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Cane Corso: reviews of the breed

One of the finest in appearance and performance is the Cane Corso breed. Reviews about this dog often contain only positive emotions. And this is not surprising, because the breed was originally derived as a guard, with all the relevant service dog characteristics. In addition, the noble and majestic view of Cane Corso always distinguishes it favorably against the background of other dogs of this category.

It is worth noting that the experts still do not recommend newcomers to start a dog like Cane Corso. Reviews about this breed often contain information that only competent upbringing can guarantee: from a small puppy a truly beautiful guard will grow up, perfectly feeling the boundary between "can" and "impossible." In other words, so that the dog does not rush at all in a row and does not spread the house of its owner, from the first days of its life with new owners it is necessary to give it the necessary load, constantly bringing up its natural qualities.

Nevertheless, many people point out that there is no one kinder and more devoted to family members than Cane Corso. Reviews of this breed often say that this dog sees in its owner the only god for himself, and perceives all members of his family as their wards, which must be constantly protected from outside influences. This dog perfectly gets along with your favorite pets, never showing them the slightest aggression, and even more so does not start fighting with them. As for children, it is difficult to find a nanny for them better than Cane Corso. Reviews of this dog often contain stories of endless patience for all the pranks of kids, whom the animal perceives as members of their family. In addition, a properly trained dog will never attack a child, whatever he does to her, even if she sees him for the first time in her life.

It is worth noting that the best way to keep such a breed is your own house with a fenced plot. This is due primarily to the size of the dog. The growth of such an animal can reach 70 cm at the withers, and the weight of an adult can vary from 40 to 50 kg. Accordingly, to contain such a powerful beast in a one-room apartment is simply not possible. In addition, the dog must be constantly provided with the possibility of full-scale walking, because it is during long walks and long walks that her muscles are formed and maintained in tonus. Cane Corso, whose price starts from the mark of 30 thousand rubles, should be purchased preferably from professional breeders. This is primarily due to the fact that the crossing of individuals that are not suitable for each other by any indication can not only ruin the exteriors of the future puppy, but also affect his mental state. Cane Corso Cattery can be found in any large city, where they will always gladly tell about the peculiarities of this breed, and about the nuances of its upbringing. Moreover, this variant of the acquisition of dogs ensures the reliability of crossing two completely corresponding to each other individuals.

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