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Snacks on nature - fast, tasty, interesting

Summer and spring are a period of outdoor recreation. Picnics, raids for berries, bathing in a river or a lake - nothing can do without snacks. Appetizers for nature, as a rule, differ from those fed to the table of the house. Fatty greasy products are in no way suitable for preparing a meal for a picnic. But the fresh air is always a good appetite, but because the food should be not only delicious, but also high-calorie. We offer recipes that will help you prepare unusual snacks for nature. At the same time they will not require any specific products and will not take much time.

Mushroom horns

Fast food is not always sandwiches or buns. Mushroom horns are prepared quickly, and you and your friends will remember them for a long time. So, buy a few (15-20 pieces) of finished waffle cones for ice cream. We will fill them with fried in vegetable oil with onion mushrooms (three hundred to four hundred grams of champignons, sprat or cherry). And also rice (two glasses), boiled in salted water. The stuffed horns should be wrapped in beaten eggs and fried in a frying pan on both sides. Everything, your dish is ready. It is delicious not only in its warm form, but also in the cold.

Bread stuffed with ham and vegetables

Dishes on nature quickly deteriorate. But cooked according to the recipe, which we want to offer You, they will not be lost for anything. At least because they just will not make it. For cooking, you need the simplest foods and a minimum of time. So, let's get started. You will need one loaf of round bread, two tomatoes, one potato tuber, three hundred grams of ham, some mayonnaise, a bunch of lettuce, dill.

From the loaf of bread, separate the top so that it resembles a lid. In its quality, we will use this crust. Then remove all the pulp from the bread. We will get a ready saucepan made of dough. In it lay down layers: lettuce, sliced tomatoes and straw - ham, sliced boiled potatoes. Again, in the same order, put the food again. Each layer a little salt, soap very thinly with mayonnaise, pepper, sprinkle with finely chopped greens of dill. In the end, cover with a cooked-up lid and put in the refrigerator. After an hour the dish can be eaten, cutting it as you normally cut a cake.


Planning to prepare snacks for nature, we often exclude fish from the products used, for fear that it will quickly deteriorate. This opinion is very common, but it is mistaken. The fish does not spoil faster than sausage or poultry. We want to offer one very interesting recipe. If you at least once treat your friends a dish cooked by him, a picnic fish will always be present in your menu.

You will need a pair of thin lavash, smoked pink salmon or any other fish, salad greens, dill, parsley (can coriander), mayonnaise. Then everything is simple. Fine, but not very, cut all the ingredients. Mix them, spread a layer of one centimeter on the entire surface of the pita bread. Fold it tightly in a roll. To keep it, you can tie it in several places with a thread. We send the finished roll to the refrigerator. After two or three hours we cut the dish into portions. It is worth it to you to try it, and snacks on the nature you will start to prepare from this roll.

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