The drug for washing the nose "Dolphin". How to rinse with "Dolphin" nose

For washing the nose, "Dolphin" fits perfectly. Why? You will learn about this from the materials of the article. Also, we will tell you about how much this drug costs, what properties it possesses, whether it has contraindications, analogues, and so on.

Composition, packaging and form of release

Why do doctors prescribe Dolphin for washing the nose? The fact that this is a very effective drug that contains sodium hydrogencarbonate, sea salt, dry extract of licorice and dog rose. Also it should be noted that the medication is also on sale without herbs. Typically, these funds are intended for people who are very often allergic to plant components.

In what form is sold the drug "Dolphin" (the price of the drug is listed below)? The manufacturer produces whole sets for adults and children. The kit includes a mineral-botanical drug with a different dosage (in bags of 2 or 1 g), as well as an inhaler for the nose.

Pharmacological action of a local drug

The drug "Dolphin" for children and adults is prescribed for a reason. This antiviral and antimicrobial agent, which removes various viruses and microbes from the mucous membrane of the pharynx and nose, and also prevents their reproduction and further development of the disease.

According to patients' feedback, the effect of using this drug is noticeable after the first application. Experts argue that this tool contributes to the rapid elimination of perspiration in the throat and runny nose. It also removes pathogenic mucus and relieves swelling.

The drug "Dolphin" for children and adults consists of a mixture that forms a solution similar to physiological fluids (in composition). The action of the medication is due to the properties of the constituent substances (plant extracts and minerals).

Extract of dogrose, sodium chloride and iodine - it's a kind of antiseptics. It should also be noted that these microelements stimulate the release of mucus, which protects the nasal and pharyngeal membranes. The medicine is able to have a regenerating effect.

As for licorice extract, it is an antiallergic and protective substance.

To wash the nose, "Dolphin" fits very well. It removes pathogenic agents that provoke the inflammatory process, and also reduces edema, prevents the development of otitis, restores the patency of the nose, increases the outflow of mucus and pus from the paranasal sinuses.

Indications for use of the drug

In what cases do patients get a dolphin wash? The drug works well for the common cold, sinusitis, adenoiditis, acute respiratory infections, rhinitis, allergies, pharyngitis, influenza and angina. It should also be noted that the drug is actively used for sinusitis and rhinosinusitis, before and after surgery in the nasal cavity and in case of dryness of the mucous membranes of the nose. In addition, the agent can be used to irritate the nasal mucosa, which was provoked by dust, detergents, washing powder , etc.

Contraindications for use

The drug "Dolphin" for washing the nose to children and adults is not prescribed in the following cases:

  1. When the septum is deformed, and if there is another cause of mechanical obstruction of the nose.
  2. With nasal bleeding, as well as predispositions to them.
  3. People with malignant and benign tumors.
  4. Babies up to four years old.
  5. With severe nasal congestion.

The drug "Dolphin" for washing the nose: instructions for use

Before using this tool, it is recommended that you carefully read the instructions. It explains in detail how to dilute the drug and use it for its intended purpose.

In the irrigator bottle it is necessary to pour in about 240 milliliters of boiled water (preheat to 35 ° C). After that, pour the contents of one sachet into the liquid. Further, it is required to tighten the endonasal cap and vigorously shake the vial. In this case, the powder must completely dissolve.

After carrying out all the above actions, you must bend over the sink, and then attach the lid of the vial to the nostril. Holding your breath, you need to gently press the vial. In this case, the fluid must flow out of the other nasal passage. After this, one should blow one by one through each nostril.

As mentioned above, this drug can not be used with full nasal congestion. In this case, it is recommended to first drip vasoconstrictor and clean the nasal passages well.

To wash the nose, "Dolphin" should be used twice a day. Such treatment is designed for 2 weeks.

Can I use small children?

Now you know how to rinse the nose with Dolphin. However, many parents are interested in the question of whether it is possible to use such a drug to treat children. According to the instruction, this tool is allowed to wash the nose to babies, but only after reaching four years.

This medicine effectively removes pathological excretions from the nasopharynx of the children, and also treats adenoiditis well. "Dolphin" for the child can be prescribed for allergic, acute or chronic rhinitis, in case of sinusitis, for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and influenza, in frontitis, etmoiditis, tonsillitis, "dry nose" syndrome, pharyngitis and preoperative preparation of the nasal mucosa.

Experts argue that the drug is safe for the health of the child and is often much more effective than other solutions that contain sea salt.

Can I use it during pregnancy?

The drug "Dolphin" should be used with extreme caution when bearing the fetus. Representatives of the fair sex should carefully monitor their own condition.

The treatment regimen of such a drug should strictly comply with the instructions. It should be especially noted that the use of the drug "Dolphin" during pregnancy can cause nasal bleeding.

The drug "Dolphin": price and analogy

Those who are not suitable for the drug Dolphin, experts appoint the Croatian analogue "Aqua Maris". It should be noted that these drugs are almost identical. Although most Russian specialists note that "Dolphin" is still better than the Croatian drug.

In addition to the drug "Aqua Maris", the agent in question has other analogues. Among them are the following: Delufen, Rolinosis, Sinupret, Nazoo Spray, Akvalor, Atomer, Prevalin, Grippotsitron, Pinosol, Suprastin, Rhinital, "Beclomethasone", "Tsetril", "Baconase", "Erespal", "Rinazolin", "Allergodil", "Isofra", "Erius", "Nazol", "Rinonorm", "Nazivin", "Salin", "Ximelin Extra "," Fiziomer "," Aleron "," Sinomarin "," Tanos ", etc.

As for the price of the drug Dolphin, it is considered very high. In spite of this, many patients acquire exactly the considered agent for nasal lavage. Their choice is explained by the fact that this medication shows itself as very effective, well fighting with a cold.

You can buy it for 220 Russian rubles. By the way, a remedy intended especially for children costs a little more (about three hundred rubles).

Experts believe that one package of the drug "Dolphin" is enough for a full course of cold therapy, allergy symptoms, flu, and also for the monthly prevention of these diseases. If the bags run out, they can be bought separately.

Many patients are interested in the cost of analogues of this product for washing. There is no single answer to this question. As you could see above, there are many analogues of the drug, each has its own peculiarities.


Learning about how to rinse the nose with Dolphin, many patients try to find more information about whether or not the drug is effective.

Those who often use this medication for genyantritis and other diseases, leave a wide variety of opinions. Although to a greater extent they are positive.

Patients' reports say that this tool is quite effective and quickly helps to get rid of problems with the nasal mucosa and pharynx. Nevertheless, some people talk about such unpleasant consequences as otitis, frontal and the like.

Experts argue that such side effects occur only if the drug is used for too long and not according to instructions.

In relation to children, the drug should also be used with extreme caution.

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