Tablets from sinusitis. Antibiotics for sinusitis in tablets

Faced with a problem of rhinitis, or, as people call it, a cold, many do not suspect that the disease is serious and requires treatment. The reason is that the runny nose often passes very quickly. It is sufficient to use widespread nasal sprays and drops. However, this does not always happen.

Sinusitis - complication of classical rhinitis

In a number of cases, the common runny nose is complicated by inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. This is due to the accumulation of mucus in them, as well as the entry of microbes and bacteria. As a result, there is a suppuration of mucus and, as a consequence, the formation of pus in the maxillary sinuses.

After a certain period of time there are characteristic symptoms of sinusitis: weakness, loss of efficiency, increased body temperature, throbbing pain in the head and in the region of the temples. Sinusitis is a complex disease, requiring serious treatment, up to surgical intervention. Untimely initiated therapy threatens with serious complications: infection of blood, development of meningitis, decreased visual acuity. And today we will talk about what tablets from sinusitis exist.

Complex approach in the treatment of sinusitis

Since sinusitis is a complex disease accompanied by a whole bunch of symptoms, the approach to treating it must also be complex, taking into account the elimination of all manifestations of the disease. Than to treat a genyantritis, tablets of what groups can be used?

First of all, it is necessary to remove the edema of the nasal mucosa. It is the edema of the mucous membrane and prevents regular removal of purulent accumulations outwards. The composition of complex therapy of sinusitis includes various anti-steroids, such as "Nazol", "Oxymetazoline". It should be understood that these drugs are symptomatic, but not therapeutic, so their use leads to complete recovery if combined with other medicines.

Given that the sinusitis is accompanied by a severe headache and fever, doctors in the treatment of the disease strongly recommend non-narcotic analgesics, in particular "Ibuprofen", "Naproxen" and "Aspirin". When prescribing drugs, compulsory treatment takes into account contraindications and limitations to their use, including age.

Assign otolaryngologists in the treatment of sinusitis and mucolytic drugs, which are quite effective. Mucolytics have the property of diluting mucus in the maxillary sinuses, which contributes to a more easy removal of pus. The most effective tablets from sinusitis are Mucodin, Fluimucil and Guafenizine. However, mucolytic drugs are prohibited for patients under the age of 18 years.

But the main tool in the treatment of genyantritis of bacterial genesis, taking into account the severity of the disease are antibiotics.

Antibiotics in the treatment of genyantritis

Antibiotics for genyantritis in tablets can be chosen only by a doctor. Previously, the patient is assigned the analysis of the smear of the contents of the maxillary sinuses, which is necessary for determining the nature of pathogenic bacteria. Let's look at the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for sinusitis in tablets. Their list is quite extensive.


This drug is widely used in the treatment of sinusitis. The reason for its special demand is directed action on microorganisms parasitizing the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. The drug is able to disrupt the life cycle of bacteria, which excludes the possibility of their further reproduction.

These tablets from sinusitis have several side effects, in particular nausea, vomiting, upset of the stool. Possible allergic reaction to the components of the drug in the form of rash and itching. In some cases, candidiasis may develop.


Another broad-spectrum antibiotic. On bacteria "Augmentin" has a destructive effect, violating the mode of synthesis. This drug is used not only in the treatment of sinusitis, but also in the treatment of many other inflammatory diseases. Side effects of this drug may be disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.


A modern drug for the treatment of sinusitis, presented in the pharmaceutical market. In general, this is an excellent antibiotic for sinusitis. 3 tablets of the drug constitute a full course of admission (one for three days). The medication is not recommended for severe kidney and liver diseases.


The drug is also an effective antibiotic in the treatment of sinusitis. The advantage of this drug is that it is very fast able to penetrate into the blood, and therefore, it starts working almost immediately. These tablets from sinusitis can be prescribed to patients prone to allergic reactions. In acute forms of the disease, recovery occurs in the shortest possible time. There is also persistent remission in the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

Using "Macropen" will help to avoid surgical intervention. The main condition - use the drug should be from the first days of the disease.

"Flemoxin Solutab"

The drug differs from other antibiotics in that it has almost no effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract, but it effectively influences pathogens. Contraindications to taking medication are mostly age-old: the drug is not prescribed to the elderly.


Another drug that has a wide range of antibacterial action, and therefore successfully used by doctors in the treatment of the disease - "Amoxiclav." It has a destructive effect on the bacterial wall, as a result of which it collapses and dies.

The drug is prescribed not only in the treatment of sinusitis. "Amoxiclav" and otitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as other inflammatory diseases are effectively treated. But the remedy has many side effects and is completely contraindicated in kidney diseases.


The drug also excellently recommended itself as an antibiotic for sinusitis. 3 tablets of the drug (taken one per day) already significantly alleviate the condition. The full course is seven days.

"Isofra" - a nasal spray-antibiotic

In those cases when the patient is difficult to take tablets, doctors will prescribe an antibiotic in the form of a spray - "Isofro". Apply the drug by injecting into each nostril. In this case, the dosage is administered individually, depending on the severity of the disease. Use the remedy for no longer than 10 days.

The medicine has practically no contra-indications. Do not use it only in those cases when the preliminary analysis showed ineffectiveness of using Isofra for treatment. Use the drug also in children, for this it is only necessary to remove the dispenser and use the spray as well as drops in the nose.

Antiviral agents and antritis

Treatment with antibiotics (tablets that are used for antibiotic therapy, we have already considered) is not the only way to fight the disease, because sinusitis can not only be bacterial. Inflammation of the sinuses caused by viruses requires the use of other drugs. These are various antiviral agents. In this case, the drugs have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, directed specifically to the focus of inflammation. The edema accompanying the disease decreases, and the escape of pus from the paranasal sinuses is facilitated.

One such medication is Sinupret. This herbal remedy belongs to the group of secretolytics. Due to its ability to dilute and excrete mucus from the foci of inflammation, it is successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx and the respiratory tract. Tablets from sinusitis "Sinupret" are an excellent remedy for both acute and chronic forms of the disease. The rather complex composition of the drug provides a multifaceted impact on the focus of inflammation.

In addition to anti-inflammatory action, "Sinupret" also has a pronounced antibacterial effect, it is also an immunomodulator. Take the drug for two weeks. The plus of the treatment is that Sinupret is a herbal preparation.

A wide range of contraindications has no means. With caution it is recommended to use in liver pathologies, as well as against the background of alcohol consumption. Do not use "Sinupret" to treat children under the age of two, even if they have acute sinusitis.

Treatment (tablets, note, should appoint a doctor) this ailment can not be started, since this very unpleasant disease can cause many complications.

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