add one yolk and 2 squirrels. In this composition, the ingredients should be beaten with a mixer. Subsequently, the resulting mixture is added to the diced fruit cubes (they can be chosen at your discretion, for example, one banana will suffice). They also give sugar to taste. After a thorough mixing with a spoon or a whisk, the dessert is sent to the microwave for 2-3 minutes. After this time, the dish will be ready for use.

Curd soufflé with gelatin and cocoa

Such a dessert will become a favorite for chocolate fans. To make it, you need to take a tablespoon of gelatin and dilute it in water, according to the instructions on the package.

In a separate bowl, you should put 400 grams of grated cottage cheese, and adding a couple of tablespoons of cocoa, you can mix the mass. Now here it is necessary to add honey, based on your ideas about the sweetness of dessert, and, whipping with a submerged blender, pour half the glass of milk into the total mass. After the curd-milk mass acquires a homogeneous consistency, it is injected with diluted gelatin and whisking continues until ready.

All! It's so easy to prepare a chocolate-curd souffle! The recipe for gelatin and cocoa was very simple.

Cottage cheese soufflé with mackerel

In one bowl, combine half a kilogram of curd, three yolks, 1/3 cup of semolina, 60 grams of sugar, a tablespoon of vanillin and a baking powder for the dough. All ingredients must be beaten with a mixer. In a separate dry dish, you need to beat the whites of the three eggs until they get a thick consistency. They are neatly combined with the rest of the ingredients, preferably a whisk.

The resulting mixture should be poured into a roasting dish and sent to the oven for 40 minutes (cook at a temperature of 160 degrees).

After the souffle is ready, you need to get it, lightly surrender it, put the cut fruits on top and fill them with jelly. The dessert is sent to the refrigerator until it completely solidifies.

If desired, a small amount of cut fruit can be added to the souffle paste before baking begins. Cooked souffle prepared according to this recipe is dietary, as it contains quite a few calories.

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